Ranger HQ Map with Walkthrough - Wasteland 3

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Ranger HQ Wasteland 3

Map of Ranger HQ in Wasteland 3

Map of Ranger HQ in Wasteland 3

The Ranger HQ will be your base for your Colorado adventures in Wasteland 3. The first time you come to it, it is ruined. You will systematically rebuild it during the game, filling it with new equipment and staff.

First Visit in Ranger HQ in Wasteland 3 Walkthrough

On your first visit to Ranger HQ after escaping the Ambush Site, the base looks different than it will in the future. Therefore, before you leave this location for the first time, go around it carefully, check everything and open all containers.

When you come back here, some of the containers and items will disappear.


Entrance from Ambush Site

You arrive here after escaping the Ambush Site under the Ranger's Last Hope Mission.

Diligent Joe greets you.

The Patriarch talk to him.

Ranger's Last Hope

2 do not let Patriarch to kill Dorsey.

Do not use First Aid:2 on him or you -1 Rep.

Thank him and +1 Rep.

Home away from home Home away from home Mission

The Patriarch gave us an old, prewar air base to serve as our headquarters in Colorado. He told us to get the base up and running with the help of Marshal Kwon and Sergei Greatski.

Talk to Marshal Kwon and Sergei Greatski inside the Base.

The Patriarch directed us to two of his people, Marshal Darius Kwon and Sergei Greatski, who are waiting for us in our new HQ. They'll help us get started.

Pvt. Jodie Bell Now she is tired, you will be able to talk to her later in the game. You can join her as Companion in the future, she will be waiting in [01].


Ranger HQ entrance

Marshal Kwon He is your future companion, but at the moment it is too early for that.

Sergei Greatski

Talk to them.

Enter the War Room and wake the Base's Main Systems

The war room is just north of the entrance hall. Now that the door is unlocked, we can go inside and use the mainframe computer to awaken the main systems.


War Room

They are activated because someone previously turned on the alarm, you have to deactivate them 1 or 1

Mainframe Computer in the center, use it: "Install yourself as Commander" (All members of your team must stand at the terminal.)

The Patriarch Talk to him carefully using all dialogue options.

This is the Mission you should do first.

Cornered Rats Cornered Rats Mission

Shortly before we arrived at Peterson Airforce Base, a large group of Dorseys attacked Colorado Springs. The attack failed, and most of the holdouts are holed up the Garden of the Gods. The Patriarch asked us to help his Marshals deal with them. [Reward: Ranger HQ brig warden, Merc Armor, Merc Helmet, Merc Leggings]

Talk to Sheriff Daisy in Downtown Colorado Springs.

The Patriarch said we can start earning some goodwill by helping his Marshals deal with the remainder of the Dorsey forces. We should talk to Sheriff Daisy at the Marshal Headquarters in Colorado Springs.

Save these three missions for later.

The Zealot The Zealot Mission

Valor Buchanan, the Patriarch's younger son, has allied himself with the Gippers in Denver. The Reagan fanatics have cut off the oil supply for Colorado Springs, and the Patriarch wants both his son and the oil back.

Travel to Denver.

Travel to the ruins of Denver and locate Valor Buchanan.

The PsychopathThe Psychopath Mission

Vic Buchanan, the Patriarch's son, recently reemerged from exile with an army of drugged-addled freaks at his back and has taken the mountain town of Aspen. The Patriarch wants him returned to Colorado Springs alive.

Travel to Aspen and arrest Vic Buchanan.

Victory Buchanan, the Patriarch's eldest son, has invaded the town of Aspen. It sounds like anyone who was there when he arrived is dead or about to be.

The Patriarch told us he's heard that Vic has some Rangers held hostage.

The Traitor The Traitor Mission

Locate Liberty Buchanan, the Patriarch's daughter, and bring her back home to Colorado Springs.

Discover the whereabouts of Liberty Buchanan.

Liberty Buchanan has disappeared. We need to figure out where she is, but without any leads we can't make forward progress on this mission.

Continue to chat with The Patriarch

Say: "Sir, yes sir!" and get +1 Rep.

Home away from home

Ranger HQ Wasteland 3 Walkthrough

The base will change with your next visits.

If you find snowballs lying on the ground, pick them up, equip your character with them and throw one of them at a member of your party to get Heads Up! Achievement


War Room

Mainframe Computer Examine the Security Systems 2

check for Weapon Mod.

check for Armor Parts.

later in gameLater in game

Sergei Greatski he can also be in [01]

Speak to Sgt. Greatski to hire new Rangers for your squad. Your squad can have up to six members. No more than four can be Rangers. The other two slots may be filled by Companions, such as Marshal Kwon. Companions are unique NPCs who aren't officially Rangers, but want to help out all the same. You'll find plenty of Companions on your journey throughout Colorado.

