Santa Workshop Map with Walkthrough - Wasteland 3

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Santa Workshop Map Wasteland 3

Map of Santa Workshop in Wasteland 3

Map of Santa Workshop in Wasteland 3

Santa's Workshop Walkthrough Wasteland 3

Santa's Workshop is small location in the northwest of Ranger HQ.

You come here to complete mission Elf on a Shelf Mission, which you received as a radio broadcast passing nearby Santa's Workshop.

Elf on a Shelf Elf on a Shelf Mission

We received a radio call from a distressed 'elf' requesting help from a tyrannical Santa Claus.

Locate the distressed Elf at Santa's Workshop.

Time to investigate Santa's operation and locate the distressed elf who called us. Let's find out if Santa should be on our naughty list.

The main task at Santa Workshop is to decide what fate will meet the Elves, what will happen with the production of Brain Candy and deal with Santa Claus.


Exit to Colorado


In front of the building

Doe Detection Time +0,5 seconds


Santa's Workshop

Enter the building.

Sugarplum Mary - you see the person who made the call on the radio, but when you try to talk to her, Santa interferes.

Santa - will speak to you.

"We're investigating ..." and he you can talk again to Sugarplum Mary, she tell you "Tell him there are fresh cookies ..."

Locate the distressed Elf at Santa's Workshop.

We located Sugarplum Mary, the woman who called us. She suggested we trick Santa into the kitchen so she can talk to us. He loves cookies.

Talk to Santa again "I smell cookies ..." then when he exits talk to Sugarplum Mary

Find evidence that Santa is producing Brain Candy at his Workshop.

Sugarplum Mary told us that Santa's Workshop is a front for a slave-labor drug factory. She suggested we locate his recipe for Brain Candy in the shack out back for leverage.

Don't try to open the locked door in front of Santa or he will attack you.

Exit to [02]



Look at the bodies hanged on poles.




Santa's Shed

use 7 to unlock.

Jungle All The Way Schematics this will come in handy at the end of the location [05], if you want to free the Elves.

Look at the bodies inside.

Confront Santa in his Workshop.

We found a pile of dead elves in a shed. Blast marks covered their bodies.


Santa's House

use 6 to unlock.

8 Chemtek Legs

Apperance: Elf Outfit

9 Recipe for Brain Candy this is the proof you are looking for.

Confront Santa in his Workshop.

With the Brain Candy recipe in hand, it's time to have a heart to heart with Santa.

Return to Santa's Workshop and talk to Santa


Santa's Workshop

Santa - talk to him.

"We found your secret recipe ..."

What to do with Santa in Santa's Workshop in Elf on a Shelf Mission:

  • Banish Santa 6 Santa will go away and never come back without a fight or Kill Santa
    • then you can Free Elves
    • force Elves to work for you
    • force Elves to work for you and increase production 6
  • make deal with Santa, increase production by 200% 6, and direct delivery to Ranger HQ. In this situation, you cannot save the Elves
  • make deal with Santa, 6, and direct delivery to Ranger HQ. In this situation, you cannot save the Elves
  • Other options lead to a fight.

I personally chose the option that will allow me to save the elves, i.e. fight Santa, I offered to arrest him.

It is worth mentioning, however, that according to what the players write, there is a bug in the game (PC Version) and after the fight, when you want to free the Elves, the game freezes. So before you make a decision, save the game in a separate slot.

After fight

Workshop Key key to [05], Apperance: Santa Outfit, Vehicle Part: Santa Hat Ornament

Sugarplum Mary You have the choice again whether to force the Elves to work for you, increase production, or free them. "Get out of here ..." will free Elves.

Confront Santa in his Workshop.

Sugarplum Mary has explained that the elves can't leave the area until the computer that controls their explosive bells is deactivated.

But first computer that controls their explosive bells should be deactivated.


To open Doors use Workshop Key from Santa Body

Power Armor Legs Power Armor Helmet

Red Ryder Ranger Model Air Rifle


Computer Room

use 8 to unlock.

Computer Use "Jungle All The Way Schematics" you found in [B] and Elves are free

Return to Sugarplum Mary and tel her about it.

Elf on a Shelf

And that's all.