Yuma County Speedway Map with Walkthrough - Wasteland 3

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Yuma County Speedway Map Wasteland 3

Map of Yuma County Speedway in Wasteland 3

Map of Yuma County Speedway in Wasteland 3

Yuma County Speedway Walkthrough Wasteland 3

Yuma County Speedway is a location far to the southeast of Colorado. This is important zone related to the main storyline of Wasteland 3.

You will receive access to the Yuma Country location and its exact location on the map from Angela Deth during the meeting in Hoon Homestead.

Yuma Country consists of the main Yuma Country Speedway location and two side locations, Godfisher Windfarm and Scar Collector Mine.

These are the last in storyline, important locations you have not visited in Wasteland 3. Before you go there, complete all unfinished missions and tasks in Colorado.

Also refer to the Possible Endings in Wasteland 3, because what you do in Yuma Country has a direct impact on the ending of the story in Wasteland 3.

I personally chose Angela Deth Ending in which I support the Angela Deth Rebellion, I will try to overthrow the Patriarch rule and I will try to unite the remaining gangs in Colorado under the leadership of Ironclad Cordite to send them to Kansas and get rid of them from Colorado.

You can choose the ending you want, I suggest the above because it will bring order to Colorado under the leadership of the Rangers, everyone except the Patriarch will be more or less pleased, and the rest of the Arizona Rangers will be brought to Colorado, all with relatively little bloodshed from citizens . And for the fact that this version gives an interesting gameplay in Yuma Country.

So before you enter the Yuma Country make sure Ironclad Cordite is on your team.

What we will do in Yuma Country:

  • We will complete the Main Mission The Traitor
  • We will complete the last side quest we have left: Daddy's Little Secret
  • We will discourage Steel-Trap allies, Los Payasos and The Godfishers from supporting him.
  • We will challenge to a duel and defeat the current gang boss in Yuma Country Steel-Trap (on behalf of Ironclad Cordite)
  • We'll deal with Liberty Buchanan
  • We will lead the gangs with Cordite from Colorado to Kansas and thus avoid the Colorado Springs massacre.

Go to Yuma County and Capture or Kill Liberty Buchanan.

Liberty is camped out with the gangs she has rallied to her cause at the Yuma County Speedway. Once we get there, we'll need to find a way to get to her and either take her into custody or take her out.

Confront Liberty and find Percival Wesson at Yuma County Speedway. Daddy's Little Secret Mission

Now that we know where to find Liberty, we can deal with her and locate Lucia's father.

So again: The story in Yuma Country will be different if you support the Patriarch and want to remain faithful to him, and different if you work with Angela Deth and Ironclad Cordite.

The description below is for the variant of storyline, where we are on the side of Angela Deth and we want Ironclad Cordite to become the boss of gangs in Yuma.

Ironclad Cordite is in our party all the time in Yuma.


Exit to Colorado



The Mechanic "[Attack] Sorry pal ..."

Mechanic is an agent of the Patriarch, so we have to kill him and the robots accompanying him after a short conversation.

After fight

The Mechanic's Garage Key

One of Us One of Us Mission

Prove to Steel-trap that the Rangers are crazy enough to work with the gangs.

Enter the Gang Camp at Yuma County Speedway and talk To Steel-Trap.

Cordite says he needs to challenge Steel-Trap, current leader of the Scar Collectors, to a duel to win back control. First step is heading into the camp.

use The Mechanic's Garage Key to unlock, some good weapon.

some good Armors


Demolition Derby Arena

Now it's empty, search it for containers.

use 8 to unlock Yuma Country Speedway Race


Entrance to Compound

Dorsey Hounter Cordite is with you so you can enter.

Enter the Gang Camp at Yuma County Speedway and talk To Steel-Trap.

The guards let us in once they recognized Cordite. Now we need to talk to Steel-Trap.


Gang Compound


Steel-Trap Headquarters

Steel-Trap Talk to him (with Cordite in your party).

