Companions & Followers in Wasteland 3

List of all Companions & Followers you can join to your team in Wasteland 3, Marshall Kwon, Lucia Wesson, Jodie Bell, Scotchmo, Ironclad Cordite, Fishlips, Pizepi Joren, Vic Buchanan, Provost, Poultron, Party Pal, Clone, Brave Little Toaster, Soviet Robot. Wasteland 3 Maps & Walkthrough

Companions in Wasteland 3

Companions are individual NPCs you can meet in Colorado and join to your team. You can have up to 4 Companions on your team at the same time.

You can control and equip Companions just like your own made teammates.

When you detach Companions from your team, they will be waiting for you in Ranger HQ.

Companions raise their experience levels just like the rest of your party, so the characters you meet later in the game will be matched to your experience level.

Marshall Kwon Companion in Wasteland 3

Marshall Kwon

You will find him in Ranger HQ at the beginning of the game.

Affiliation: Patriarch's Marshals

Role: Lawkeeper

Starting Weapon Assault Rifle

Initial parameters: Automatic Weapons 5, Sneaky 3, Kiss Ass 3.

Lucia Wesson Companion in Wasteland 3

Lucia Wesson

You will find her in Downtown Colorado Springs in Marshals' Station after accept Cornered Rats Mission.

Affiliation: Hundred Families

Role: Gunslinger

Starting Weapon Revolver

Initial parameters: Small Arms 5, Weapon Modding 3, Barter 2, Survival 2.

Jodie Bell Companion in Wasteland 3

Jodie Bell

You will find her in Ranger HQ after completing Big Trouble in Little Vegas Mission

Affiliation: Desert Rangers

Role: Driver

Starting Weapon Sniper Rifle

Initial parameters: Sniper Rifles 5, Mechanics 4, Animal Whisperer 3, First Aid 3.

Scotchmo Companion in Wasteland 3


You will find him in Ranger HQ after hiring a cook for Ranger HQ

Affiliation: Hobo

Role: Hobo

Starting Weapon Shotgun

Initial parameters: Small Arms 7, Sneaky Shit 4, Lockpicking 4, Melee Combat 2.

Ironclad Cordite Companion in Wasteland 3

Ironclad Cordite

You will find him in Old Survivalist Bunker during Lords of War Mission.

Affiliation: Scar Collectors

Role: Warlord

Starting Weapon Brawling Weapon in near Container

Initial parameters: Brawling 9, Leadership 5, Explosives 4, Mechanics 4.

Fishlips Companion in Wasteland 3


You will find him in Union Station defeating him in combat.

Affiliation: Hard-Heads

Role: Scrapper

Starting Weapon Bladed Weapon

Initial parameters: Melee Combat 8, Armor Modding 7, Toaster Repair 4.

Pizepi Joren Companion in Wasteland 3

Pizepi Joren

You will find her in Little Hell after completing Raising a Little Hell Mission

Affiliation: Ranger

Role: Researcher

Starting Weapon SMG

Initial parameters: Automatic Weapons 10, Nerd Stuff 7, Weird Science 7, First Aid 2.

Vic Buchanan Companion in Wasteland 3

Vic Buchanan

You will find him in Little Hell after completing Raising a Little Hell Mission

Affiliation: none

Role: Psychopath

Starting Weapon Pistol

Initial parameters: Small Arms 10, Big Guns 8, Hard Ass 7.

Morningstar Companion in Wasteland 3


You will find him in Union Station, he you can put him as AI in Kodiak.

Role: Vehicle AI

Followers in Wasteland 3

Followers in Wasteland 3 are NPCs who join your party but you cannot control or equip them.

There is no limit to how many Followers you can have on your party at the same time.

Provost Follower in Wasteland 3


Mysterious Stranger.

You will find him in Warrens.

You can discover mistery at Mysterious Cave

Poultron Follower in Wasteland 3


Robot with melee damage attacks.

You will find him in Ranger HQ during Scar Collectors' attack on Ranger HQ. You have to collect 5 Cyborg Chickens first - Cyborg Chicken Farm

Party Pal Follower in Wasteland 3

Party Pal

Disco Bot with ranged energy attacks.

You will find him in Machine Commune after completing Reagan Reborn Mission on Machine Commune side.

Clone Follower in Wasteland 3


Humanoid with melee damage attacks

You can create your Clone in Med Bay in Ranger HQ after completing Don't You Be My Neighbor Mission and got Irv in Ranger HQ.

Brave Little Toaster Follower in Wasteland 3


Brave Little Toaster, Toaster with ranged fire attack.

You will find him in Toaster Repair Academy after meeting the requirements.

Soviet Robot Follower in Wasteland 3

Soviet Robot (Советский робот)

Eobot with ranged attack.

You will find him in Scar Collector Mine hacking computer.