Wasteland 3 Mission Solutions & Walkthroughs (Quests)

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Crucial Story Missions

  • The Zealot - Level 9 - The Zealot: Valor Buchanan, the Patriarch's younger son, has allied himself with the Gippers in Denver. The Reagan fanatics have cut off the oil supply for Colorado Springs, and the Patriarch wants both his son and the oil back.
  • The Psychopath - Level 17 - The Psychopath: Vic Buchanan, the Patriarch's son, recently reemerged from exile with an army of drugged-addled freaks at his back and has taken the mountain town of Aspen. The Patriarch wants him returned to Colorado Springs alive.
  • The Traitor - Level 19 - The Traitor: Locate Liberty Buchanan, the Patriarch's daughter, and bring her back home to Colorado Springs.

Radio Broadcast Missions

  • Don't You be my Neighbor - Level 4 - Don't You be my Neighbor: Rosie Wong, the manager of the Sans Luxe Apartments in Downtown Colorado Springs, called us with a noise complaint. One of her tenants is making a terrible ruckus. She suspects he's building bombs in his apartment, and she wants us to check it out.
  • Heads or Tails - Level 5 - Heads or Tails: The people of Colorado need the Rangers' help. Time to venture forth.
  • Unwelcome Guests - Level 5 - Unwelcome Guests: Gideon Reyes, the head of one of the Hundred Families, has offered his services as an advisor, if we help him with a problem that he says affects the future of Colorado Springs.
  • A very Hostile Takeover - Level 9 - A very Hostile Takeover: Charley Knowes and the Cartel want to take control of the Bizarre. They are offering us a chance to help them.
  • Lords of War - Level 11 - Lords of War: Angela Deth claims The Patriarch isn't the benevolent leader he pretends to be. If we want to see how he really operates, we should find a secret bunker in Broadmoor Heights and speak to Ironclad Cordite.
  • Call to Action - Level 12 - Call to Action: We received a call for help from someone calling themselves Morningstar.
  • Sister's Keeper - Level 14 - Sisters Keeper: We received an emergency distress call from someone named Kym Hie. She says she and her sister are under attack by unknown forces and need help immediately.
  • Slaver's Bounty - Level 15 - Slavers Bounty: A slaver named La Perla has asked us to find an escaped slave in exchange for acess to pre-war tech locked away in our base. [Reward: Access to vaults in Ranger HQ basement]
  • War of the Worlds? - Level 15 - War of the Worlds: We received a radio call from a tellurium miner that needs help. It was hard to understand his exact problem. Something about Martians?
  • Buzzkill - Level 15 - Buzzkill: Rosie Wong's got another noise complaint. She says there's a terrible cacophony coming from the boarded-up nightclub. The noise is driving her cats crazy. [Reward: $150]
  • Disappeared - Level 16 - Disappeared: A group of mothers, wives, and siblings of convicts who were sentenced to hard labor at the Patriarch's work camp want us to find out where their loved ones are being held. [Reward: $400, Nitro-Ray]
  • Elf on a Shelf - Level 16 - Elf on a Shelf: We received a radio call from a distressed 'elf' requesting help from a tyrannical Santa Claus.
  • Coded Transmissions - Level 18 - Coded Transmissions: Gonzalez picked up a strange signal originating in the mountains. Its source and purpose are unclear. We should check it out.
  • Hard Knox Life - Level 19 - Hard Knox Life: The Knox Bison Ranch is under attack and calling for help.

Ambush Site

  • Welcome To Colorado - Level 1 - Welcome to Colorado: Our convoy was ambushed by unknown hostiles on a frozen mountain lake. Major Prasad, our commanding officer, is trying to rally the survivors for a counterattack.
  • Ranger's Last Hope - Level 1 - Ranger's Last Hope: We assumed command following the death of Major Vera Prasad. The mission is the same: make contact with the Patriarch, establish a new Ranger HQ, and get the supplies flowing to Arizona. Along the way, we should keep an eye out for Angela Deth.

Ranger HQ

  • Home away from home - Level 2 - Home away from home: The Patriarch gave us an old, prewar air base to serve as our headquarters in Colorado. He told us to get the base up and running with the help of Marshal Kwon and Sergei Greatski.
  • Cornered Rats - Level 2 - Cornered Rats: Shortly before we arrived at Peterson Airforce Base, a large group of Dorseys attacked Colorado Springs. The attack failed, and most of the holdouts are holed up the Garden of the Gods. The Patriarch asked us to help his Marshals deal with them. [Reward: Ranger HQ brig warden, Merc Armor, Merc Helmet, Merc Leggings]
  • Full House - Level 2 - Full House: Our new headquarters will only be as useful as the people we can recruit. We should also focus on getting our critical infrastructure up and running.
  • Wolfe's Hunt - Level 6 - Wolfe's Hunt: Gary "NaCl" Wolfe, a merc who's had dealings with the Rangers In Arizona, has shown up at Ranger HQ and offered to pay us if we bring him the head of synth that's hiding in Downtown Colorado Springs. [Reward: $150]

Downtown Colorado Springs

  • Top Doc - Level 2 - Top Doc: Doc Parker, the finest doctor in Colorado Springs, has set up a makeshift clinic Downtown to take care of people who were injured during the Dorsey attack. He is under staffed and under supplied.
  • Big trouble in Little Vegas - Level 3 - Big trouble in Little Vegas: Faran Brygo - or someone in his organization - may have helped the Dorseys slip into Colorado Springs. Sheriff Daisy sent her best inspector to investigate, but she hasn't heard back from him. She asked us to check on her agent and take down Brygo. [Reward: Ranger HQ armory officer]
  • Frontier Justice - Level 18 - Frontier Justice: Lucia wants our help bringing those responsible for her family's murder to justice - starting with Nelius Dorsey, who ordered their deaths.

