The Psychopath Mission Walkthrough Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 Walkthrough for The Psychopath Primary Mission, starting in Ranger HQ, at Level 17, choices and consequences, starter location map, where to go, all steps, how to finish mission.

The Psychopath Mission Description

You will receive "The Psychopath" Mission in zone: Ranger HQ from The Patriarch.

This is Primary Mission with recommended Level 17.

The story of this mission takes place in: Aspen Map, Little Hell Map.

Mission Steps:

Vic Buchanan, the Patriarch's son, recently reemerged from exile with an army of drugged-addled freaks at his back and has taken the mountain town of Aspen. The Patriarch wants him returned to Colorado Springs alive.

Travel to Aspen and Arrest Vic Buchanan.

Victory Buchanan, the Patriarch's eldest son, has invaded the town of Aspen. It sounds like anyone who was there when he arrived is dead or about to be.

Miriam Knox asked us to look for her husband, Hardee, who may be a hostage in Aspen. The Knoxes are part of the Hundred Families, and seem wealthy. If we save Hardee, we should talk to Miriam about the reward she promised.

The Patriarch told us he's heard that Vic has some Rangers held hostage.

We spoke via radio to a captured Ranger, Riley Woodson. He advised us that Vic working with a gang called The Breathers, and is holding some of Riley's squad capitive.

According to Woodson, Vic is locked away in the Patriarch's wing of the ski lodge. Woodson thinks one of the Psychopath's cronies, a weirdo named Ash, has a key to get inside.

We found Ash's control room, but he claims to have a "kill switch" that will kill all the hostages if we break inside. We should rescue the hostages before we try to bust inside.

Ash can't threaten the hostages anymore. We should return to the security control room and force our way inside.

We've acquired the key to the Patriarch's wing. Now we can go inside and confront Vic.

Return to The Patriarch in His Palace Colorado Springs.

Now that Vic is dealt with and Aspen is secured, we need to report back to the Patriarch in his palace.

We informed the Patriarch that Vic is in holding in the Ranger HQ brig. He was satisfied with the outcome.

Map of starting location for The Psychopath

Ranger HQ Small Version

The Psychopath Walkthrough

  • We get this mission at the begining of the game in Ranger HQ
  • Go to Broadmoor Heights to meet Miriam Knox, talk to her about her husband.
  • Go to Patriarch's Palace and talk again with Patriarch about his son again.
  • Head to Aspen
  • Go through Aspen locations and use Gondola to ride to Little Hell.
  • Rescue all hostages in Raising a Little Hell Mission Raising a Little Hell
  • Find Ash in Security Room and take Patriarch Wing Key from him.
  • Use Key to enter Patriarch's Wing.
  • Kill all Breathers there.
  • Use Intercom
  • Enter Patriarch's Suite
  • Arrest Vic Buchanan
  • Return to Miriam Knox in Broadmoor Heights for reward.
  • Return to Patriarch in Patriarch's Palace to finish mission.

How should we talk to Vic Buchanan:

Arrest Vic Buchanan (Recomended)

  • "Who is Clarence?"
  • "Put down your weapons ..."
  • "The Gift turned on you ..."
  • "Surrender"
  • "[Arrest] You're out of your mind, no way"

It will give you Caged Psycho Achievement

Attack Vic Buchanan via dialogue option (Not recomended)

Vic dies immediately, the mission is accomplished, but the Patriarch is not satisfied.

It will give you Victory Over Victory Achievement

Recruit Vic Buchanan (Not recomended)

"You know what? Why the hell not - welcome to the team"

This is a hopeless solution when Vic is a real psychopath and it will lead to conflicts with other members of your party.

It will give you The Psychopath Achievement

Choices and Consequences

There are no consequences, because any solution other than arresting Vic Buchanan is pointless and leads to nothing meaningful.

Full Maps for The Psychopath Mission