All Creepy Dolls Location in Wasteland 3

Location of all 15 Creepy Dolls collectibles in Wasteland 3. Wasteland 3 Maps & Walkthrough

Creepy Dolls are collectibles that you collect while playing Wasteland 3

They provides different, permanent party-wide buff for rest of the game. They are not in your inventory.

For collecting all 15 Creepy Dolls, in addition to the buffs, you will receive My Pretties Achievement - You amassed a collection that would terrify a toy shop owner.

Radical Rachel Creepy Doll

+5% explosives damage

Radical Rachel Creepy Doll Map

Ranger HQ - Museum, in the corner.

Keen Karen Creepy Doll

+1 Perception

Keen Karen Creepy Doll Map

Garden of the Gods - In the snow in hidden passage.

Maneater Maury Creepy Doll

+15 constitution/HP

Maneater Maury Creepy Doll Map

Bizarre Exterior - hidden in the ground in Parking Garage.

Lethal Lance Creepy Doll

+1 Penetration

Lethal Lance Creepy Doll Map

Monster Army Bunker - in Screening Room at end of location.

Cruel Corey Creepy Doll

+5% damage vs. animals

Cruel Corey Creepy Doll Map

Denver Ruins - in Western White House in locked room.

Electric Emmett Creepy Doll

+5% energy damage

Electric Emmett Creepy Doll Map

Machine Commune - In the snow in side room.

Fuckin' Fred Creepy Doll

+5% damage vs. animals

Fuckin Fred Creepy Doll Map

Old Survivalist Bunker - in Makeshift Hospital locked room.

Nervous Nancy Creepy Doll

+0.5 seconds detection time

Nervous Nancy Creepy Doll Map

Department of Energy - Breakroom, south in ruins.

Hearty Henry Creepy Doll

+10% healing bonusX

Hearty Henry Creepy Doll Map

Aspen - in Bunker.

Ferocious Francesca Creepy Doll

+5% melee damage

Ferocious Francesca Creepy Doll Map

Little Hell - in Guest Suites.

Zen Zoey Creepy Doll

+2% hit chance

Zen Zoey Creepy Doll Map

Snowed Inn Resort - dig in the snow on right side.

Quick Quaid Creepy Doll

+5% sneak attack damage

Quick Quaid Creepy Doll Map

Knox Bison Ranch - in NW part.

Purist Patty Creepy Doll

+5% damage vs. mutants

Purist Patty Creepy Doll Map

Abandoned Oil Well - after destroy Tesla Coil.

Angry Aaron Creepy Doll

Crit Resistance +5%

Angry Aaron Creepy Doll Map

Godfisher Windfarm - in Godfisher Shrine Summit.

Hyper Heather Creepy Doll

+5% initiative

Hyper Heather Creepy Doll Map

Yuma County Speedway - in Liberty Buchanan room.