Aspen Map with Walkthrough - Wasteland 3

Detailed, revealed and described Map with Walkthrough for Aspen Location in Wasteland 3 Video Game with Missons Starters and Quest Steps, NPCs, Skill Use, Skill Books, Cassette Tapes, Creepy Dolls, Animal Companion, Weapons, Armours, items, Secrets and Companions, Wasteland 3 Maps & Walkthrough.

Aspen Map Wasteland 3

Map of Aspen in Wasteland 3

Map of Aspen in Wasteland 3

Aspen Walkthrough Wasteland 3

Aspen is located to the in Northwestern part of Colorado. This is an important zone related to the main storyline of Wasteland 3.

You come here for The Psychopath Primary Mission which you got at the beginning of the game in Ranger HQ.

Before entering Aspen, you should have been after talk with Patriarch in Patriarch's Palace and after talk with Miriam Knox at Church of the Final Deluge in Broadmoor Heights.

They will both give you additional information about Aspen and Miriam Knox will promise you a reward for saving her husband.

The Psychopath The Psychopath Mission

Vic Buchanan, the Patriarch's son, recently reemerged from exile with an army of drugged-addled freaks at his back and has taken the mountain town of Aspen. The Patriarch wants him returned to Colorado Springs alive.

Travel to Aspen and Arrest Vic Buchanan.

Victory Buchanan, the Patriarch's eldest son, has invaded the town of Aspen. It sounds like anyone who was there when he arrived is dead or about to be.

Miriam Knox asked us to look for her husband, Hardee, who may be a hostage in Aspen. The Knoxes are part of the Hundred Families, and seem wealthy. If we save Hardee, we should talk to Miriam about the reward she promised.

The Patriarch told us he's heard that Vic has some Rangers held hostage.

The main goal is to arrest Vic Buchanan.


Exit to Colorado

Right after entering Aspen location, Riley Woodson will contact you via radio and will give you the second Main Mission to be completed in Aspen Raising a Little Hell.

Raising a Little Hell Raising a Little Hell

Riley Woodson wants us to rescue his Ranger team and the Hundred Families members who are being tortured by Victory Buchanan and the Breathers in Little Hell.

Find a Way to Lower the Bridge In Aspen.

If we want to rescue the hostage Rangers, we'll need to find a way to lower the drawbridge blocking our way forward.

Talk with him for The Psychopath update.

Travel to Aspen and Arrest Vic Buchanan.

We spoke via radio to a captured Ranger, Riley Woodson. He advised us that Vic working with a gang called The Breathers, and is holding some of Riley's squad capitive.



A group of Breathers is waiting for you in front of the entrance, you have to kill them.

After fight

Welcome Lodge Key, some armour

You found the Welcome Lodge Key, that's the key to the main entrance, but don't use it now.

Aspen Radio Ad 2



use 7 to unlock Employee Lounge Key


Side Door

Unlock Side Door with Employee Lounge Key



use 6 to unlock.

Aspen Radio Ad 1



use 7 to unlock.

Opie he is Merchant, talk to him.

He got to sell: Pup Scout Funtime Camping Guide Permanently Survical +1 for one character, an some other items you might like.

9 Opie Survives



Admin Office Key - we don't need this key.

Computer 6 "Reprogram network to target Breathers"


Veteran's Ranger Star Hard Ass +1


Welcome Lodge

If you reprogram turret to target Breathers, you can not fight, but sneak to the last room unnoticed, because the turret keeps the enemies at bay. But it's okay to kill them all especially that they have Gift Shop Key.


After fight

Gift Shop Key


Gift Shop

Use Gift Shop Key to unlock doors.

Toster 7 Gold Platted Nichrome Wire

Computer "Type LOWER"

You left the drawbridge.

Cross the Bridge and explore Aspen for a way up The Mountain.

We found a computer that lowered the bridge. Crossing the bridge should bring us one step closer to finding Woodson.

With the bridge down, we can head deeper into Aspen.

Cross the Bridge and explore Aspen for a way up The Mountain.



Go to the other side of bridge.

Reach the Gondola building in Aspen and take The Lift to Little Hell.

A ski gondola is the only way to the top of the mountain. We'll need to reach it and ride the lift to the summit.

Woodson mentioned a weapons cache inside of a bunker. We should take a look if we have time.

First take south side - Construction Yard.


Construction Yard

A group of Breathers is waiting for you in front of the entrance, you have to kill them.

After fight

use 9 to unlock - nothing special inside.

use 1 to fix it, now Computer is on.

Computer use it "Type RAISE"

The crane will reveal the side entrance to the Bunker. Go inside but don't get noticed by the Robots guarding it.



Go unnoticed to the Computer.

Computer 6 "Disable defences"

Reach the Gondola building in Aspen and take The Lift to Little Hell.

We dealt with some robots inside the bunker and secured the weapons cache.

The defense is inactive, so don't attack the robots, just search the bunker, lot of nice stuff here.

in SE corner Hearty Henry

use 9 to unlock - nothing special inside.

Dont go to Gondola [E] now return to Bridge [09] and go to visit Gauntlet [D]




To pass this fire puzzle:

  • Stand with one characters on the pressure switch on the right.
  • Go with second character to switch in the center, which has opened after turning off the flames, and switch it.
  • Now you got doors open at right.
  • Use the first character to get off the pressure switch.
  • You have an open passage on the right, while passing through, be careful not to enter the pressure switch.

Puzzle with spinning blades

  • Walk towards the dying Broadmoor Resident
  • Check, you are not able to help him.
  • "[Kill] Toss the man's limp body ..."
  • The body will turn off one of the spinning blades.
  • Walk towards the stationary blade and flip the switch next to it.
  • The second blade will stop.
  • Flip the switch at the other blade.
  • The passage is open.


Do not open the cage with the switch.

Go up the stairs up the stairs and fix the Broken Valve 7 animals should be dead now.

Fire It Up Achievement

use 6 to unlock.

Inside containers with weapons and grave of Cleo one of the three wives of the Patriarch

Now open Cage with switch.

Inside Cage Growler Cub

use 8 to unlock.


Sneak and unnoticed turn off the Generator to neutralize the Turrets.

use 6



Breathers kill them all

After fight

Gondola Building Key

use 9 to unlock - nothing special inside.


Gondola Room

Unlock doors with Gondola Building Key

Reach the Gondola building in Aspen and take The Lift to Little Hell.

We've made our way to the gondola building. We should be able to take the lift up to Little Hell.

Spectrum Assault Armor and Spectrum Assault Helmet

Commando Helmet

Death Sifter

Switch use it, Computer "[Travel to Summit] Activate Lift."

Go to Little Hell


Exit to Little Hell