Call to Action - Morningstar Mission Walkthrough Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 Walkthrough for Call to Action - Morningstar Secondary Mission, starting in Radio Broadcast, at Level 12, choices and consequences, starter location map, where to go, all steps, how to finish mission.

Call to Action - Morningstar Mission Description

Call to Action - Morningstar is Radio Broadcast Mission, when traveling in Colorado, you will receive the information you need via Radio.

This is Secondary Mission with recommended Level 12.

The story of this mission takes place in: Union Station Map.

Mission Steps:

We received a call for help from someone calling themselves Morningstar.

Locate the entrance To Union Station.

Someone with the codename "Morningstar" has reached out to us for help. They claim to be trapped under the ruins of Union Station in Denver.

The voice on the radio invoked God, and someone named "the Elder Statesman."

Locate the console which unlocks Morningstar's prison under Union Station.

Morningstar has directed us to find a terminal somewhere inside Union Station to unlock his prison.

The prison entrance is somewhere inside the old Union Station bar, but we need to find the terminal which unlocks it.

Use the console to unlock the prison under Union Station.

We've found the terminal Morningstar directed us to. Now to use it to unlock the prison.

Find Morningstar beneath Union Station.

Morningstar claims to be trapped under Union Station. We should now be able to get inside the prison and find him.

We convinced Morningstar to join the Rangers.

Call to Action - Morningstar Walkthrough

  • Enter Union Station
  • Talk to Fishlips use 7 and end conversation.
  • Talk to Fishlips again, ""[Attack] We changed our minds ..."", lower his health to 30%, he will surjender, join him as Companion.
  • Move to Lobby kill all there
  • Go to Radio Becon go inside through the hole at the back of the building.
  • Use Computer "Select COMMAND_UnlockDatabase"
  • Go to Utility Room
  • Turn on the switches on the walls in order 1, 2, 3, 4 (look at my map)
  • Go to Bar and use switch on the wall to open secret doors.
  • Use Computer in corridor "We're ready"
  • Enter Hidden Bunker and talk to Morningstar (options are below)

Choices and Consequences

What to do with Morningstar (Morningstar Choices):

  • Transfer Morningstar AI to Kodiak - this is the best solution.
  • Kill Morningstar as he desired, then you will retrieve a new weapon for your vehicle.
  • Try to fix Morningstar and ... discover one of the game's secret endings.

You can save the game before talking to Morningstar and try each of them, to complete the Bunker Buster Achievement for finding secret game ending.

Transfer Morningstar AI to Kodiak

  • "..."
  • "Are you certain you want to die?"
  • "All right, let’s talk about what you want us to do for you."
  • "Actually, we’d like to put you to work. Pull your brain out of this vehicle and put you in ours."
  • 7 "If you want to serve ...."
  • "Excellent! Then let’s get you ready for transfer to our vehicle. How do we do that?"
  • "Lift Morningstar’s hood and follow his instructions for removing him from the vehicle."
  • 7 "Find and disable Morningstar’s pain feedback module."
  • "Finish removing Morningstar from the vehicle."

You will got Vehicle Part: Morningstar Ai Module

Morningstar Achievement You answered Morningstar's call and gave him a new home.

Kill Morningstar and got vehicle weapon

  • "Huh. A talking car ..."
  • "You want to die? We can help ..."
  • "Lift Morningstar's hood and attempt to dismantle his cognitive engine"
  • 7 "Find and disable Morningstar’s pain feedback module."
  • "Finish destroying Morningstar’s cognitive engine."

You will got The Great Communicator Vehicle Weapon

Bunker Buster game ending - fixing Morningstar

This is how you can lead to one of the many endings of the game, not necessarily the happiest.

  • "We'd like to help you ..."
  • "..."
  • "Are you certain you want to die?"
  • "All right, let's talk about what you want us to do for you"
  • "Got it. How do we kill you?"
  • "Lift Morningstar's hood and start smashing things"
  • "We can't kill you like this. We we'll fix it"
  • "It's fine. We got this"

You got Bunker Buster Achievement.

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