Machine Commune Map with Walkthrough - Wasteland 3

Detailed, revealed and described Map with Walkthrough for Machine Commune Location in Wasteland 3 Video Game with Missons Starters and Quest Steps, NPCs, Skill Use, Skill Books, Cassette Tapes, Creepy Dolls, Animal Companion, Weapons, Armours, items, Secrets and Companions, Wasteland 3 Maps & Walkthrough.

Machine Commune Map Wasteland 3

Map of Machine Commune in Wasteland 3

Map of Machine Commune in Wasteland 3

Machine Commune Walkthrough Wasteland 3

Machine Commune is part of Denver location.

Our main task in Machine Commune will be to obtain the Cybernetic Transfer Module for the Reagan Reborn Mission. There is also Secondary Mission Counterintelligence.

As I wrote before, Machine Commune is inhabited by friendly robots, we do not want and there is no need to fight them. If you want to solve a problem by force, you can also do it by killing all the robots, although it's not a pretty solution.

The most important place of the location is Air Traffic Control [G], where we will find Machine Intelligence Tower, which will evaluate our behavior towards robots during our current game.

If you've hunted Synths before, the case is basically a doomed and you will be judged negatively (but don't worry, there's a way out of it).

If you haven't hunted Synths and have been nice to them, you can further increase your rating by "nice" deeds inside Machine Commune.

From entering from Denver Ruins all the way to Air Traffic Control [G], all robot interactions will be part of the judgment afterwards.

So try to be nice to the robots, talk to them and give "positive" answers. But it is not essential to the main plot of the game.

Wolfe's Hunt Mission dilemma

Any action against Synths in Colorado will have a negative impact on your relationship with Machine Commune in Denver. This is not significant, it does not block the path in the main story, and we will be able to avoid the consequences of our actions quite easily when assessing what we will face from the Machine Intelligence Tower (in Machine Commune in Denver).

The only significant problem we will have with completing Wolfe's Hunt Mission. While for killing the 3 remaining Synths (for the mission) we will be only negatively assessed, then killing the fourth (necessary to complete the mission) Tinker in Machine Commune will meet with hostility of robots in Machine Commune, which will make you have to kill them all.

  • Either you don't complete Wolfe's Hunt Mission and keep relatively good relations with Machine Commune
  • Or you'll have to kill everyone in Machine Commune, after you kill Tinker, for which you will get from Gary 'Nacl' Wolfe an interesting award Skill Book: Dick Markowitz's STEALTH SQUAD which gives Perk: +1 Combat Shooting, increasing Critical Chance to 50%.

Reagan Reborn Mission

Retrieve the Cybernetic Transfer Module from The Machine Commune at The Denver Airport.

The Gippers want to transfer the Al mind of "Reagan" into a human body. They need an ancient piece of technology to do it and the robots at the Machine Commune have it. [Reward: Reagan's Gaze, Rocket (6), $250]


Exit to Denver Ruins

You can save your game here and go all the way to Machine Intelligence Tower [G] which will carefully evaluate what you did wrong and what you did in Machine Commune. If you don't like the rating, you can always load the game and repeat it again. It doesn't take long.


Greet-0 He will greet you, talk to him. You don't need to Override him with Nerd Stuff (robots dont like it), be nice.

Ask him about "... Cybernetic Transfer Module"

Retrieve the Cybernetic Transfer Module from The Machine Commune at The Denver Airport.

We can get the Cybernetic Transfer Module from something called the "Machine Intelligence Tower." It will radio when it's ready to talk. Until then we've been encouraged to "hang out" and talk to members of the Commune.

We are to wait for Machine Intelligence Tower to call us and talk to the robots in Machine Commune during this time.

Serious Argument With Satisfactory Resolution



Get the turtle on its feet and pretend you can't see it's frozen for years.

Commune Octotron

Doe Stag



SAL talk to her. Tell that you like this DJ style and listen to her all the time.

Party Pal

Party Pal will be available to you at this location to joins you as your Companion only if you deliver Reagan AI to the Machine Intelligence Tower (not suggested). But we will not choose this path.

Party Pal can both disorient enemies and heal party memebers.


Commune Art Exhibits

Little Sparrow play his diry games with him.

Indigo Rouge praise him for his paintings and treat him like a robot.


Tech Concourse

Vivisecto RN talk to him.

Ask Vivisecto, RN, about its healing and repair methods at The Machine Commune.

We found the Commune's healer and repair technician, Vivisecto, RN. It can tell us what we need to know.

Track down Vivisecto's Assistant in The Ruined Hangar behind The Machine Commune.

Vivisecto is compiling the data we asked for, but won't hand it over until he finds out what happened to his assistant, V.I.C.I. Mk IX. He sent her into the ruined hangar to gather samples from some humans who camped there and froze to death years ago.

