Character Perks in Wasteland 3

Full list of Character Perks in Wasteland 3 with bonuses related abilities. Wasteland 3 Maps & Walkthrough

Character Perks are closely related to Character Skills, raising specific Skills unlocks the ability to select Perks for a character. Check out the full list of Character Skills in Wasteland 3.

Character Perks provide passive bonuses and abilities.

Starting at level 4, characters gain every level 1 Perk Point.

Non-Skill Perks are not tied to any Skill and can be unlocked anytime you have free Perk Points.

Unlockable Non-Skill Perks also do not require Skill, but require unlocking them during the game.

Special Perks

Special Perks are unlocked during the game by meeting the right people and completing their tasks.

Cyborg Tech

Allows for using cybernetic upgrades

In Machine Commune Merchant or in Yuma County Speedway during One of Us Mission.

Investigative Eye

+1 Perception

Recruit V.I.C.I. in Machine Commune for Ranger HQ

Marshal Training

+2m Leadership Radius

Recruit Frank Pappas in Sans Luxe Apartments

Ranger Survivor

+5% Healing Received

Save La Loca and Rook at Little Hell

Vehicular Combat

+5% Damage to Vehicles

Recruit Randy Gett during Thicker Than Water in Gett Family Homestead


+1 Perception

Deliver the Owl of Minerva token to The Provost and visit the Mysterious Cave

Eye of Tarjan

+1% Cold resistance, +2 Penetration

For Tarjan tokens in Bizarre Interior

Fortune Cookie

+15 CON

For Tarjan tokens in Bizarre Interior


+10% Evasion

For Tarjan tokens in Bizarre Interior

Non-Skill Perks

Deep Pockets

Quick Slots +1

If anyone asks where you stow all your stuff, maybe it's better if you don't tell them.


Armor +2

You eat bullets for breakfast.


Con +35

Take care of your body and your body will take care of you.

Quick Reflexes

Evasion +5%

Sometimes you feel like you can almost see things before they happen.


Crit Resistance +10%

After a few bumps and bruises, you stop feelin' the pain so much.

Unlockable Non-Skill Perks

To learn these Perks, you must first unlock them in a specific location.

Cyborg Tech

Allows you to equip Cyborg Tech utility items

Unlock at Vivisecto RN in the Machine Commune

Investigative Eye

+1 Perception

Unlock at Assistant VICI in the Machine Commune

Marshal Training

+2m. Leadership range

Unlock at Frank Pappas in Ranger HQ later in game.

Ranger Survivor

+5% healing bonus

Unlock at Rook later in game

Vehicular Combat

+5% bonus damage to vehicles

Unlock at Randy Gett in Gett Family Homestead

Automatic Weapons Perks

Puncturing Shot

Required 2 Automatic Weapons

Ability: Puncturing Shot (5 AP) Fires an Assault Rifle attack that punctures through multiple enemies, hitting anyone in its path. Deals +100% damage vs. Stunned targets. Damage: 100% of weapon damage On Success: Applies Damaged Armor

Sometimes they're nice enough to line up for you. Find a soft spot on the one in front.

Gopher Hunter

Required 3 Automatic Weapons

Enemies have 25% less benefit from Cover when attacking them

Little gophers like to stay in their holes, but that just makes it easier for you to take 'em down.

Spray 'n' Pray

Required 4 Automatic Weapons

Ability: Spray 'N' Pray (5 AP) Tears up an enemy with twice as many SMG bullets as your normal attack, but has -25% Hit Chance. Damage: 100% of weapon damage

Some say they prefer quality over quantity. But those people usually reconsider their tactics when they're trying to outrun a downpour of lead.


Required 6 Automatic Weapons

Gain +15% damage with Submachine Guns while not in cover

Cover. What's it good for? Bring 'em on!

Double Tap

Required 7 Automatic Weapons

If you attack a target twice in a row with an Assault Rifle, the second is always a Critical Hit

The first hit just opens them up for the real kill shot.


Required 8 Automatic Weapons

If you move more than 5 spaces, your next Submachine Gun attack costs no AP (once per turn)

Combat is all about momentum. Keep pushing forward and you'll punch right through.

Trigger Happy

Required 10 Automatic Weapons

Killing an enemy with an Automatic Weapon gives +3 AP (once per turn)

Once they pop, you just can't stop.

Melee Combat Perks

Bleeding Strike

Requires 2 Melee Combat

Ability: Bleeding Strike (4 AP) An aggressive Bladed attack that deals an extra +100% damage and inflicts Bleeding, but has - 20% Hit Chance. Targets that are Burning receive +200% damage. Damage: 200% of weapon damage

You know which blood vessels run close to the skin. Open your enemy up - now time is on your side.