The Bizarre

  • Knock Knock - Level 6 - Knock Knock: Gain access to the Bizarre.
  • A Nightmare in the Bizarre - Level 6 - A Nightmare in the Bizarre : Someone is terrorizing the Monster Army and the inhabitants of the Bizarre.
  • My Body Requires This - Level 7 - My Body Requires This: Masato is obsessed with finding a package of pre-war Ramen Noodles, so he can reverseengineer the magic recipe of the beforetimes. [Reward: Ranger HQ mess hall recruit]
  • Cinéma Vérité - Level 7 - Cinema Verite : The Chix Flicks theater has only been at the Bizarre for a few years, yet their material is already growing stale, and its stars bored. Eidilon wants our help finding some fresh content. [Reward: $250, Guitar Ornament]
  • Thicker Than Water - Level 7 - Thicker Than Water: Randy Gett, an experienced mechanic, wants our help saving his family from kidnappers. [Reward: Randy Gett recruited to Ranger HQ garage]
  • Quarex's Hellacious Journey (when you Ally with Cartel) - Quarex is trapped in the Warrens and is calling for help.
  • Charley in Charge (when you didn't arrest Brygo in Little Vegas) - Meet the Odinkirks in the Bizarre Exterior to plan the attack on the Bizarre..


  • Reagan Reborn - Level 9 - Reagan Reborn: The God-President could use our help.
  • Let's Go Fry A Kite - Level 9 - Lets Go Fry A Kite: A horde of Godfishers are at the Gipper's gates. [Reward: Reagan Ornament, $250]
  • Build a Better Reagan - Level 9 - Build a Better Reagan: Upgrade key Gipper computer systems to super-charge the Reagan statue. [Reward: Laser Turret (3), $200]
  • A House Divided - when you side with Godfishers not Gippers - Sabotage the Reagan statue
  • Counterintelligence - Level 10 - Counterintelligence: Figure out why the Commune is so good at healing humans and repairing its own, then deliver the info to the Gippers.

Aspen & Little Hell

  • Raising a Little Hell - Level 17 - Raising a Little Hell: Riley Woodson wants us to rescue his Ranger team and the Hundred Families members who are being tortured by Victory Buchanan and the Breathers in Little Hell.

Cannibal Jamboree

  • Head Hunter - Level 16 - Head Hunter: Rollan Giff has asked us to track down five deserters and bring them back to his compound. [Reward: Purifier, Power Armor, Power Armor Helmet, Power Armor Legs]

Snowed Inn Resort

  • Daddy's Little Secret - Level 20 - Daddy's Little Secret: We've learned that Lucia's father, Percival Wesson, is still alive and may have, many years ago, conspired with the Patriarch to betray and murder the Dorsey family. Liberty Buchanan is holding him hostage, and Lucia is focused on finding him and learning the truth.

Yuma Country

  • One of Us - Level 20 - One of Us: Prove to Steel-trap that the Rangers are crazy enough to work with the gangs.
  • King Cordite - Level 20 - King Cordite: Help Cordite retake control of the Scar Collectors.
  • Nobody's Fools - Level 20 - Nobody's Fools: Turn Los Payasos against Steel-Trap so they won't support him in the demolition derby.
  • The Gods Have Spoken - Level 20 - The Gods Have Spoken: Find a way to convince the Godfishers to abandon the Liberty Buchanan and leave Yuma County Speedway.
  • Gods and Clowns - Level 20 - you will got this mission only when you come to Yuma Country without Cordite. It is alternate mission to Cordite missions.
  • Canary in the Coal Mine - Level 20 - you will got this mission only when you come to Yuma Country without Cordite. It is alternate mission to Cordite missions.

Alternative Ending Missions

  • Downtown Showdown (when you side with Angela Deth) - Level 20 - We've agreed to help Angela Deth bring down the Patriarch. She's asked us to meet her in Colorado Springs to launch the coup.
  • Promises Made, Promises Kept (when you side with Patriarch) - Level 20 - Return to Ranger HQ, Retake control of Ranger HQ and find a way into Downtown, Confront Angela Deth in Market Square.
  • Gangs All Here (when you bring Cordite gangs to Colorado Springs) - Level 20 - Lead the gangs to Colorado Springs, Find Connie Zheng and get intel on retaking RHQ, Retake control of Ranger HQ and find a way into Colorado Springs, Confront the Patriarch at his Palace
  • Showdown at the Broadmoor (for November Reigns Ending) - Level 20 - Meet Angela Deth at Ranger HQ, Confront the Patriarch in his palace.