Snowed Inn Resort Map with Walkthrough - Wasteland 3

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Snowed Inn Resort Map Wasteland 3

Map of Snowed Inn Resort in Wasteland 3

Map of Snowed Inn Resort in Wasteland 3

Snowed Inn Resort Walkthrough Wasteland 3

Snowed Inn Resort is location in far west side of Colorado.

You come here to complete mission Frontier Justice, commissioned by Lucia Wesson in Downtown Colorado Springs (when you did not kill Isaac Reed in Garden of the Gods).

You should have Lucia Wesson and The Provost with you during this mission.

Frontier Justice Frontier Justice Mission

Lucia wants our help bringing those responsible for her family's murder to justice - starting with Nelius Dorsey, who ordered their deaths.

Hunt down Nelius Dorsey.

Nelius is camped out with his most powerful weapons and best-trained fighters in the mountains west of Colorado Springs. We'll have to explore the area to find it.

We intercepted a staticky radio call from a Dorsey fighter in the western mountains. We should explore that area more thoroughly.

Investigate the "Snowed Inn" Resort.

We picked up Dorsey radio calls around an abandoned ski resort called the "Snowed Inn." Nelius Dorsey is likely holed up there.

The main task at Snowed Inn Resort is to defeat the Dorseys fortified inside the complex. During the fight, we should use our vehicle, which we can drive to the center of the location, where the fight takes place. Access to the yard is blocked by two gates, you have to open them both before the fight.


Exit to Colorado

First go to Left Cabin and Right Cabin to open gates.


Left Cabin

Enter and fight Dorseys.

After fight

The Bleeding Edge Permanently Melee Combat +1 for one character, Kalash 97

Switch to open one gate.


Right Cabin

Bloodbeasts Dorseys kill them.

Hidden in the ground: Zen Zoey Hit Chance: +2%

Inside Right Cabin

Switch to open one gate.

Chicken Experience Bonus +3%

Toster 7 Owl of Minerva

Show Owl of Minerva to The Provost (he should be with you), The Provost will come to life and express interest, although he will continue to speak Latin but he will mark location Mysterious Cave on your main map of Colorado.

This step is part of solving the mystery of The Provost The Provost and Mysterious Cave Walkthrough


Now that you have opened both gates and will be able to enter with Kodiak to field of battle, it is time to fight.

Use this exit to atack with your team and move Kodiak through main gate.



There are two defense turrets in the yard, but you probably won't be able to turn them off so try to destroy them.

Dorseys Dorsey Warbot kill them all.


Nelius Dorsey

You should have Lucia Wesson with you.

Nelius Dorsey Don't attack him as soon as you see him, just talk to him.

Let Lucia Wesson and Nelius Dorsey talk to each other.

"Killing you won't solve anything, Nelius"

Frontier Justice

Nelius Dorsey, leader of the Dorsey gang, is dead.

Nelius Dorsey

"He certainly seemed sure of it"

Daddy's Little Secret Daddy's Little Secret Mission

We've learned that Lucia's father, Percival Wesson, is still alive and may have, many years ago, conspired with the Patriarch to betray and murder the Dorsey family. Liberty Buchanan is holding him hostage, and Lucia is focused on finding him and learning the truth.

Wait for intel on Liberty Buchanan's location.

Percival Wesson is being held by Liberty, but until we learn her whereabouts we can't attempt to rescue him.

Dorsey Family Sword 82-113 damage.

9 Guardian

some nice armors and weapons, cyber techs and Apperance: Gorilla Suit.

Now you should solve the mystery of The Provost. After exiting Snowed Inn Resort, follow the western edge of the map north until you reach Mysterious Cave.