Clown Museum Map with Walkthrough - Wasteland 3

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Clown Museum Map Wasteland 3

Map of Clown Museum in Wasteland 3

Map of Clown Museum in Wasteland 3

Clown Museum Walkthrough Wasteland 3

Clown Museum is small location south of Ranger HQ.

There is no specific mission that brings you to the Clown Museum. This is the location you will encounter when traveling from Colorado Springs to The Bizarre. The location is relatively simple and can be done at the beginning of the game.

The main task at Clown Museum is to find 4 x Ballerina Gyro, solve two simple puzzles and kill the boss.


Exit to Colorado


Front Gate

Senora Grunona at the entrance you will be greeted by hostile Payasos, you cannot avoid fighting them and you have to kill them.

You can help yourself in the fight with your vehicle.

After Fight

Ballerina Gyro this is first of four Mission Items you have to find in Clown Museum to solve Ballerinas Puzzle.


Ice Block

Break the ice block to discover the corpse - inside some Dog Tags (Lore Book).


Museum Gallery

In the center you can see 6 Ballerina Figures. They are damaged, need to be repaired, you will need 4 Ballerina Gyro for this. We'll come back to here when we find them.



Second Ballerina Gyro is is buried next to a tree.




Third Ballerina Gyro is is buried inside corral.


Star sign on the ground

Now we will open the door to the shed [05]. To do this, find the star sign [04] on the small bowling alley and leave one of your characters standing on this star. Electricity will flow to the electric lock in [05] and the door will open. Go inside with a different character.



Inside last Ballerina Gyro in container.

Don't miss it hidden in the corner Toster 6 Tarjan Token


Side Doors

Do not use the side entrance, even if you have the required Skills, because then the person inside will not be satisfied. This entrance is a security measure in case you are unable to deal with the puzzle.



Use Intercom, it is near doors to talk to person inside.

Talk about "see the museum", "... tickets", "... arrangement"

He want you to fix Ballerinas.


Museum Gallery - Ballerinas

You have found all four Ballerina Gyros needed to repair all the Ballerinas.

Go to each of the Ballerinas and try to turn on each of them in turn. If it turns on, go to next one, if there's a problem use Ballerina Gyro and fix it, then turn it on.

When you fix them all, go back to Intercom and tell your interlocutor about it.

Miron will come out and doors are open


(don't) Entering Arena

Don't go directly to the circus arena, just before entering, turn right and walk around the tent on the way outside.

If you enter right away, a fight will start after the dialogue, and you should turn off the defense turrets first.


Hole in the tent

By entering through the hole in the tent, you can turn off the generators and deactivate 3 Defense Turrets before the fight 5.


Big Top

Now is the time to finish the location.

You can try to talk to Panzon, but anyway, the conversation leads to a fight.

Panzon Payaso Clown Car Payasos

After fight

Vehicle Upgrade: Payaso Turret, Vehicle Upgrade: Ice Cream Truck Horn and some weapon mod.

That's it, you can go back to exploring Colorado.