Bizarre Exterior Map with Walkthrough - Wasteland 3

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Bizarre Exterior Map Wasteland 3

Map of Bizarre Exterior in Wasteland 3

Map of Bizarre Exterior in Wasteland 3

Bizarre Exterior Walkthrough Wasteland 3

The Bizarre is located south of Colorado Springs on main map of Colorado.

The Bizarre consists of three parts, located on the surface Bizarre Exterior, its underground part Bizarre Interior and the lowest level called Warrens. This is also the order of visiting this locations.

You find your way to Bizarre after Gideon Reyes in church in Broadmoor Heights directs you here on Unwelcome Guests Primary Mission Level 5.

Unwelcome Guests Unwelcome Guests Mission. Level 5 Primary Mission

Gideon Reyes, the head of one of the Hundred Families, has offered his services as an advisor, if we help him with a problem that he says affects the future of Colorado Springs.

Travel to The Bizarre and confront the Human Smugglers.

Gideon Reyes is afraid Colorado Springs can't support any more refugees. He's asked us to travel to the Bizarre - a traders' market to the east and find a way to stop the human traffickers there who are smuggling the refugees into the city. [Reward: Ranger HQ garage mechanics, $100, Monocle]

And this will be your main quest in this location, but apart from that, there are also many other interesting things to do.


Exit to Colorado

Ananda Rabindranath

Knock, Knock Knock Knock Mission. Level 6 Secondary Mission

Gain access to the Bizarre.

Find a way to enter The Bizarre.

We made it to the Bizarre, an exclusive trade emporium inside a snow-covered shopping mall. We'll need to find a way to gain access.

Ananda implied that we might be able to find an entrance pass if we're willing to explore.

There are three ways to gain access to the Bizarre:

  • The door guard at Bizarre Entrance [B] says we can buy a Bizarre Entrance Pass for 500 dollars - don't do it because it's unnecessary
  • To get someone to vouch for us - Paris Handler at Hopefuls Camp [A] will help us get into the Bizarre if we can help her craft a blood red dye.
  • You can also find the Bizarre Entrance Pass in the Bizarre Exterior, Dentist Office [E], after fight on Patient's Corpse - area and this is your best option.

You will get Appearance Fancy Suit when 6.

Ananda Rabindranath will join you to work at Raiders HQ, but now it's too early for that.

The Book of Nauseatingly Correct Manners when you ask about "... book"

Travel to The Bizarre and confront the Human Smugglers.

According to Ananda Rabindranath, the smugglers may be hiding near an old parking garage. Ananda suggested we follow the road heading north from the Bizarre entrance.

When you finish the conversation, Ananda Rabindranath goes to her permanent place at Hopefuls Camp


Hopefuls Camp

Monster Army Blaster

Ananda Rabindranath (shop) Grooming Brush Animal Whisperer +1, Monocle Barter +1, Perception +2.

The Great Gurn talk with him about fortune Red Locker Key you can use it to open Locker near [E3]. He is talking about "red balloons"

Paris Handler she will help you enter Bizarre Interior if you make her Red Dye.

How to make Blood Red Dye for Paris Handler:

1. Weird Science

If you got 6 just use Chemicals on table next to Paris and craft it.

2. Find Recipe

If you don't have Weird Science high enough, you need to find a recipe.

The recipe is in the book "The Clown's Guide to Paints, Makeup and Acid" which can be found in random chests or corpses in Bizarre Exterior.

Using the recipe you can make Red Dye at the Chemicals table.

3. Knowing the ingredients

Here are the ingredients needed to create Blood Red Dye:

  • Carbon 18
  • Hydrogen 14
  • Nitrogen 2
  • Sodium 2
  • Oxygen 8
  • Sulfide 2

Go to the table with chemicals and use them to make Dye.

Chemicals for making Blood Red Dye

Outside building

Quotes of Manners

Six-Fingered Larry you can buy parrot from him for 200 Dollars, use skills to lower price.

Polly Evasion +5%


Bizarre Entrance

Intercom here is the entrance to the Bizarre Interior, talk to the person on the other side via the intercom.

Find a way to enter The Bizarre.

The door guard says we can either buy a Bizarre Entrance Pass, get someone to vouch for us, or convince him we should be allowed inside. The price of an Entrance Pass is 500 dollars.

Bizarre Under Assault


Parking Garage

Maneater Maury +15 CON for all squad members.


Closed building.

This building is unavailable at the moment, it is related to the quest you will get in the future.

Waste Wolf Sneak Attack Damage +5%


Red Balloon

You find the red balloon that The Great Gurn was talking about. Follow this path and enter the building.


