Little Hell Map with Walkthrough - Wasteland 3

Detailed, revealed and described Map with Walkthrough for Little Hell Location in Wasteland 3 Video Game with Missons Starters and Quest Steps, NPCs, Skill Use, Skill Books, Cassette Tapes, Creepy Dolls, Animal Companion, Weapons, Armours, items, Secrets and Companions, Wasteland 3 Maps & Walkthrough.

Little Hell Map Wasteland 3

Map of Little Hell in Wasteland 3

Map of Little Hell in Wasteland 3

Little Hell Walkthrough Wasteland 3

Little Hell is another location after Aspen and it is from Aspen that you can get here. This is important zone related to the main storyline of Wasteland 3.

You come here to finish The Psychopath Primary Mission The Psychopath Mission, to arrest Vic Buchanan and Raising a Little Hell Primary Mission Raising a Little Hell.

You have to Rescue 5 Hostages and prevent them from dying:

  • La Loca in Cold Storage [D], kill Gertrude The Gruesome, take Freezer Key, unlock freezer, talk to her.
  • Estin Ward in Sauna [G], you have to use Mechanics 7 on Breather Gas Tank in Pool Storage [F] to open Sauna Doors.
  • Violet Reed - Guest Suites 1 - Don't let the girls get off the floor plates, use Mechanics 8 on fuse box.
  • Priscilla Reed - Guest Suites 1 - Don't let the girls get off the floor plates, use Mechanics 8 on fuse box.
  • Rook - Guest Suites 2, unlick cage
  • Optional Pizepi in Lab [C]
  • Optional Llewellyn in Basement [H]

This will give you Everyone Lives Achievement.


Exit to Aspen

When you use the Gondola to get to Little Hell, Riley Woodson will contact you again via radio.

Speak with Woodson In Little Hell.

Riley Woodson is our best point of contact on top of the mountain. We should talk to him to get the lay of the land.

Hardee Knox - save him, "Free him"

When you finish Little Hell and you will return to Broadmoor Heights, go to Church of the Final Deluge and talk with Miriam Knox for reward.

Enter Lobby



A group of Breathers is waiting for you in The Lobby, you have to kill them.


Riley Woodson

Riley Woodson talk to him, 6

Travel to Aspen and Arrest Vic Buchanan.

According to Woodson, Vic is locked away in the Patriarch's wing of the ski lodge. Woodson thinks one of the Psychopath's cronies, a weirdo named Ash, has a key to get inside.

We have to find Ash

"What do you know about the hostages ..."

Find and rescue the Tortured Hostages in Little Hell.

According to Woodson, a few Ranger and Hundred Families hostages are still alive and being tortured. We need to locate and rescue the hostages.

There are three Hundred Families members being tortured, including members of the Reed and Ward families.

Woodson told us Ranger Pizepi Joren was taken to a science lab, but he thinks she is safe. He doesn't know where the other two Rangers in his squad, La Loca and Rook, were taken.

There are five hostages you need to save.


Security Room

Do not open this doors, use intercom.

Intercom The Ash you're looking for is inside, and he threatens to kill the hostages if you enter. Leave him alone for now and keep going, we'll come back later.

Travel to Aspen and Arrest Vic Buchanan.

We found Ash's control room, but he claims to have a "kill switch" that will kill all the hostages if we break inside. We should rescue the hostages before we try to bust inside.



Take the painting off the wall Picture of the Gift you will need it during the conversation in the laboratory.



Don't attack anyone in this room, we'll try to settle it peacefully.

The Gift don't attack her, be nice and try to help her for the sake of Pizepi who is standing next to us and who will join us as Companion if we play the whole situation right.

"The Breathers attacked us ...", "... to deal with Patriarch's son ...", "[Show family picture]...", "[Whisper] Do you need help ...", "[Perception 8] ...", 7, "Can we take a closer look ...", 8, ... , 8 - this will make Pizepi will join you, but not now, she will join you when you save all the hostages. She will be waiting near exit of location.

Pizepi talk wit her.

Chemical Mixing Table - you will need it later.

Dr. Hyde and ask not to touch his container.


Cold Storage

Gertrude The Gruesome Breathers you have to kill them.

After fight

Freezer Key

Anabolic Injector +1 AP

Use Freezer Key to unlock next door.

La Loca First hostage rescued talk to her.



Nox-Bomer Breathers you have to kill them.

After fight

Sauna Maintenance Key


Everybody Shits! Lore Book

Everybody Shits!

The content of this book will be useful to you for one of the alternative quests in Little Hell. You will find recipes for laxatives.

Everybody Shits!

... Well, old Dr. Jakes has you covered! This book will offer laxatives you can craft yourself using commonly available resources! Sweets: glucose compounds found in fruits and berries are sure to make your cheeks burst (C-6, H-14, 0-6) (C-42, H-38, 0-20). Salts: sodium and magnesium compounds commonly found in ore deposits are guaranteed to make your neighbors call in a hazmat unit (Mg, S, 0-4) (Na-2, H-2, P, 0-4).

You can make laxatives at the Chemical Mixing Table in Lab [C]

Now go to Pool Storage [F]


Pool Storage

Use Sauna Maintenance Key to unlock door.

Breather Gas Tank 7 it will open doods to Sauna [G]

Computer 8 "Yes" and "Yes" to drain the pool.

Return to Pool [E]



Estin Ward was released from the Sauna [G] and the pool water was drained.

Estin Ward Second hostage rescued talk to him



You do not need to use that Computer.

