Closed Little Vegas Map with Walkthrough - Wasteland 3

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Closed Little Vegas Map Wasteland 3

Map of Closed Little Vegas in Wasteland 3

Map of Closed Little Vegas in Wasteland 3

Closed Little Vegas Walkthrough Wasteland 3

Closed Little Vegas is location in Downtown Colorado Springs, after you finish Big trouble in Little Vegas Mission by arresting Faran Brygo.

The Closed Little Vegas location appears in place of the previous Little Vegas.

You come here to complete mission Buzzkill, which you received as a radio broadcast from Rosie Wong after you finish Denver.

Buzzkill Buzzkill Mission

Rosie Wong's got another noise complaint. She says there's a terrible cacophony coming from the boarded-up nightclub. The noise is driving her cats crazy. [Reward: $150]

Clear the Partying Teenagers out of The Abandoned Little Vegas Nightclub.

Rosie thinks a bunch of teenagers have broken into the shut down Little Vegas to throw a party. She wants us to get them to vamoose.

The main task in Closed Little Vegas is to get rid of the partying teenagers, best done peacefully by inviting them to Ranger HQ.


Exit to Downtown Colorado Springs

When you enter the main hall, Troy and Brandi make fun of you.

"Great party ... Mind if we join in?"

And direct you to the second floor to go hang out with nerds upstairs.

Go to Private Party.


Private Party

A group playing "Robots and Rangers", you can play with them but it is not necessary.

Jorge talk to him.

"Why don't you bring your game to our HQ? Nobody will mess with you there." +1 Rep.

And so you got rid of the first batch of teenagers by sending them to Ranger HQ

Now go back to the main room and we'll earn the respect of the other teenagers.


Main Hall

Smoking Teen give him a cigarette "Sure kid, here you go"

Drinking Teen


"Grab the tap spigot ..."

Discobot 3 "... plays the worst music ever."

Clear the Partying Teenagers out of The Abandoned Little Vegas Nightclub.

The teens in the main room seem impressed by our party-hardiness. We might be able to convince Troy to lead them somewhere else.

Enough. Now it's time to talk to Troy


"Thanks. Hey, you know we've got plenty of room out at our HQ ..."

Return to Rosie Wong in Downtown.

The teens have cleared out of the Little Vegas. Let's inform Rosie.


Back Room

use 5 to unlock.

Nothing of interest inside except Stray Dogs.

Now go to Rosie Wong in Sans Luxe Apartments to finish mission.