Full House Full House Mission

Our new headquarters will only be as useful as the people we can recruit. We should also focus on getting our critical infrastructure up and running.

Recruit personnel for Ranger HQ: A Brig Jailor, A Medbay Doctor, An Armory Quartermaster, And Garage Mechanics.

Greatski suggested we build up the base before pursuing The Patriarch's children. At minimum, we should staff the Brig, Medbay, Armory, and Garage, as well as fill out our squad.

Greatski suggested we speak to Sheriff Daisy, head of the Colorado Marshals, who can be found in Downtown Colorado Springs. He thinks she might be able to help us find some recruits.

Marshal Kwon now you can recruit him to your Team.

Corporal Marcelo Gonzales talk to him.



later in gameOriginal state.


if you fix it, you have to fight it 3 Slicer Dicer Self Assempler Pulse Gun


near stairs The Automated Chauffeur

Once you leave Ranger HQ and come back here, the Garage will be cleaned up.

later in gameLater in game

You will have a fully functional Garage when completing the Unwelcome Guests Mission.

Mama Cotter or Gideon Reyes will send you Mechanics

Customizing Kodiak

later in gameAfter Thicker than Water Mission

Randy Gett Nita Gett

If you talk to Randy Gett in Garage, after successful completion of the Thicker than Water Mission, you will get Vehicular Combat Perk - Bonus damage to vehicles +5%.


Cyborg Chicken Farm

There is one Cyborg Chicken in the pen and there is nothing you can do about it yet. But if you meet another Cyborg Chicken in Colorado, tame them and bring them here. You will need 3-5 to tame them. You have to bring them all and lose none of them, and a surprise awaits you.

Location of Cyborg Chickens:

After you Visit Denver and Aspen, during Scar Collectors attack on Ranger HQ is the awakening of your Cyborg Chickens.

If you had Cyborg Chickens five in your pen, they would merge into one in the "Poultron".

Poultron is an AI-driven companion that will now be part of your party, without taking the place of other companions.

Bawk! Achievement - You assembled Poultron


Dog Combat Speed +0.1 You can add him to your party, but you can only have one Animal Companion at a time.


Mess Hall

Toster 3 Tarjan Token Toaster Repairman's Badge Toaster Repair +1

later in gameLater in game

You will have a fully functional Mess Hall when you find the real Chief Masato completing the My Body Requires This Mission in The Bizarre.

Here later in game you will be able to recruit Scotchmo - The Hobo Achievement



Del Hackett talk to her.

Alow Refugees to stay in Ranger HQ +5 Rep.

Later tell her you found missing Andy +1 Rep.

Customizing Apperance Machine

1 Soldier's Note



later in gameOriginal state.

Brig Master Key Use this key to open the cell door.

The Prisoner Talk to him in depth, he has a lot to say.

Free the prisoner from the cell with Brig Master Key.

check it for exp. if you got skill 2-3 3

You will have a fully functional Brig when you find the real Brig Jailor when completing the Full House Mission. Hope Emerson will join you, recomended by Sheriff Daisy in Downtown Colorado Springs after you finish Cornered Rats Mission.

later in gameAfter Rebuilding

Hope Emerson

Here you will find people to arrest during your adventures in Colorado.

near Hope Emerson The Locksmith's Companion Permanently Lockpicking +1 for one character


Med Bay

later in gameOriginal state.

Check all of them for exp. 1-4 take Subdermal Plating

Stairs lead down to an enclosed space. You'll come back here later in the game.

You will have a fully functional Med Bay when you find the real Medbay Doctor when completing the Full House Mission. Doc Parker is located in Downtown Colorado Springs in the Iron Thunder Arapaho Garage. Before he joins you, you will have to complete the Top Doc Mission he gives you.

later in gameAfter Rebuilding

Doc Parker he can heal you, he is merchant.

later in gameLater ...

Irv can Clone your character, he will come after Don't You be my Neighbor Mission

later in gameAfter Denver

V.I.C.I. will give you Investigative Eye Perk



later in gameOriginal state.

Some traps and chests.

You will have a fully functional Armory when you find the real Armorer when completing the Full House Mission.

Inspector Delgado will join you after finishing Big trouble in Little Vegas Mission.

later in gameAfter Rebuilding

Inspector Delgado



later in gameOriginal state.

Radical Rachel Explosive Damage Bonus +5.0% for all Team.