Execute a "Rebellious" Slave or Accept a Permanent Bio Mod in The Scar Collector Garage at Yuma County Speedway.

Steel-Trap demanded that we make a tough choice: either we execute an uncooperative slave or we let a squad member get a permanent bio mod installed - the consequences of which are murky.

Steel-Trap puts us to the test. Of course, don't kill the Slave, but agree to Accept a Permanent Bio Mod.

Go to Suture-Self Surgery Kiosk and use it.

Accept a Permanent Bio Mod is not really a punishment but a reward becouse it gives your character (any character) Cyborg Tech Perk and Anabolic Injector.

Talk to Cordite outside the Scar Collector Garage.

Now that we have free movement in the camp, Cordite wants to talk to us outside SteelTrap's earshot. We'll need to plan our next move.

Go outside and talk to Cordite

One of Us

Out poor squad-mate will never be the same with that bio-mod installed, but Steel-Trap has given us freedom of movement within the compound.

King Cordite King Cordite Mission

Help Cordite retake control of the Scar Collectors.

Prepare for a Demolition Derby against Steel-Trap.

Cordite can win back leadership of the Scar Collectors by killing Steel-trap in a destruction derby. But the gangs don't play fair, so we'll need to get Los Payasos on our side and convince the Godfishers to leave.

Nobody's Fools Nobody's Fools Mission

Turn Los Payasos against Steel-Trap so they won't support him in the demolition derby.

Gather dirt un Steel-Trap around Yuma County Speedway.

Ironclad Cordite thinks a Scar Collector who has fallen out of favor with Steel-Trap might give us something we can use against him. We should talk to some of the people in the slave pen for leads.

The Gods Have Spoken The Gods Have Spoken Mission

Find a way to convince the Godfishers to abandon the Liberty Buchanan and leave Yuma County Speedway.

Gather intel on The Godfishers around Yuma County Speedway.

Cordite thinks there's no way to turn the fanatical Godfishers to his side, so the only option is convincing them to leave altogether. We should talk to some Godfishers or their slaves to get ideas on how to accomplish this.

Now we will deal with the discourage of Steel-Trap allies, Los Payasos and The Godfishers from supporting him, and the preparation for the duel with Steel-Trap.

Beta Master talk to him about Steel-Trap, 7

Beta Master will give you Betamax Player and direct you to the Scar Collector Mine to look for a Tape with evidence against Steel-Trap.

Find the Tape in The Scar Collector Mine.

Beta Master revealed that he hid the tape in a vault somewhere in the Scar Collector Mine. We'll have to fight our way through Steel-Trap's goons to get it.


Slave Pen

Stitches he is Medic.

Whetstone he is Merchant.


Not-Yet-Skinned and Patsy talk to them about Godfishers.

Gather intel on The Godfishers around Yuma County Speedway.

A former Godfisher told us that Star-that-Dreams' wife, Haloed Moon, doesn't like her cult's alliance with Liberty. Maybe she could help us convince her husband to leave.

We have to find Haloed Moon


Haloed Moon talk to her about Liberty

"Maybe your gods have send us ..."

"True. But gods work ..."

"He'd belived a sign from the gods ..."

Meet Haloed Moon at The Wrecked Ice Cream Truck near The Windfarm.

Haloed Moon has a plan to convince Star-that-Dreams to leave. We'll fly her from a kite above a wrecked ice cream truck. She says that will be understood as a portent by the other Godfishers. She told us not to mention anything to Star-that-dreams, but we'll have to decide how to procede.

"All right, we'll meet you ..."


Giant Bisons - kill them.

Vehicle Part: Bison Skull Ornament

Toster 10 Bikini Heat 3 VHS


Entrance / Exit - Scar Collector Mine

Now travel to Scar Collector Mine to continue Nobody's Fools Mission.

After return form Scar Collector Mine

You can finish Nobody's Fools Mission now, you got Betamax Player from Beta Master and Betamax Tape from Scar Collector Mine.


Los Payasos Headquarters


"We've got something to show you."

