Character Skills in Wasteland 3

There are 22 different Skills in Wasteland 3, grouped into 4 main categories: Combat Skills, General Skills, Exploration Skills and Social Skills Wasteland 3 Maps & Walkthrough

Character Skills in general

Character Skills are the essence of fun in Wasteland 3. You develop Character Skills with your character using Skill Points along with gaining new experience levels, +3 SP per level.

An additional way to earn Skill Points is by reading Skill Books, which can be found while exploring the land.

Each Skill has 10 ranks, the cost of upgrading a Skill to the next rank increases as it rises and goes from 1 Skill Point per rank to 6 Skill Points per 10th rank.

Character Skills in Wasteland 3 are closely related to unlocking more Character Perks and Abilities.

Subsequent ranks in Skill, apart from increasing the strength of a given Skill, unlock the possibility of learning specific for a given Skill - Character Perk or Ability.

Here you will find a full list of Character Perks in Wasteland 3 assigned to specific Skills.

Suggested Character Skills

Skills suggested for all characters

All characters that you play actively and who take part in battles should have at least one or two Skills from the Combat Skills group, i.e. Automatic Weapons, Big Guns, Brawling, Melee Combat, Small Arms or Sniper Rifles.

When choosing Combat Skills, remember that there are several types of ammunition and each of them is more or less limited and the more sophisticated the type of weapon, the harder it will be to get ammunition.

So try to split different types of weapons among the different members of your Team, and maybe teach them to fight with weapons that do not require ammunition.

Another Skill that every active character should have at least for 1st rank is First Aid, you will need it to heal and use healing items.

Skills for specialists you play with

You need at least one (and one is enough) active character that you play with one (or more) of the skills below well developed.

Explosives - to disarm mines and traps

First Aid - for more serious treatment

Sneaky Shit - for disarm alarms and spot hidden objects

Lockpicking - to open containers, doors, and other locked objects

Nerd Stuff - to use and hack computers

Mechanics - repair vehicles, generators and other machines

Skills for your Team Leader

Leadership - to inspire your nearby allies and grants you abilities

Kiss Ass - allows you to sweet-talk information

Hard Ass - allows you to intimidate others

Skills you don't need at all times

If you have Skill Points to teach your active characters these skills then do so, but you might as well create separate characters that you don't play all the time, who will be waiting with the necessary skills in Ranger HQ for the moment you want to use them.

These skills are: Barter, Weapon Modding, Toaster Repair, Survival and Armor Modding.

You Companion Skills

Another method of having the necessary skills is to use Companions, some of them have well developed skills that you may need.

Combat Skills

Combat Skills in Wasteland 3 are Automatic Weapons, Big Guns, Brawling, Melee Combat, Small Arms or Sniper Rifles.

Automatic Weapons - Wasteland 3

Automatic Weapons

Makes you more effective with submachine guns and assault rifles.

Recommended Attributes: Coordination, Awareness, Speed

Up to:

  • Assault Rifle Hit Chance: +30%
  • Submachine Gun Hit Chance: +30%
Big Guns - Wasteland 3

Big Guns

Makes you more effective with heavy machine guns, flamethrowers, and other oversized weapons.

Recommended Attributes: Awareness, Coordination, Strength

Up to:

  • Heavy Machine Gun Hit Chance: +30%
  • Flamethrower Hit Chance: +30%
Brawling - Wasteland 3


Makes you more effective with fist-based weapons. Brawlers start out weak but have great potential at high levels.

Recommended Attributes: Coordination, Intelligence, Charisma

Up to:

  • Combat Speed: +0,5
  • Brawling Weapon Hit Chance: +30%
Melee Combat - Wasteland 3

Melee Combat

Makes you more effective with bladed and blunt weapons.

Recommended Attributes: Strength, Coordination, Speed

Up to:

  • Blunt Weapon Hit Chance: +30%
  • Bladed Weapon Hit Chance: +30%
Small Arms - Wasteland 3

Small Arms

Makes you more effective with handguns and shotguns.

Recommended Attributes: Coordination, Luck, Awareness

Up to:

  • Semi Auto Pistol Hit Chance: +30%
  • Revolver Hit Chance: +30%
  • Pump Shotgun Hit Chance: +30%
  • Auto Shotgun Hit Chance: +30%
Sniper Rifles - Wasteland 3

Sniper Rifles

Makes you more effective with sniper rifles.