Now go to Basement [H]



Aspen Is Under Attack

use 9 to unlock - nothing special inside.

Saving Llewellyn is not part of the quest, but you shouldn't kill him, and there is no reason why we should kill him.

Llewellyn Llewellyn swallowed the key to the Hundred Families Vault in Little Hell. 7

How to get Vault Key from Llewellyn:

  • You can just kill him and take key from body - but this is not recommended solution.
  • You can give him a laxative and get the key out of whatever shoots out of him. This is the recommended solution, except that it doesn't work as it should due to a bug in the game. I hope that when you will play the bug will be corrected.
  • You can smash the door to Vault [I] with an explosive weapon. I needed a few shots from Stringer Rocket to get inside.
  • You can use 10 on the Vault door if you have such a skill and just open it.

How to make laxatives for Llewellyn in Little Hell:

  • You can find the recipe for laxatives in the Lore Book "Everybody Shits!", I found it in the container in the Pool area.
  • If you haven't found the recipe, the ingredients (one of few sets) are as follows: Na-2, H, O-4, P will give you Laxative.
  • You can make laxatives in Chemical Mixing Table at Lab [C]
  • Return to Llewellyn and give him laxatives via a dialogue option
  • The key should appear next to it on the ground in the pile of what fell out of him. (Bug)


To open use Key from Llewellyn or 10 or bash doors with Rocket Weapon (few times).

Gold Plated Hammer it will open Secret Stash later.

Silver Dolar Neclace Barter +1, some weapons and armour part.

Return to Lobby [A]


Secret Stash

Use Gold Plated Hammer to open Secret Stash.

Patriarch's Prototype Hammer 116-141 Damage.


Guest Suites

A group of Breathers you have to kill them.

After fight

Guest Suites 1 Key Guest Suites 2 Key


Guest Suites 1

Use Guest Suites 1 Key to unlock doors.

Violet Reed Third hostage rescued

Priscilla Reed Fourth hostage rescued

Don't let the girls get off the floor plates "... look around and see what we can do to help you"

Use fuse box in this room, "Remove the panel" 8

Talk to them for

Marriage Counseling


Guest Suites 2

Use Guest Suites 2 Key to unlock doors.

Ferocious Francesca Melee Damage Bonus +5%

Unlock cage with 1

Rook Fifth hostage rescued 1

Raising a Little Hell

All hostages are safe and accounted for. Hostages Rescued: 5

Travel to Aspen and Arrest Vic Buchanan.

Ash can't threaten the hostages anymore. We should return to the security control room and force our way inside.

Leave one of the characters on the pressure switch in Guest Suites [J] and with the other character head towards the door to Patriarch's Wing [K] and switch Geneartor in the corridor. Get out of the first character from the floor switch, and traps in the hallway will turn off.

Now return to Security Room [B] and deal with Ash.


Security Room

Now you can just open the door without fear.

Ash you don't have to kill him, he's harmless, take his key.

Patriarch Wing Key

Travel to Aspen and Arrest Vic Buchanan.

We've acquired the key to the Patriarch's wing. Now we can go inside and confront Vic.

[Arrest] Ash

use 9 Spectrum Assault Legs


Patriarch's Wing

Unlock door with Patriarch Wing Key from Ash.

Sneak in, don't start the fight yet.

Turn off the Turret Defense Generators 7

Do not go up the stairs, choose the door on the left.


Gwendolyn Reed

Gwendolyn Reed talk to her, although it will not be a constructive conversation.

Go outside through the side door, walk along the path and go back inside.


Patriarch's Wing

Breathers you have to kill them.

some nice weapons.


Patriarch's Suite

Use Intercom to enter.

"Open the door ..."

Vic Buchanan we came here for him, we're not supposed to kill himalive.

How should we talk to Vic Buchanan:

Arrest Vic Buchanan (Recomended)

  • "Who is Clarence?"
  • "Put down your weapons ..."
  • "The Gift turned on you ..."
  • "Surrender"
  • "[Arrest] You're out of your mind, no way"

It will give you Caged Psycho Achievement

Return to The Patriarch in His Palace Colorado Springs.

Now that Vic is dealt with and Aspen is secured, we need to report back to the Patriarch in his palace.

Attack Vic Buchanan via dialogue option (Not recomended)

Vic dies immediately, the mission is accomplished, but the Patriarch is not satisfied.

It will give you Victory Over Victory Achievement

Recruit Vic Buchanan (Not recomended)

"You know what? Why the hell not - welcome to the team"

This is a hopeless solution when Vic is a real psychopath and it will lead to conflicts with other members of your party.

It will give you The Psychopath Achievement


Remaining part of Patriarch's Suite

Toster 7 Poke Action Figure

Best Boss Permanently Leadership +1 for one character, Polar Vortex

Map of graves The Patriarch's Wives

  • Cleo - Aspen, outside Ski Shop
  • Larra - Colorado Springs in Park
  • Livia - in Hoon Homestead

When you visit all the graves, talk to the Patriarch about it.

In bathroom Vic & Breathers, K-Cannon

Now return to Lobby [A]

Rook, La Loca, Riley Woodson, Pizepi - talk to them. +5 Rep.

Pizepi will join your team as a Companion

It will give you The Scientist Achievement

La Loca and Rook will give you Ranger Survivor Perk if you join them to Ranger HQ.

Now go to Broadmoor Heights to meet Miriam Knox.

On you way to Colorado Springs you will get The Traitor update via Radio.