Cyborg Tech Perk

If you ask Vivisecto about enchancements, he can made for you Cyborg Tech Control Unit (1024 Dollars) which will give you Cyborg Tech Perk that allows you to equip Cyborg Mods. You need one Unit for each team member you want to equip with this Perk.

You can buy equipment that requires Cybor Tech from him.

Machine Intelligence Tower is calling us on the radio. But don't go to it just yet, finish exploring the southern part of the Machien Commune first

Retrieve the Cybernetic Transfer Module from The Machine Commune at The Denver Airport.

The Machine Intelligence Tower has asked for a meeting with us. It is located in the north-east corner of the Denver Airport.



Pico 3, don't teach him how to win


Vendomatic 2000

Vendomatic 2000 talk to him, fix him 5 or 6 and don't force him to give you a discount. He got some Vehicle Upgrades.



Commune Archeologist



Tinker talk to him, he is Synth.

You have to kill him if tou want to get final reward in Wolfe's Hunt Mission.

But don't do it now (or not at all). If you want to kill him, do it at the very end when you're done in Machine Commune. You will then have to kill all the robots in this location.

We're nice to him for now 4.


Jimmy-6 talk to him, socialize with him.


Electric Emmett Energy Damage Bonus +5% - buried in snow.


East Catwalk

Take the stairs upstairs to meet Machine Intelligence Tower.


Air Traffic Control

Machine Intelligence Tower

"... diplomatic relationship ..." she will now assess your capacity for Violence.

We tried very hard to be "nice" to the machines in Machine Commune and unless we were killing Synths earlier everything should be fine.

I, Human Achievement You convinced the Machine Commune that humans can be trusted.

If not then 7 or 8 or you can attack which is not recommended.

Retrieve the Cybernetic Transfer Module from The Machine Commune at The Denver Airport.

The Machine Intelligence Tower warned us that using the device to "transfer" Reagan into a human host will erase the original human's brain, effectively killing them.

The Machine Intelligence Tower claims the Reagan Al is being held captive by the Gippers and wants us to free it. It warned us that the Gippers won't let us take Reagan without a fight.

Lie to MIT: "If we decide to help you " and you will get Cybernetic Transfer Module

Return to Reagan, Valor and Mother Nancy Reliance at The Western Whitehouse in The Denver Ruins.

The M. I. Tower gave us the Cybernetic Transfer Module, which can be used to download Reagan into a loyal Gipper. Alternately, we can use it to steal the Reagan intelligence and transmit it to another mainframe. [Reward: Reagan's Gaze, Rocket (6), $250 or Party Pal robot]

Toster 6 Bard's Tale IV: Tips 'n Tricks'

Don't go back to the Denver Ruins yet, finish the Machine Commune tour first.


West Catwalk

Drools kill them



Protect V.I.C.I. Mk IX from the hostile animals threatening her In The Machine Commune.

We found Vivisecto's assistant, V.I.C.I. surrounded by some unfriendly beasts. She'll be torn apart if we don't help.

Razorbacks kill them

V.I.C.I. talk to him about Vivisecto and samples.

Return to Vivsecto Inside the Machine Commune.

We found a robot named V.I.C.I. collecting tissue samples. If we return the samples to Vivesecto, we can learn more how the Commune heals robots and people.

Vivisecto will want to study the samples V.I.C.I. collected.

"We could use a medical expert ..." he will join Ranger HQ, will give you Investigative Eye Perk.

Revolver and Note

Be The Dog Permanently animal Whisper +1 for one character - buried in snow.

use 7 some weapon and mod.

with Helmets.


Abandoned Hangars

Pico's Playtesting - in ice block

Return to Vivisecto RN in Tech Concourse [C]


Tech Concourse

Vivisecto RN talk to him.

Here are the samples ...

We offered V.I.C.I ...

Inside the Machine Commune, pay or convince Vivisecto to hand over The Diagnostic Report.

Vivisecto blames us for the loss of his assistant, V.I.C.I. and wants us to pay for it. We'll have to hand over the cash he wants or work on our sweet-talking.

Pay him 200 Dollars.

Take the Diagnostic Data to The Wyman or Sister Nancy Forge at The Western Whitehouse in The Denver Ruins.

Both Wyman and Forge want the data. Now it's up to us to decide who deserves it more - or whose reward is better.

Now return to Denver Ruins

After you Transfer Regan to Ranger HQ


Air Traffic Control

Machine Intelligence Tower

7 "[Lie] The Gippers knew about your plan ..."

1 "Appologies ..."

4 "You consider ..."

And everything should be OK

Now return to Patriarch's Palace to visit Patriarch.