Warrens Map with Walkthrough - Wasteland 3

Detailed, revealed and described Map with Walkthrough for Warrens Location in Wasteland 3 Video Game with Missons Starters and Quest Steps, NPCs, Skill Use, Skill Books, Cassette Tapes, Creepy Dolls, Animal Companion, Weapons, Armours, items, Secrets and Companions, Wasteland 3 Maps & Walkthrough.

Warrens Map Wasteland 3

Map of Warrens in Wasteland 3

Map of Warrens in Wasteland 3

Warrens Walkthrough Wasteland 3

Warrens is located below Bizarre Interior in The Bizarre.

Do not enter Warrens until you are given missions A Nightmare in the Bizarre (Part: Investigate the Warrens) from Flab the Inhaler and My Body Requires This from Masato in Bizarre Interior.

To enter Warrens use entrance from Bizarre Interior.

The main task in Warrens will be to Clear the Warrens Of Payasos and secondary Get Ramen Noodles for Masato.

Loot Parking Meters in Warren for Silver Coins

Collect 3 Limerick Notes (mission items) in Warrens to open Chapel [F] doors at the end.


Exit to Bizarre Interior

Entrance from Bizarre Interior


Safe Warrens

Gwynplaine she complains about the smell, you can bring her the perfume you find in Warrens.

DJ R.I.P. take part in the contest.

"... Yes" +1 Rep.

"We are the Rangers"

"Not" - you win Sonic Emitter and some money.

Frank E Steen he will let you in if you tell him that Flab send you.


Prison Block

Payasos kill them, using

After fight

Limerick Note Pt.1 you will need 3 of them to open last doors in Warrens.

Room 108

Use 7 to open doors, some weapons inside

Room 105

Key to this room you got from container in Cabinet of Curiosities in Bizarre Interior (Quarex)

Only some containers for now.

East Side

Payasos Mission

later in gameAfter Activate Defrost System

Before you enter room 107 - The Provost

The Provost and Mysterious Cave Walkthrough

Inside room 107 is the mysterious NPC The Provost. You will not be able to communicate with him because he will answer in Latin. Just for finding The Provost will give you Quid Agit ?! Achievement .

But that's not all, there is one more Illuminati Achievement related to The Provost, to get it you have to bring The Provost alive to Snowed Inn Resort and solve the mystery there.

The Provost alternatives:

  • If you open Room 107 and talk to The Provost, he will follow your team throughout the game. You will not have control over him, he will help you in the fight, but you'll have to make sure The Provost doesn't die, which will be difficult sometimes.
  • So you can keep Room 107 closed for now and come back when you're ready to travel to the Snowed Inn Resort.

Room 107

Use Storage Unit 107 Key from safe in Chapel [F] upstairs or 7 to open door

The Provost

Room 109

To open that door use Storage Unit 109 Key from Dentist Office [E] in Bizarre Exterior

7 to open Frostbite


Control Room - Activate Defrost System

5 to repair

Computer "Acces Temperature Control" and "Activate Defrost System" you will defrost the ice blocking the doors

5 to open


Doors leading to final room Chapel in Warrens 3 to disable alarm.

But do not go there yet, go to Playground [C]


Exit to Bizarre Exterior

Do not use it now, go to Playground [C]



Payasos kill them.

Limerick Note Pt.3 you will need 3 of them to open last doors in Warrens.


Corridor in between Playground and Diner

7 to open Perfume this perfume is for Gwynplaine in Safe Warrens.

Toster 5 Tarjan Token Heavy Machone Gun.



Lieutnant Giggles Payasos kill them.

After fight

Limerick Note Pt.2 you will need 3 of them to open last doors in Warrens.

Vending Machine

This is Vending Machine where you can get Ramen Noodles for My Body Requires This Mission.

To get Ramen Noodles for Masato you can:

  • Use 5
  • or Insert Silver Coins till you get Noodles

Search the Warrens for Ramen Noodles.

We found a strange vending machine in an old diner deep within the Warrens. It offers prizes in exchange for silver coins. One of the listed prizes is noodles.

We obtained ramen noodles from a vending machine in the Warrens.

Bring the Ramen Noodles to Masato inside The Bizarre.

Masato will be excited to get his hands on the authetic ramen noodles we found.


Parking Lot

3 to fix

Payasos kill them.

After fight

Storage Unit 108 Key if you still do not get it.

Around corner

Frost Crawler kill it.


Original Inhabitants

Now go to Chapel [F]



To open doors to Chapel use Computer near entrance to [F]

  • "[Item: Limerick Note Pt.1]"
  • "[Item: Limerick Note Pt.2]"
  • "[Item: Limerick Note Pt.3]"
  • "And shit down your ..."

Enter and fight Ditso Gogo and Payasos kill them.

After fight

Clear the Warrens Of Payasos.

Los Payasos have taken over the Warrens and are using it as a base to launch attacks on the Bizarre. We need to cull the clown population.

We found a door that requires us to enter the lines of a Payaso limerick. We should search the Warrens for clues.

We found Flab's missing people. Looks like they were murdered by killer clowns.

Report back to Flab the Inhaler inside The Bizarre.

Los Payasos have been defeated. Flab will be happy to learn that the Bizarre can return to peaceful commerce.

Ditso Gogo Safe Key for safe upstairs


use Ditso Gogo Safe Key to open, inside Storage Unit 107 Key for The Provost Room 107, Vehicle Part: Clown Horn

Return to Safe Warrens [A]


Safe Warrens

Gwynplaine give her Perfume you found in Warrens.

Return to Bizarre Interior

Later when you side Cartel in A Very Hostile Takeover Mission

First read "Problem with recruiting Quarex" in Bizarre Interior Part: Bizarre Interior Map


Prison Block - Room 105

Quarex's Hellacious Journey

Quarex is trapped in the Warrens and is calling for help.

Quarex should be here in Room 105 in Warrens. Key to this room in in conatiner in Cabinet of Curiosities in Bizarre Interior

Find Quarex in the Warrens.

Quarex took refuge in the Warrens after violence broke out in the Bizarre. We'll have to find where he's hiding.

Save Quarex's collection from creatures in the Warrens.

Quarex didn't actually need saving. What he really wants is for us to rescue a treasure trove of old video games he found in the Warrens. Some vicious creatures have moved into the area, and he needs them removed so he can get his goodies.


Parking Loot

Kill Razorbacks here

Pickup Quarex's Collection it lie on the ground next to the frozen corpse tied to a pillar.

Return to Quarex's hiding spot in the Warrens.

The creatures are gone and the collectables are safe. Quarex will be happy for the update.

Tell Quarex the path is clear.

Quarex is safe. He will head to Ranger HQ soon.