Stunning Blow

Requires 4 Melee Combat

Ability: Stunning Blow (5 AP) A focused Blunt attack that Stuns the target enemy, but has -15% Hit Chance. Frozen enemies take an extra +100% damage. Damage: 100% of weapon damage On Success: Applies Stunned

If you knock the wind out of a guy, it doesn't matter what kind of fancy gun he's packin'.

Striking Distance

Requires 5 Melee Combat

+0.5 Combat Speed when you have two melee weapons equipped

Not having a gun just means you don't have anything extra weighing you down.


Requires 6 Melee Combat

Attacks with Blunt Weapons critically hit Stunned and Blind enemies

It's like tee ball, but with more skull fragments.

Hack 'n' Slash

Requires 7 Melee Combat

Attacking the same target twice in a row with a Bladed Weapon executes a free bonus attack

You couldn't stop yourself if you wanted to.


Requires 8 Melee Combat

If you move more than 3 spaces, your next Bladed Weapon attack has +25% Critical Chance (+100% vs. Slowed targets)

With a blade, you're going to have to move fast and exploit every possible opening.

Shrug It Off

Requires 10 Melee Combat

While using a Blunt Weapon, gain +2 Armor for every enemy adjacent to you

The bigger the crowd, the harder it will be for them to hit you.

Big Guns Perks

Move Up!

Requires 2 Big Guns

Gain +0.5 Combat Speed on the first turn of combat while using Big Guns

Establish the best opening position, and you'll come out alive.

Suppressing Fire

Requires 3 Big Guns

Ability: Suppressing Fire (5 AP) A Heavy MG attack that consumes twice as many bullets. Enemies in the area take minor damage and are Suppressed, losing -0.8 Combat Speed and -20% Hit Chance for 2 turns. Deals +300% damage vs. Demoralized targets. Damage: 100% of weapon damage

Keep their heads down, and give your buddies a chance to move in.


Requires 4 Big Guns

Flamethrower attacks Engulf targets, reducing their Hit Chance by -15%

Remember that kid who always tried to fry bugs with a magnifying glass? Yeah, that was you.

Pressure Cooker

Requires 7 Big Guns

Ability: CO Pressure Cooker (5 AP) Superheat an enemy's vehicle with your Flamethrower. Deals 40% of the vehicle's CON in Fire Damage over the next 2 turns, and prevents the vehicle from taking any actions. Damage: 100% of weapon damage On Success: Applies Pressure Cooker

They wanted to hide inside their vehicle. It's only fair you give 'em a hot box.

Steady Shot

Requires 8 Big Guns

Gain +20% Evasion and +10% Hit Chance in Low Cover when using a Heavy Machine Gun

If you hunker down, even a heavy MG can be tamed.

Wide Spread

Requires 10 Big Guns

Increase the firing arc of Heavy Machine Guns and Flamethrowers by +35%

More gain, more pain.

Brawling Perks

Shaolin Surprise

Requires 2 Brawling

Ability: Shaolin Surprise (2 AP) A crippling Brawling attack that penetrates through the target's defenses. For every 1 combo meter built up, provides +2 Armor Penetration and +10 Damage. After use, it resets your Combo Meter. Deals +100% damage to Demoralized targets. Damage: 100% of weapon damage

Surprise! I can flatten your organs!

Extreme Combo

Requires 5 Brawling

Brawling combo maximum increased to 10x

Don't stop just because you heard a few bones snapping.

Deadly Combo

Requires 7 Brawling

Brawling combo Critical Chance increased by 2x

Get in the flow, keep going, and don't give them a chance to hit back.

Flurry Of Blows

Requires 10 Brawling

Brawling attacks cost -1 AP

Your fists are like a hurricane, but more deadly.

Small Arms Perks

Shredder Shot

Requires 2 Small Arms

Ability: Shredder Shot (4 AP) Fires a Shotgun shell that inflicts Bleeding on anyone hit. Deals +100% damage against targets with Armor Damage. Damage: 100% of weapon damage On Success: Applies Bleeding

If you see an unprotected spot, put a hole in it. Make 'em pick between fighting and stopping all the blood.


Requires 3 Small Arms

Your Strike Meter charges a bonus 5% with each successful handgun attack

Strike Rate +5%

You're always looking for an opening, and handguns are pretty good at making them.

Trick Shot

Requires 5 Small Arms

Ability: Trick Shot (4 AP) Fire a Handgun attack that has -50% Hit Chance. If this attack hits, you gain an instant +3 AP and your Strike Meter is instantly filled. Deals +100% damage vs. Marked targets. Damage: 100% of weapon damage On Success: Applies Damaged Weapon

A lot of these guys wouldn't know what to do if you took away their weapon.