Creepy Dolls are dolls that are creepy, but they also grant powerful party-wide bonuses. Simply collecting them will benefit you for the rest of the game.


You will have a fully functional Museum when you recruit Curator, Junko Murayama she is located in Downtown Colorado Springs in Market Square near Museum entrance. Just go and ask her after you visit Garden of the Gods.

later in gameAfter Rebuilding

Junko Murayama Curator

Here you will find trophies that you have earned during your adventures in Colorado.

Another person for Museum is Quarex in Bizarre Interior, when you will be able ot finish his Quarex's Hellacious Journey Mission


Exit to Colorado


Exit to Downtown Colorado Springs



later in gameLater in game

Mercenaries will appear in this place after some time in the game. And they'll stay here as long as you get along with them.

They will give you missions, when you complete them they will be with you, if you do them not according to their plan they will leave.

Gary "Nacl" Wolfe

Wolfe's Hunt Wolfe's Hunt Mission

Gary "NaCl" Wolfe, a merc who's had dealings with the Rangers In Arizona, has shown up at Ranger HQ and offered to pay us if we bring him the head of synth that's hiding in Downtown Colorado Springs. [Reward: $150]

Find and destroy the Synth hiding in Downtown Colorado Springs.

Wolfe shot up Colorado Springs trying to kill a synth, but it gave him the slip. These cowboy antics pissed off Sheriff Daisy, and she kicked out Wolfe out. He knows the synth is still somewhere downtown, and wants us to find it, kill it, and bring him its head.

Synth October-11 is in Museum in Downtown Colorado Springs

later in gameWhen you return with Head of October-11

Wolfe was happy to take the synth head from us. He and his crew have joined the Rangers, and are offering to pay bounties for any additional synths we bring him.

Wolfe's Hunt

Wolfe's Hunt Mission dilemma

Any action against Synths (killing first 3 Synths) in Colorado will have a negative impact on your relationship with Machine Commune in Denver. This is not significant, it does not block the path in the main story, and we will be able to avoid the consequences of our actions quite easily when assessing what we will face from the Machine Intelligence Tower (in Machine Commune in Denver).

The only significant problem we will have with completing Wolfe's Hunt Mission. While for killing the 3 remaining Synths (for the mission) we will be only negatively assessed, then killing the fourth (necessary to complete the mission) Tinker in Machine Commune will meet with hostility of robots in Machine Commune, which will make you have to kill them all.

  • Either you don't complete Wolfe's Hunt Mission and keep relatively good relations with Machine Commune
  • Or you'll have to kill everyone in Machine Commune, after you kill Tinker, for which you will get from Gary 'Nacl' Wolfe an interesting award Skill Book: Dick Markowitz's STEALTH SQUAD which gives Perk: +1 Combat Shooting, increasing Critical Chance to 50%.

later in gameAfter Bizarre Interior

Give Long John's Head to Gary for reward. Long John is not on Gary list, but he will pay you.

later in gameAfter Department of Energy Site

Give Dos-Teh-Seh's Head to Gary for reward.

later in gameAfter Tellurium Mine

Give Earl's Head to Gary for reward.


Tom Redd and Isabelle Redd

Later in the game, Tom Reed and Isabelle Redd will visit your Ranger HQ base.

Tom Redd

Isabelle Redd

They stand at a distance from each other and tell a tangled story about someone having explosives on them and when they get close, the charges will explode. They ask for help.

You have to split your party and approach both of them at the same time.

This is obviously a trick and as soon as you approach them they start attacking you. Kill them both, your base team will help you.


Hope Emerson

Del Hackett

Later in game, Hope Emerson and Del Hackett will be arguing over the issue of the conflict between the Rangers and the Refugees.

Be on the side of Del Hacket ... when we make deal, we stick to it ... +10 Rep.


Ananda Rabindranath will join you after finishing The Bizarre.


Slave Hunters

La Perla

Slaver's Bounty Slaver's Bounty Mission

A slaver named La Perla has asked us to find an escaped slave in exchange for acess to pre-war tech locked away in our base. [Reward: Access to vaults in Ranger HQ basement]

Find the escaped slave, Hallie and trick her back into La Perla's hands.

La Perla said she tracked Hallie, an escaped slave, back to this area. She's given us a description: female, early 20s, dirty blonde hair, probably trying to conceal her identity.

Hallie was last seen heading towards Colorado Springs. We should start Downtown.

Access to Vaults in Ranger HQ

Mission Slave Hunters will give you access codes for Vaults in Ranger HQ.

The mission has no real negative consequences, but is morally debatable.

