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Wasteland 3 Character Creation Guide

The multitude of parameters when creating a character in Wasteland 3 is quite overwhelming at first, but I can assure you that it is neither very complicated nor especially difficult to understand. And most importantly, potential "mistakes" that can be made while creating a character will not ruin your game and they are easy to fix during gameplay.

Consider character creation as part of the fun and extra game inside game, as is usually the case in RPGs.

You play a team, not a single character

Yes, this is the most important fact. Don't try to create one "best" character who is a master in every field. Skills and functions should be shared among many members of your team.

There are the following types of characters that you can add to your team:

  • Pre-made characters at beginning of the game. There are 2 of them, you choose them in pairs, there are several pairs to choose from at the beginning of the game.
  • Self-created characters at beginning of the game. There are also 2 of them. At the beginning of the game, you can define two of your characters in detail and precisely.
  • Pre-made characters from Ranger HQ. There are many of them. You can access them through the Manage Squad Option in the Main Menu of the game, at any time of the game after reaching Ranger HQ.
  • Self-created characters in Ranger HQ. After reaching Ranger HQ, you can create any number of new characters at any time in Ranger HQ. You will be able to create them from scratch, with all possible modifications, just like at the beginning of the game.
  • Companions, unique NPCs that you can meet during the game.

As you can see, creating and adding characters is not limited to the beginning of the game. In my opinion, the free ability to change team members, create new ones and add selected NPCs from the game world to the team, at any time is one of the coolest functionalities of Wasteland 3.

Your team (party) in Wasteland 3 can consist of a maximum of 6 characters.

  • At least 2 of them must be pre-made or self-created characters.
  • At least 2 of them must be NPC Companions.
  • You can change your team composition at any time and in any way, after reaching Ranger HQ (first location after the tutorial) via the Manage Squad option in the Main Game Menu.
  • Characters you detach from the team will be waiting for you.
  • You can create a large number of your own characters or use the heroes available in Ranger HQ.

So when thinking about single Character Creation in Wasteland 3, think about what the possibilities of your entire team will look like.

Character Background

Character Background (character backstory) is not very important, but the first thing you set when creating a new character in Wasteland 3.

You can only have one Character Background, it can only be set once and cannot be changed later.

The Passive Bonus that each Backgrounds provide are not significant, but they are always some kind of additional boost.

My suggestions (but of course choose what you want) for Character Background are:

  • Bookworm - Experience Bonus + 5% - it's always nice to get more experience points.
  • Mannerite - Kiss Ass +1 - if this character is to be the voice of your team.
  • The Boss - Hard Ass +1 - like Mannerite only by force.

Here you will find a description of all Character Backgrounds in Wasteland 3

Character Attributes

Character Attributes are basically the most important parameters to describe your heroes, there are 7 of them.

Each character receives 1 Attribute Point for each new level he gains, starting with level 3. Picking up Attributes always costs 1 Attribute Point.

Each of the Attributes has 10 levels and when you raise it, it increases the specific abilities and skills of the character.

It is not possible to respec attributes in Wasteland 3

There are items in the game that temporarily raise Attributes when you use them.

Coordination Attribute

Coordination is a very important Attribute when it comes to combat because it affects the number of Action Points of a character.

All fights in Wasteland 3 are based on the amount of Action Points your character has.

Coordination is an attribute that is important for characters whose main task is combat.

Luck Attribute

If there is a less important attribute, it is Luck. Overall, it increases your character's chance of success in a given activity in a not very significant way.

In my opinion, the only important function of Luck is to raise the Penetration Stat which allows your character to bypass the enemy's Armor during an attack. However, I am not sure if this justifies assigning more Attribute Point to Luck.

Awareness Attribute

Awareness Attribute is important mainly for ranged characters as it affects the Ranged Damage Bonus.

At least one of your characters should have high Awareness, as it increases Perception, i.e. the ability to detect traps and alarms.

Awareness is Attribute of medium importance.

Strength Attribute

The Strength Attribute affects the amount of HP (hit points) of your characters, so you shouldn't skip it completely from anyone.

The Strength Attribute is an important attribute, especially important for characters who use Melee Combat.

Some parts of the equipment have Strength requirements, you should remember about this for characters that you want to equip, e.g. with advanced armor.

Speed Attribute

Speed Attribute is a less important attribute. The only important use is to use it with characters focused on Melee Combat.

The importance of the Speed Attribute has decreased in relation to the previous parts of the Wasteland series.

Intelligence Attribute

Intelligence Attribute is medium importance.

It gives additional Skill Points during character creation, and affects Critical Chance and Critical Damage, which is important for ranged characters.

