Knox Bison Ranch Map with Walkthrough - Wasteland 3

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Knox Bison Ranch Wasteland 3

Map of Knox Bison Ranch in Wasteland 3

Map of Knox Bison Ranch in Wasteland 3

Knox Bison Ranch Walkthrough Wasteland 3

Knox Bison Ranch is small location to the southeast from Downtown Colorado Springs, you will obtain the exact location from radio broadcast with Hard Knox Life Mission passing nearby but only after exploring the Aspen and Little Hell locations.

The next task is to find three escapees to Head Hunter Mission.

Hard Knox Life Hard Knox Life Mission

The Knox Bison Ranch is under attack and calling for help.

Investigate the Knox Bison Ranch.

We received a distress call from the Knox Bison Ranch. It's under siege by unknown assailants.


Exit to Colorado

Ranch Leader talk to him about the problems at the Ranch

Confront the Scar Collectors Outside the Knox Bison Ranch.

The head rancher flagged us down as we entered and explained the situation: Scar Collectors looking to rustle some bison have the place surrounded. We'll need to deal with the gang members one way or another.

You can help Ranchers or Scar Collectors.

Whether to side with Ranchers or Scar Collectors in conflict:

  • Help the Ranchers fight Scar Collectors (Recommended)
  • Take the side of Scar Collectors and attack the Ranchers (not recommended)

Scar Collectors

Scar Collector Leader talk to him but do not agree to the attack on the Ranchers

"[Attack] The ranchers called us ..."

Scar Collector kill them all.

After fight

Vehicle Upgrade: Bison Skull Ornament,


Ranch Leader once you defeat Scar Collectors, the Ranch Leader will task you with the rest of the quest.

Clear out the Vermin behind the Knox Bison Ranch building.

The Scar Collectors are dead, but during their siege, some kind of vermin have moved in behind the ranch. The ranch leader asked us to exterminate them.

Ranch Leader will let you train a bison during the conversation.

9 Bodacious

If you have tamed all the types of animals you have met so far (according to the guide), this Bison is the last type of animal you will meet in Colorado.

Menagerie Achievement - You tamed at least one of every type of animal companion.



Hoppers kill them.

Report back to the Ranchers at Knox Bison Ranch.

We've killed the vermin. Now, we just need to report back to the head rancher.

Larry's Head for Head Hunter Mission

Head Hunter

Quick Quaid Sneak Attack Damage: +5%

Return to Ranch Leader.


Ranch Leader

Hard Knox Life

Toster 8 Bi-Metallic Gold Alloy Filament

This is last part you need to build Golden Toaster.

If you have repaired the previous toasters, you will receive the Golden Toaster

You got new location visible on Main Colorado Map - Toaster Repair Academy


for Head Hunter Mission

Darryl and Darryl

You need these two Darryls to complete Head Hunter Mission. Unfortunately, they will not want to cooperate with you. You have to kill them, take their heads with you and bring them, along with Larry's [03] remains, to the Cannibal Jamboree.

"[Attack] ..."

Report to Rollan Giff at the Cannibal Jamboree.

Now that all of the cannibal deserters have been found, we should go see Rollan back at the jamboree.