Toy Warehouse

Payasos you have to fight them, use Nitrogen Tanks.


Rubber Ducky

The Rubber Ducky is a necessary (but optional) item for one of the alternative solutions of the Unwelcome Guests mission.


Dentist Office

Dr. Smiles and Payasos the conversation is pointless, defend yourself and eliminate your opponents, use the Nitrogen Tank.

After fight

On enemy corpse Storage Unit 109 Key key for Room 109 in Warrens, nice weapon and armor.

Bizarre Entrance Pass this is the pass needed to enter the Bizarre Interior.

Enter the Bizarre.

We found a Bizarre Entrance Pass on a corpse. With it we can enter the Bizarre.

7 - some weapon

Computer 4 to open next doors.



This is the entrance to the Warrens, but don't go in there. In Bizarre Interior you will get a mission to Warrens.

to open it use Red Locker Key you get from The Great Gurn inside nice weapon.



Drools you can kill them using Computer outside 3

Farmer's Diary for some lore

Children of the Cabbage


Smuggler's Camp

Lewis Stenerud

Travel to The Bizarre and confront the Human Smugglers.

We found the smugglers, but they refused to halt their activities... or even to talk with us. Looks like we'll have to fight them.

The conversation with the smugglers won't work out, you have to fight them, kill them all.

After fight

Search the Smugglers' Camp.

The smugglers didn't tell us anything about their operation or possible accomplices. We should search their camp to see if we can discover anything more.

Search Camp.

On corpses Smugglers Camp Key use it on [03]

7 - good armor



Use Smugglers Camp Key to open doors.

Carmen talk to her

Find someone in The Bizarre who can help the Refugees reach Colorado Springs.

Carmen and the other refugees are in danger of freezing or starving to death. We promised to check inside the Bizarre to see if any caravans will carry them to Colorado Springs. Time is of the essence - if we leave the Bizarre area, the refugees may not be alive when we return.

Now you can't go out to main Colorado map. If you do this, the Refugees will die. The next step in this mission is in the Bizarre Interior.

Now go to Ananda Rabindranath in Hopefuls Camp [A] and talk to her.


Hopefuls Camp

Ananda Rabindranath "... caravan master"

He will direct us to Pareidolia Jones in the Bizarre Interior


Bizarre Interior

Now is time to enter Bizarre Interior, talk to Intercom, show Bizarre Entrance Pass and enter.

After Bizarre Interior


Parking Garage

Long John he is waiting for you here if you "[Bait Long John outside] ..." from Bizarre Interior

Long John is a Synth, you can kill him or not, as you like.

If you want to kill him use [Attack] it via dialogue options. He got some nice items with him. Take Long John's Head to Gary "Nacl" Wolfe in Ranger HQ for reward.

If you want to let him go just "... you should head back inside".


Hopefuls Camp

Ananda Rabindranath ask him to join Ranger HQ

Return to Downtown Colorado Springs to finish Unwelcome Guests Mission.

When you leave The Bizarre with the successful Unwelcome Guests mission +5 Rep.

For A Very Hostile Takeover Mission.

You will get this mission via Radio Broadcast and it will direct you back to The Bizzare

A Very Hostile Takeover A very Hostile Takeover Mission

Charley Knowes and the Cartel want to take control of the Bizarre. They are offering us a chance to help them.

Meet the Cartel in the ruins outside the Bizarre.

The Cartel goons asked us to meet them in their hideout - an old car dealership north of the Bizarre near the collapsed parking garage.

Consequences of A Very Hostile Takeover Mission

  • Take the side of Charley Knowes and the Cartel - you will then receive a reward, but Monster Army will disappear from The Bizzare. The settlement will fall into chaos. You will be able to try to save the situation of the Merchants, you will receive from Quarex: Quarex's Hellacious Journey Mission. But overall it's not a nice solution.
  • Do nothing, then The Bizarre will be empty, this is the worst solution.
  • Take the side of the Monster Army and defend The Bizarre from the Cartel. Then everyone in Bizarre will love you and that's the best solution in my opinion.

So if you take the side of Monster Army, don't go to the meeting with The Cartel, but go to Flab the Inhaler in the Bizarre Interior and warn him about the attackers.

Then return here and go to Dealership Hideout [H] to fight The Cartel


Dealership Hideout

If you side with Monster Army in A Very Hostile Takeover Mission, enter and kill them.

After fight

7 - some items

Return to Flab inside the Bizarre.

We sided with the Monster Army and killed the Cartel goons. We should go collect our reward from Flab the Inhaler.

Return to Flab the Inhaler in the Bizarre Interior