Ambush Site Map - Wasteland 3 Prologue with Walkthrough

Detailed, revealed and described Map with Walkthrough for Ambush Site Location in Wasteland 3 Video Game with Missons Starters and Quest Steps, NPCs, Skill Use, Special Items, Secrets and Companions, Wasteland 3 Maps & Walkthrough.

Ambush Site Wasteland 3

Map of Ambush Site in Wasteland 3

Map of Ambush Site in Wasteland 3

(Prologue) Ambush Site Walkthrough Wasteland 3

Ambush Site is the first location you visit in Colorado in Wasteland 3.

Before you hit the Ranger HQ and start a real game, you have the opportunity to familiarize with the mechanics of the game in the form of a prologue / tutorial.

This is not necessary, but if you want to enjoy the game, it's the last moment to check if you have Skills: Explosives, First Aid, Sneaky Shit, Lockpicking, Nerd Stuff and Mechanic on at least first level, distributed between your two characters.

Frozen Lake


Entry from the Frozen Lake

Ranger HQ has dispatched a Convoy of Rangers to Colorado to establish a lifeline of vital supplies to Arizona.

Unfortunately, the convoy falls into an ambush on a frozen lake.

You have 2 members of your team at your disposal, the ones you created at the beginning of the game.


Ambush Site

Fighting is on, attack incoming enemies.

If you can die with both characters in this first fight, which is not easy, you will get No-Show Achievement - You never made it to Colorado Springs.

Welcome To Colorado Welcome To Colorado Mission

Our convoy was ambushed by unknown hostiles on a frozen mountain lake. Major Prasad, our commanding officer, is trying to rally the survivors for a counterattack.

Major Vera Prasad Defend yourself and wait for Prasad to activate heavy artillery.

Find a way to the top of the Dam

An enemy force is firing on our convoy from the top of the nearby dam. Major Prasad ordered us to rendezvous there for a counterattack. On our way up, we should look out for other Ranger survivors.

Kill all the enemies and collect the items they will leave behind. Head north.

Reservoir Trail


Reservoir Trail


Dorsey Stalker You dont have to kill her. 1 or 1 and she will run away.

Pvt. Jodie Bell talk to her. 1

She will tell you about Major Tom ... its Cat, Animal Companion, you will meet him later.

Nico-Pops to attract Major Tom.

Good Luck

Cassette Tapes are lore items that fill you in on the backstory of the wasteland.

Reservoir Campgrounds


Reservoir Campgrounds

you can shoot it to blow up everything around.

Dorseys you must defeat them to move onm use covers, collect the items they leave behind.

Find a way to the top of the Dam

Major Prasad was ambushed on the other side of the dam. Sounded like ine hell of a firefight.

Hostage Taker's Key on corpse of Dorsey


use Hostage Taker's Key to open it.

Dam Access


Dam Access

Light Machine Turret Dorsey Warbot do not try to fight them.

Computer Sneak over to the computer so that the enemies won't notice you.

If you get 1 reprogram network to target none-humans. Turret will destroy Warbot.

If you dont have Nerf Stuff use Computer just to disable defences. In this case, the Turret will cease to be active, but you will have to sneak past the Warbot.

use 1 to disarm it. Some nice weapon in container next to it.

use 1 to open it, Chest Armor in crate.

turn it on to open gate.


Find a way to the top of the Dam

It sounds like Major Prasad sustained some serious injuries. She'll try to support us when we make it to the top of the dam, but she's in bad shape.


Open Gate to Dam Overlook

Be ready for fight.

Dam Overlook


Dam Overlook

Jarett Dorsey talk to him and play against the clock by talking to him but not getting into a fight.

Maj. Vera Prasad during your conversation, Mrs. Major will kill Jarett Dorsey with an accurate shot.

Wipe out all the Dorseys on the dam

Major Prasad killed the lunatic who was firing rockets at our convoy, but his friends are hungry for some payback. It's us or them.

Now the real fight begins. Fortunately, May. Vera Prasad will take on most of the fight.

you can shoot them to blow up everything around.

After fight Veteran's Ranger Star on corpse of Jarett Dorsey.

Collect the remains of the fight, you will find weapons and ammunition there.

Talk to Major Prasad

Major Prasad looks like she's in rough shape, but she's still our CO. She'll know what to do next.

Maj. Vera Prasad talk to her 1 Orders from Ranger Command

Welcome To Colorado

Take stuff from corpse of Maj. Vera Prasad.

Ranger's Last Hope Ranger's Last Hope Mission

We assumed command following the death of Major Vera Prasad. The mission is the same: make contact with the Patriarch, establish a new Ranger HQ, and get the supplies flowing to Arizona. Along the way, we should keep an eye out for Angela Deth.

Get to the Patriarch

If we don't want to freeze to death, we'll need a vehicle to get to Colorado Springs. Maybe one of the abandoned Dorsey vehicles is still running?


Major Tomcat show him Nico-Pops you get from Pvt. Jodie Bell or use 1 to join him.

Now you got a Cat with Critical Chance +6%.



Rotate the camera to enter builiding, there are come containers inside.


Exit to Ranger HQ

Take Pvt. Jodie Bell with you and use Kodiak (vehicle) to go to Ranger HQ