Clear Cover

Requires 6 Small Arms

Shotguns do +100% Damage vs. Cover

Doesn't it just piss you off when they drag out a combat by hiding behind cover?


Requires 7 Small Arms

Your first attack after reloading an empty weapon costs no AP

In a firefight, every second matters. Hit 'em before they know what happened.


Requires 8 Small Arms

Shotgun attacks gain +25% Damage for each enemy hit by the same shot.

Pack them all together, then unleash the thunder.


Requires 10 Small Arms

Attacking a melee enemy on the turn after they hit you deals +50% damage

Don't bring a knife to a gunfight.

Sniper Rifles Perks

Mark Target

Requires 2 Sniper Rifles

Ability: Mark Target (2 AP) Reduces an enemy's Evasion by -15%. Marked targets also take +50% damage from Precision Strikes. On Success: Applies Marked

In addition to the tactical value, marking an enemy for your squad to focus fire on is good, mean fun.

Masterful Precision

Requires 5 Sniper Rifles

Precision Strikes with Sniper Rifles have significantly higher chances of inflicting critical effects

You are a surgeon, and your sniper rifle is your instrument.


Requires 7 Sniper Rifles

Gain +10% Hit Chance when using a Sniper Rifle if you don't move for 1 turn

Stop. Become about just one action. Wait for your moment, and make it count.

Chain Ambush

Requires 10 Sniper Rifles

Ambush attacks with Sniper Rifles that kill your target don't end the Ambush

You watch the battlefield like a hawk. Nothing gets by you without a hole in its head.

Animal Whisperer Perks

Animal Training

Required 3 Animal Whisperer

Animal Companions gain bonus CON and damage

Right or wrong, you have an uncommon talent for teaching animals to murder.

Spirit Animal

Requires 5 Animal Whisperer

Animal Companions provide you with better passive bonuses

A beast ally brings something primal and pure in you.

Vengeful Bond

Requires 7 Animal Whisperer

If your Animal Companion drops to 25% CON, gain +50% Critical Chance and +2 AP

It's not wise to threaten a mama bear's cubs.

Barter Perks

Penny Pincher

Required 3 Barter

Buying multiple items instead of just one provides a 20% discount

It's all on sale! You buy in bulk to get the best deals on the essentials.

Antiques Appraiser

Requires 7 Barter

Junk items have a 5% chance of being sold for 50x their value

Naturally, an item is worth a lot more in its original packaging...

Nerd Stuff Perks

Targeting Override

Required 3 Nerd Stuff

Robots you hack will now be attacked by other enemies

Override side effect: all bleeps are permanently replaced with bloops.

Electric Leakage

Requires 5 Nerd Stuff

Hacked robots emit an electric burst every turn, dealing Energy Damage to enemies nearby

This may void the warranty on your robot's power supply.

An Overclock

Requires 7 Nerd Stuff

Hacked robots gain +2 AP

Crank that x86 clock up to 66 MHz and then LOOK OUT!

Explosives Perks

A Duck and Cover

Required 2 Explosives

Fire Resistance +20%

Explosive Resistance +20%

There's a famous two-step defense against – oncoming fireballs, and no one actually does it.

Bomb Recovery

Required 3 Explosives

Disarming land mines has a 33% chance to drop a grenade

If you know what you're doing, enemy ordinance is just another tool.


Requires 4 Explosives

You no longer set off land mines when stepping on them

Petite feet. They can laugh all they want, you've still got all your toes.

Mortar Blast

Requires 5 Explosives

Ability: Mortar Blast (7 AP) Target an area with your Rocket Launcher and fire into the air. The rocket falls down, bombarding the area below for +100% damage 1 turn later.

Sonofabitch likes to dodge around the battlefield, huh? Dodge this.

High Impact

Requires 7 Explosives

Targets directly hit by rockets or grenades are automatic Critical Hits

It's fun to have a weapon that can make the enemy disappear entirely.

Blast Radius

Requires 10 Explosives

Radius of grenades and other area-of-effect abilities increased +40%

Maximizing blast radii is all about math and optimizing detonations. But to regular people it's just 'filling the room with more kaboom'.

First Aid Perks

Emergency Response

Required 1 First Aid

When an ally is Downed in battle, gain +1.0 Combat Speed for 2 turns

You'd do anything for the team. If one of them goes down, you leap into action.


Requires 5 First Aid

Using healing items also boosts the target's max CON by +25% for 3 turns

Patch 'em up and give 'em a little something for the road.