To get to Vaults in Ranger HQ you need two codes.

  • You will receive the first code to the first door for just agreeing to complete the mission. Already then you will have access to some of the inventory.
  • The second code, to open second door, you will get only after completing the mission. And only then you will then have access to the equipment in the second room.

How to finish Slave Hunters Mission.

  • Talk to La Perla
  • If you attack Slavers in this momemnt, you won't receive the any codes and misson will stop.
  • Agree to complete the mission and you will receive the first code.
  • Go open the first door in the Vault
  • Go to Downtown Colorado Springs to Pillory Square and find Hallie, and do one of the following:
    • Warn Hallie about the Slave Hunters
    • Lie to her and direct her to Ranger HQ
  • Go back to Ranger HQ and depending on what you've done before:
    • If you cheated on Hallie - you will get the second code, you can open the second door.
    • If you saved Hallie - you won't get the second code and the contract with the Slave Hunters will end sooner or later in the fight.

There is no way to save Hallie and get both codes at the same time. Do as you see fit, none of the decisions will be meaningful to the plot as a whole.

Go open First Vault Door

Find the escaped slave, Hallie and trick her back into La Perla's hands.

We were able to open the vault with La Perla's code, but there's still another locked door.

Downtown Colorado Springs for Hallie

later in gameAfter you lie to Hallie

Slaver Trapper

Get second code as reward. -10 Rep.

Slaver's Bounty

La Perla left with the slave before we arrived, but one of her men stayed to fulfill her promise and gave us the code.


Vaults in Ranger HQ

Finish Slave Hunters Mission for access codes.

Fist Room

PDA Nerd Stuff +1, Tank Armor Armor +9 Tank Helmet Armor +6, Tank Helmet Armor +6

Second Room

Commandant's Helmet Critical Chance +15%, Armor: +6, Initiative +101%, Power Armor Legs Armor +11, Incinerator 103-151 Damage, Nuclear Knight's Helmet Armor +6, Resistances, Power Armor Helmet Armor +11, Laser Turrets x2,

Proton Axe, Power Gauntlet and some others.


For Disappeared - Radio Broadcast Mission


Disappeared Disappeared Mission

A group of mothers, wives, and siblings of convicts who were sentenced to hard labor at the Patriarch's work camp want us to find out where their loved ones are being held. [Reward: $400, Nitro-Ray]

Find Frank Pappas in Downtown Colorado Springs.

Frank Pappas was the marshal who delivered the women's loved ones to the work camp. He lives somewhere in downtown Colorado Springs. If anyone can give us the location of the work camp, it's him.


After Disappeared Mission

Frank Pappas If you invite him to Sans Luxe Apartments, he will train new recruits here.

He will give you Marshal Training Perk Leadership Range +2m

After Denver, Aspen and Little Hell

After completing the mission in Aspen, you get a radio message that someone is waiting for you in Ranger HQ with information from Angela Deth. He is at Connie Zeng in the War Room.

Connie Zeng Angela Deth Agent.

Immediately after you finish the conversation with Connie, an Scar Collestors attack on Ranger HQ takes place.

Defeat the Scar Collectors attacking Ranger HQ.

Go outside the building and defend yourself, although the Ranger HQ team is doing very well on their own.


What's interesting and accompanying the Scar Collectors attack is the awakening of your Cyborg Chickens.

If you had Cyborg Chickens five in your pen, they would merge into one in the "Poultron".

Poultron is an AI-driven companion that will now be part of your party, without taking the place of other companions.

After the fight, go to Hoon Homestead to meet Angela Deth.

After Yuma Country - Ending

When you return to Ranger HQ from Yuma Country, no matter what version of the story you've chosen, some of the Rangers will be dissatisfied. You need to talk to your teammates and defeat those Rangers who oppose you.

You have the opportunity to re-form your Team before the showdown.

Retake control of Ranger HQ and find a way into Downtown.

  • Connie's intel has identified the key areas of RHQ we need to retake. Ultimately, we need access to the war room to open a back path into Colorado Springs, but it is locked down by security terminals in the garage, armory, and brig.
  • We cancelled the security alert in the garage.
  • We cancelled the security alert in the armory.
  • We cancelled the security alert in the brig
  • We've retaken the war room and opened the RHQ side of the tunnel to Downtown Colorado Springs.

Find the tunnel access point in Downtown.

We can't get our car into Colorado Springs via the streets. The war room terminal said the other end of the vehicle tunnel is located somewhere in Downtown. We'll need to find the terminal that opens it.

Go now on foot to Colorado Springs Downtown to the Museum.