Union Station Map with Walkthrough - Wasteland 3

Detailed, revealed and described Map with Walkthrough for Union Station Location in Wasteland 3 Video Game with Missons Starters and Quest Steps, NPCs, Skill Use, Skill Books, Cassette Tapes, Creepy Dolls, Animal Companion, Weapons, Armours, items, Secrets and Companions, Wasteland 3 Maps & Walkthrough.

Union Station Map Wasteland 3

Map of Union Station in Wasteland 3

Map of Union Station in Wasteland 3

Union Station Walkthrough Wasteland 3

Union Station is located to the southeast of Denver.

You come here to complete mission Call to Action, which you received as a radio broadcast passing nearby Union Station.

Call to Action Call to Action Mission

We received a call for help from someone calling themselves Morningstar.

Locate the entrance To Union Station.

Someone with the codename "Morningstar" has reached out to us for help. They claim to be trapped under the ruins of Union Station in Denver.

The voice on the radio invoked God, and someone named "the Elder Statesman."

In Union Station location, you should: Recruit Fishlips, find Morningstar and Transfer Morningstar AI to Kodiak

Many players have reported the issue of an bug when entering Union Station, so save before entering.

This is probably because the scene of the meeting with Fishlips takes place automatically and something breaks sometimes.

During the first conversation with Fishlips, you will have several dialogue options, most of which lead to combat.

Apart from the issue of bug, if you end the first conversation with a fight, you will start from the wrong strategic position, so try to end the first conversation peacefully.


Union Station Entryway

Fishlips he greets you as you enter Union Station.

Fishlips can become your companion, for that to happen, and so that the entrance to the location does not end in slaughter, you need to conduct the dialogue in the following order:

"We're the Desert Rangers ...", "We tracked a radio signal ..."

Then 7 "Killing us isn't gonna help you ...", "Dead serious ..."

The dialogue is interrupted without a fight.

We will now try to add Fishlips to our team. There is only one way to do this, by defeating him in combat.

Now place your characters in the immediate vicinity of Fishlips and resume the conversation with him, use the dialogue option "[Attack] We changed our minds ..."

A fight will start, attack only Fishlips, when you lower Fishlips health to 30%, he will surrender and then you can invite him as a Companion to your party. It is worth doing because he is a strong fighter.

Solving the situation in this way will prevent the necessity to fight all the opponents around you. After defeating Fishlips, you become the new leader of the gang and most potential opponents become neutral to you.

The Hard-Head Achievement Fish-Lips has offered to join your party.


Near doors

As you approach the door, Morningstar will call on the radio again and show you on the map the location of the console that you should use to get him out of prison.

The console is in Radio Becon [D].

Locate the console which unlocks Morningstar's prison under Union Station.

Morningstar has directed us to find a terminal somewhere inside Union Station to unlock his prison.

The prison entrance is somewhere inside the old Union Station bar, but we need to find the terminal which unlocks it.



After you have defeated Fishlips and he is in your party, most of the opponents are neutral to you, but there is a group in the lobby that are hostile.

If you don't want to fight them, go left immediately after entering the Lobby. Watch out for traps.

But nothing stands in the way of killing the Fishlips opposition and collecting their loot.

So disarm the traps and kill everyone in the Lobby (except the Goat :)

Goat Critical Damage +1.5x

Mechanics Doctor Denver

After fight

Aviators Hard Ass +1


Train Platform

You'll meet more Mechanics but you're safe with Fishlips.





Radio Becon

Watch out for the mines, don't open the door, but go through the hole at the back of the building.

Use the console to unlock the prison under Union Station.

We've found the terminal Morningstar directed us to. Now to use it to unlock the prison.

Use Computer, the only thing you have to do is choose "Select COMMAND_UnlockDatabase", Nerd Stuff only leads to a conversation with Morningstar.

Find Morningstar beneath Union Station.

Morningstar claims to be trapped under Union Station. We should now be able to get inside the prison and find him.

You Wont't Belive Your Eyes!!

use 7 to unlock Click 19

Now head to Bar [E]



At the bar you meet Scotchmo (if you don't have him on the team) but he doesn't matter at the moment, he just came to drink.

The bar has a secret passage hidden behind a bookcase. The switch on the right side opens it, but it doesn't work because there is no electricity.

Go to Utility Room [F]


Utility Room

Do not try to repair the generator located in the center of the room. You need to turn on the switches on the walls in order 1, 2, 3, 4.

Then go back to Bar [E] and use the switch on the wall to open the secret passage.



Use Computer "We're ready"



Regan Vehicle Development, You'll Just Die Tired Permanently Sniper Rifles +1 for one character

Toster 6 Tarjan Token

Vehicle Upgrade: Night Rider Horn


Hidden Bunker

Morningstar and you finally got to Morningstar, however it is not what you expected.

What to do with Morningstar (Morningstar Choices):

  • Transfer Morningstar AI to Kodiak - this is the best solution.
  • Kill Morningstar as he desired, then you will retrieve a new weapon for your vehicle.
  • Try to fix Morningstar and ... discover one of the game's secret endings.

You can save the game before talking to Morningstar and try each of them, to complete the Bunker Buster Achievement for finding secret game ending.

Transfer Morningstar AI to Kodiak

  • "..."
  • "Are you certain you want to die?"
  • "All right, let’s talk about what you want us to do for you."
  • "Actually, we’d like to put you to work. Pull your brain out of this vehicle and put you in ours."
  • 7 "If you want to serve ...."
  • "Excellent! Then let’s get you ready for transfer to our vehicle. How do we do that?"
  • "Lift Morningstar’s hood and follow his instructions for removing him from the vehicle."
  • 7 "Find and disable Morningstar’s pain feedback module."
  • "Finish removing Morningstar from the vehicle."

You will got Vehicle Part: Morningstar Ai Module

Morningstar Achievement You answered Morningstar's call and gave him a new home.

Kill Morningstar and got vehicle weapon

  • "Huh. A talking car ..."
  • "You want to die? We can help ..."
  • "Lift Morningstar's hood and attempt to dismantle his cognitive engine"
  • 7 "Find and disable Morningstar’s pain feedback module."
  • "Finish destroying Morningstar’s cognitive engine."

You will got The Great Communicator Vehicle Weapon

Bunker Buster game ending - fixing Morningstar

This is how you can lead to one of the many endings of the game, not necessarily the happiest.

  • "We'd like to help you ..."
  • "..."
  • "Are you certain you want to die?"
  • "All right, let's talk about what you want us to do for you"
  • "Got it. How do we kill you?"
  • "Lift Morningstar's hood and start smashing things"
  • "We can't kill you like this. We we'll fix it"
  • "It's fine. We got this"

You got Bunker Buster Achievement.

Call to Action

We convinced Morningstar to join the Rangers.


Exit to Colorado