"We found a tape ..."

Nobody's Fools

Lecherito went ballistic when he heard the tape. He won't attack Steel-Trap openly, but he won't interfere in the destruction derby.

Bargain Clown Merchant, Vehicle Upgrade: Clown Wig Ornament.


Hangry The Clown

They want you to "solve" the problem of the Slaves standing nearby to the east.

"We'll check it out."


Giant Bisons kill them.

Godfishers Kiting Ritual on body on the ground.


"Don't worry. We'll take care of them."

Return to [07] and force (or kill) Payasos to stay away from Slaves.


Entrance / Exit - Godfisher Windfarm

Enter Godfisher Windfarm to finish The Gods Have Spoken Mission.

After Godfisher Windfarm

With Los Payasos on our side and the Godfishers long gone, we can face Steel-trap in a fair fight. We should tell Steel-Trap we're ready.


Steel-Trap Headquarters

Steel-Trap "Ready. Let's get started."

Defeat Steel-Trap.

The only rule in the destruction derby is that the last man standing takes control of the Scar Collectors. We need to kill Steel-Trap and his lackeys.

You can pick it later: use 10 to unlock Flamesaw Cannon


Demolition Derby Arena

Now you have to defeat Steel-Trap on Arena.

King Cordite

Now is the time to deal with Liberty Buchanan


Liberty Hideout

Emogene Dorsey she is guarding doors, now she will let you enter.

Walking through that door is the point of no return in Wasteland 3. So if you have something else to finish in Colorado, don't go inside.

Liberty Buchanan

You have several options on how to end the Liberty mission, but if you want to stick to Angela Deth Ending, the safest thing is to just arrest Liberty, no fight needed.

  • "[Hard Ass: 10] You're the one who'll die alone ..."" - leads to the end of Angela Deth Ending, you Arrest Liberty (suggested)
  • "[Kiss Ass:10] If you go home, you lose ..." - leads to Liberty Ending (you must not have Cordite with you)
  • "[Nerd Stuff: 10] ..." - if you want to fight and kill her.

Return to Colorado Springs.

A Ranger squad picked up Liberty and took her to the brig at Ranger HQ. The Patriarch will want to know that she's safe and contained.

You will got also update on Daddy's Little Secret Mission.

Talk to Percival Wesson in Liberty's Compound and decide what to do with him.

Lucia's father is being held somewhere in Liberty's compound. We should talk to him.

Percival Wesson he is in side room. Talk to him.

At this point in the game, it doesn't matter what your decision about Percival Wesson is, I sent him into exile.

Daddy's Little Secret

We sent Percival into exile for his part in slaughtering the Dorseys.

In Percival room Demolition Derby

In main room 8 Hyper Heather Initiative +5%

It is last Creepy Doll in your collection. You will got My Pretties Achievement - You amassed a collection that would terrify a toy shop owner.

An important conversation will take place after the fight:

Ironclad Cordite

He will offer you to take the united gangs to Colorado Springs. If you agree, it will lead to Cordite Gangs Ending, so refuse him, say "NO" and suggest that he go with you to Colorado Springs alone and then go to Kansas with the gangs.


Satoshi and Mysterious Case

The time has come to complete the contract Satoshi gave you in Sans Luxe Apartments and return him an unopened Mysterious Case.

If you haven't opened it and return it to him, Satoshi will give you three pieces of Nuclear Armor, the best armor in Wasteland 3.

Enter Kodiak and go outside Yuma Country

After you exit Yuma Country

Angela Deth

Tell her you arrested Liberty.

The Traitor

No time to report back to the Patriarch. The shit has hit the fan back in Colorado Springs.

Time for the final decision that you support Angel Deth.

"We're with you ..."

Downtown Showdown

We've agreed to help Angela Deth bring down the Patriarch. She's asked us to meet her in Colorado Springs to launch the coup.

Meet Angie in Colorado Springs

We'll start the coup once we meet her there.

Now go back directly to Ranger HQ