Charisma Attribute

The Charisma Attribute is moderately important as you don’t need this attribute to recruit people.

The most important advantage of high Charisma is increasing Experience Bonus and Mission Reward Bonus.

Your Team Leader should have a high Charisma due to the Leadership Range.

My suggestions for the importance of the Character Attributes distribution:

  • Coordination - all characters, especially those that are important in combat.
  • Strength - Due to the effect on the amount of HP, all characters. Especially important with Melee Combat.
  • Charisma - for your "Team Leader"
  • Awareness - high for at least one character due to Perception.

Distribute the rest of the Attributes as evenly as you like.

Here you will find a description of all Character Attributes in Wasteland 3

Character Skills

Character Skills are the essence of fun in Wasteland 3. You develop Character Skills with your character using Skill Points along with gaining new experience levels, +3 SP per level.

An additional way to earn Skill Points is by reading Skill Books, which can be found while exploring the land.

Each Skill has 10 ranks, the cost of upgrading a Skill to the next rank increases as it rises and goes from 1 Skill Point per rank to 6 Skill Points per 10th rank.

Character Skills in Wasteland 3 are closely related to unlocking more Character Perks and Abilities.

Subsequent ranks in Skill, apart from increasing the strength of a given Skill, unlock the possibility of learning specific for a given Skill - Character Perk or Ability.

Here you will find a full list of available Character Skills in Wastelande 3and here you will find all Character Perks in Wasteland 3 assigned to specific Skills.

Skills suggested for all characters

All characters that you play actively and who take part in battles should have at least one or two Skills from the Combat Skills group, i.e. Automatic Weapons, Big Guns, Brawling, Melee Combat, Small Arms or Sniper Rifles.

When choosing Combat Skills, remember that there are several types of ammunition and each of them is more or less limited and the more sophisticated the type of weapon, the harder it will be to get ammunition.

So try to split different types of weapons among the different members of your Team, and maybe teach them to fight with weapons that do not require ammunition.

Another Skill that every active character should have at least for 1st rank is First Aid, you will need it to heal and use healing items.

Skills for specialists you play with

You need at least one (and one is enough) active character that you play with one (or more) of the skills below well developed.

Explosives - to disarm mines and traps

First Aid - for more serious treatment

Sneaky Shit - for disarm alarms and spot hidden objects

Lockpicking - to open containers, doors, and other locked objects

Nerd Stuff - to use and hack computers

Mechanics - repair vehicles, generators and other machines

Skills for your Team Leader

Leadership - to inspire your nearby allies and grants you abilities

Kiss Ass - allows you to sweet-talk information

Hard Ass - allows you to intimidate others

Skills you don't need at all times

If you have Skill Points to teach your active characters these skills then do so, but you might as well create separate characters that you don't play all the time, who will be waiting with the necessary skills in Ranger HQ for the moment you want to use them.

These skills are: Barter, Weapon Modding, Toaster Repair, Survival and Armor Modding.

You Companion Skills

Another method of having the necessary skills is to use Companions, some of them have well developed skills that you may need.

Character Perks

Character Perks are closely related to Character Skills, raising specific Skills unlocks the ability to select Perks for a character. Check out the full list of Character Skills in Wasteland 3.

Character Perks provide passive bonuses and abilities.

Starting at level 4, characters gain every level 1 Perk Point.

Non-Skill Perks are not tied to any Skill and can be unlocked anytime you have free Perk Points.

Unlockable Non-Skill Perks also do not require Skill, but require unlocking them during the game.

Here is the complete list of Character Perks in Wasteland 3

Character Quirks

Quirks are optional. Selecting a Quirk gives your Ranger bonus and penalty, changing their playstyle dramatically. Character Creation is the only chance you'll have to assign a Quirk, and once you do you're stuck with it. Choose wisely.

Character Quirk that seems potentially interesting is Poindexter giving "+1 Skill Point bonus every 2 level-ups" while lowering Constitution or HP, quite risky.

Serial Killer can be a good solution for a Sniper firing effectively from a distance.

There are many interesting and tempting Character Quirks, check for yourself but remember the penalty.

The complete list of Character Quirks in Wasteland 3

Choose a planned weapon for your characters

You should plan what weapons your characters will use.

First of all, so that you know what Attributes, Skills and Perks you want to develop, and secondly, because of the need to use a variety of ammunition.

The amount of available ammunition in the game is limited. The more powerful the weapon, the more difficult ammunition to get. So, when choosing the weapons you use, out of their range and the amount of damage they deal, keep in mind the amount of ammunition available.

It is worth considering weapons that do not require ammunition and the even distribution of weapon types between members of your team.

Check types of weapons in Weapons in Wasteland 3