Physical Therapy

Requires 7 First Aid

Reviving allies has a chance of buffing them (+6% per First Aid level)

You have to do more than get them back up - you've got to give them a fighting chance.

Hypocritic Oath

Requires 10 First Aid

Gain +50% damage for 2 turns after reviving a downed ally

First, do no harm. Then go forth and kick ass.

Leadership Perks


Required 3 Leadership

Ability: Rally (4 AP) Provide a +2 AP bonus to allies in a radius around you. On Success: Applies Rallied

It's like a pep talk, but you grimace and clench your fist.


Requires 5 Leadership

Ability: Demoralize (2 AP) Insult your enemies, distracting them and reducing their Hit Chance by -20% and Critical Chance by -25%. On Success: Applies Demoralized

Even the toughest tough guys can be sensitive about their appearance.

Mechanics Perks

Structural Weakness

Required 3 Mechanics

Bonus Damage To Robots +20%

Bonus Damage To Vehicles +20%

If you can put 'em together, you can take 'em apart.


Requires 4 Mechanics

Deployables gain +25% CON and deal +25% damage

You know how to get the most out of your tools.

Reinforced Plating

Requires 5 Mechanics

Repairing vehicles and robots also boosts the target's max CON by +25% for 3 turns

Adapting hardware for combat is a true wasteland tradition.


Requires 7 Mechanics

Repairing friendly vehicles, robots, and deployables grants +5 Armor for 3 turns

You don't just build 'em to work, you build 'em to take a beating.

Survival Perks

Big Game Hunter

Required 6 Survival

Bonus Damage To Animals +20%

Bonus Damage To Mutants +20%

Tip: this also works on small, defenseless animals.

Explorer's Instinct

Required 10 Survival

Instantly reveals the entire World Map and all discoverable locations

Once you've spent enough time in the wild, you start to get a sense of where dumb city folk stash their valuables.

Toaster Repair Perks

Toaster Expert

Required 3 Toaster Repair

Fixing Broken Toasters now yields bonus loot

Putting a toaster back together is like putting a piece of the pre-war world back together.

Breakfast Bandit

Requires 5 Toaster Repair

Fixing Broken Toasters now yields Toast

You never let a morning meal go to waste.

Heating Element

Requires 7 Toaster Repair

Fire Damage Bonus +25%

Toasters have taught you a lot about thermodynamics.


Requires 10 Toaster Repair

Killing an enemy causes your next attack to inflict Burning

No amount of butter-knife scraping is going to help your enemies once you're through.

Weapon Modding Perks

Scrounger's Touch

Requires 2 Weapon Modding

Field Stripping now has a chance of providing Weapon Mods

You never know what you're going to find when you take a weapon apart.

Powder Packer

Requires 5 Weapon Modding

Your entire party finds +25% bonus ammo when looting, at a minimum of +1.

Weapon experts just know what to look for when they find a gun.

Expert Disassembler

Requires 7 Weapon Modding

Field Stripping weapons yields +30% more Scrap

Strip it down to the screws, and then keep those, because even screws are valuable.

Weird Science Perks


Required 3 Weird Science

Ability: Overcharge (1 AP) Charge your weapon, empowering it to deal bonus Energy, Cold, or Fire damage on its next attack. Your weapon has a 5% chance of blowing up in your face.

Anyone can try to send more juice through their energy weapon. But if they don't know what they're doing, they'll probably just end up with plasma burns.

Microwave Research

Requires 6 Weird Science

Energy damage is increased by +0.5 bonus damage for every point of Armor the target has

After sticking a lot of silverware in a lot of microwaves, you've figured out how to weaponize the excitement of matter - and you've ruined all your silverware.

Conductive Beams

Requires 9 Weird Science

Energy attacks have a 10% chance to electrocute enemies, dealing Energy damage to them and anyone standing nearby for 2 turns

It feels good to melt people with sotid scientific principles.

Sneaky Shit Perks

Second Chance

Requires 4 Sneaky Shit

Detection Time +1 Seconds

Think you've been spotted? Freeze, hold your breath, and wait a beat.

Close Call

Requires 7 Sneaky Shit

Alarms and traps have a 50% chance to malfunction when you set them off

If the tripwire doesn't go off, it doesn't matter if you were very good or very lucky.

Lights Out

Requires 10 Sneaky Shit

Sneak Attack Damage +200%

If you can get in close before they see you, it's over.

Armor Modding Perks

Tender Loving Care

Requires 10 Armor Modding

All squad members gain +5 Armor while this character is present

It's amazing what armor can do when you fix the bullet holes once in a while.