Sans Luxe Apartments Map with Walkthrough - Wasteland 3

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Sans Luxe Apartments Walkthrough Wasteland 3

First visit in Sans Luxe Apartments

You can enter Sans Luxe Apartments from Downtown Colorado Springs only after you receive the Don't You be my Neighbor mission.

Don't You be my Neighbor Don't You be my Neighbor Mission.You will receive this mission via radio broadcast.

Rosie Wong, the manager of the Sans Luxe Apartments in Downtown Colorado Springs, called us with a noise complaint. One of her tenants is making a terrible ruckus. She suspects he's building bombs in his apartment, and she wants us to check it out. [Reward: $150]

Meet Rosie Wong at The Sans Luxe Apartments in Downtown Colorado Springs.

Rosie Wong asked us to meet her at the Sans Luxe Apartments in Downtown Colorado Springs. Maybe she can tell us more about her problem tenant.


Exit to Downtown Colorado Springs


Rosie Wong talk with her about problem with Room 3

Enter Irv's Apartment and find out what he's hiding.

Rosie has been hearing strange noises from inside Apartment 3. She wants us to break in and find out exactly what Irv is up to. Apartment 3 is at the end of the long hallway, on the right.


Rosie Wong's Apartment



Apartment 1

Repair 5 to open doors to next room.


Cyborg Chicken you will need 3 to tame it and take her to Ranger HQ [02] - Cyborg Chicken Farm.

2- weapon

with some armors


Frank Pappas's Apartment - Apartment 2

Frank Pappas Frank won't want to talk to you at this point, but we'll get back to him later in the game.


Apartment 6

Unlock doors 4

Satoshi try to talk with him and he will give you Mysterious Case for safekeeping.

Don't open this case. If you open it, you will find some garbage in it. But if you don't open it and wait long enough, Satoshi will come back to you for it and you will be rewarded with valuable items. You will learn what it will be later, but it's worth the wait :)

This will happen in Yuma County Speedway after you deal with Liberty Buchanan.

Satoshi, standing in front of the Arena Entrance, demands that the Mysterious Case be returned, if you give it back to him, you'll get three pieces of Nuclear Armor, the best armor in Wasteland 3.

If you do not open case you will get later Restraint Achievement.


Apartment 5

Unlock doors 3


Apartment 4

Toster 4 Argon Lance Heavy Machone Gun.


Irv's Apartment - Apartment 3

Unlock doors 5

Inside near doors use 4 to disarm it.

There are Irv Clone x 3 inside, they are aggressive and dangerous.

Before you fight them, try to avoid the enemies and get to the located at the eastern wall and disable it with 3 to exclude Light Machine Turret from the fight.

Start fight shoting at to hurt Irv Clones but not to hurt your team members. Eliminate your opponents.

Enter Irv's Apartment and find out what he's hiding.

We fought several identical men inside Irv's apartment, but Irv himself does not appear to be home. We should search his books and papers to find out what's really going on here.

Search corpses for Scientist

Return to Rosie and talk to her, she will tell you to search room again, so do it.

Go back to Irv's Apartment, put one Character on glowing plate (or on both), with other Character go to Desk, use it Begin the experiment.

Find and confront Irv with what you discovered in his apartment.

In Irv's apartment, we found three hostile clones, a cloning machine, and research papers written by Irwin John Finster, an old enemy of the Rangers. Irv has some explaining to do.

Return to Rosie and talk to her. She will tell you that: Irv is probably at the bookseller's stand in Market Square in Downtown.

Now go back to Downtown Colorado Springs to find Irv he is in Bookstore [03] on Market Square

After talk to Irv in Downtown Colorado Springs


Rosie Wong talk to her about future of Irv.

We invited Irv to work with us at Ranger HQ. Rosie was happy to hear about his new home - and to be rid of her noisy tenant.

Don't You be my Neighbor

For Buzzkill Mission


Rosie Wong


We invited the teens to continue the party at Ranger HQ. Rosie was grateful for the peace and quiet.

For Disappeared Mission


Frank Pappas's Apartment - Apartment 2

Frank Pappas talk with him about work camp.

"How about you join the Rangers? ..." -5 Rep.

Explore the Cave in The Paint Mines area that Pappas marked on your map.

Frank Pappas admitted that he used to deliver convicts to a cave outside the city. He gave them to a "tattooed plains motherfucker," but he doesn't know what happened to them after that. Maybe we'll find some clues at the cave.

If you invite Frank Papas to Ranger HQ and you meet him after Disappeared Mission he will give you Marshal Training Perk Leadership Range +2m