Recommended Attributes: Intelligence, Awareness, Luck

Up to:

  • Sniper Rifle Hit Chance: +30%

General Skills

General Skills in Wasteland 3 are: Animal Whisperer, Explosives, First Aid, Sneaky Shit and Weird Science

Animal Whisperer - Wasteland 3

Animal Whisperer

Allows you to tame friendly animals to follow you, and temporarily tame hostile animals in combat (level 3 and above).

Up to:

  • Tame Animals (Difficulty 10 or Less)
  • Animal Companion Damage: +50%
Explosives - Wasteland 3


Allows you to deal more damage with explosives, defuse bombs, and avoid losing your digits when they go off.

Up to:

  • Explosive Resistance: +30%
  • Explosive Damage Bonus: +50%
  • Disarm Land Mines and Traps (Difficulty 10 or Less)
First Aid - Wasteland 3

First Aid

Makes you more effective when using healing items and reviving squad members.

Up to:

  • Healing Item Effectiveness: +30%
  • Healing When Reviving Allies: +100%
  • Use Healing Items Requiring 10 First Aid
Sneaky Shit - Wasteland 3

Sneaky Shit

Makes it easier to disarm alarms, evade detection, spot hidden objects, and damage unaware enemies.

Up to:

  • Perception: +10
  • Initiative: +40%
  • Detection Time: +3
  • Seconds Sneak Attack Damage: +100%
  • Disarm Alarms (Difficulty 10 or Less)
Weird Science - Wasteland 3

Weird Science

Increases the damage you deal with unconventional types of weapons, and serves as a requirement for exotic, hightech equipment.

Up to:

  • Energy Damage Bonus: +30%
  • Fire Damage Bonus: +30%
  • Cold Damage Bonus: +30%
  • Use Items Requiring 10 Weird Science

Exploration Skills

Exploration Skills in Wasteland 3 are: Armor Modding, Lockpicking, Nerd Stuff, Mechanics, Survival, Toaster Repair and Weapon Modding

Armor Modding - Wasteland 3

Armor Modding

Allows you to modify armor, granting it increased protection and additional benefits.

Up to:

  • Install Armor Mods (Difficulty 10 or Less)
Lockpicking - Wasteland 3


Allows you to open containers, doors, and other locked objects.

Up to:

  • Pick Locks (Difficulty 10 or Less)
  • Crack Safes (Difficulty 10 or Less)
Nerd Stuff - Wasteland 3

Nerd Stuff

Allows you to use and hack computers, and turn hostile robots to your side.

Up to:

  • Hack Computers (Difficulty 10 or Less)
  • Hack Robots (Difficulty 10 or Less)
Mechanics - Wasteland 3


You can repair vehicles, generators and other machines more effectively. You also do more damage to mechanical foes.

Up to:

  • Damage vs. Robots: +30%
  • Damage vs. Vehicles: +30%
  • Damage vs. Synths: +30%
  • Fix Generators and Machines (Difficulty 10 or Less)
  • Repair Kit Effectiveness: +30%
  • Use Items Requiring 10 Mechanics
Survival - Wasteland 3


Improves your ability to avoid dangers on the World Map, and contend with hostile wildlife.

Up to:

  • Damage Vs. Animals: +30%
  • Damage Vs. Mutants: +30%
  • Avoid World Map Encounters (Difficulty 10 or Less)
Toaster Repair - Wasteland 3

Toaster Repair

Allows you to repair broken toasters.

Up to:

  • Repair Toasters (Difficulty 10 or Less)
Weapon Modding - Wasteland 3

Weapon Modding

Allows you to modify your weapons, and strip them down for parts.

Up to:

  • Install Weapon Mods (Difficulty 10 or Less)
  • Field Stripping Scrap: +100%

Social Skills

Social Skills in Wasteland 3 are: Barter, Hard Ass, Kiss Ass and Leadership

Barter - Wasteland 3


Allows you to buy items for less, and sell them for more.

Up to:

  • Sell Value: +500%
  • Buy Cost: -10%
Hard Ass - Wasteland 3

Hard Ass

Allows you to intimidate others to do what you want and throw them off guard.

Up to:

  • Succeed at Hard Ass Skill Checks (Difficulty 10 or Less)
Kiss Ass - Wasteland 3

Kiss Ass

Allows you to sweet-talk information out of others and bring them to your way of thinking.

Up to:

  • Succeed at Kiss Ass Skill Checks (Difficulty 10 or Less)
Leadership - Wasteland 3


Inspires your nearby allies, and grants you abilities to command the battlefield.

Up to:

  • Nearby Allies Gain: +10%
  • Hit Chance Ally Bonus on Boss Kill: +25%
  • Damage Ally Bonus on Multi-Kill: +20%
  • Crit Chance Ally Bonus on Revive: +20% Con Healed