Hoon Homestead Map with Walkthrough - Wasteland 3

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Hoon Homestead Map Wasteland 3

Map of Hoon Homestead in Wasteland 3

Map of Hoon Homestead in Wasteland 3

Hoon Homestead Walkthrough Wasteland 3

Hoon Homestead is location east of Colorado Springs, to get here you have to travel using Kodiak vehicle on Colorado map.

You can come to Hoon Homestead after Radio Broadcast (fairly quickly after first leaving Colorado Springs, when you are on main map), call for help from Hoon Family on Heads or Tails Missions

Heads or Tails Heads or Tails Mission

The people of Colorado need the Rangers' help. Time to venture forth.

Travel to the Hoon Homestead or the location of the Arapaho Caravan.

We received two nearly simultaneous distress calls and can only get to one in time. We can either race to stop Erastus Dorsey from killing the innocent Hoon family, or follow the Patriarch's orders and defend an Arapaho convoy bringing a shipment of power armor to the Marshals in Colorado Springs.

Hoon Homestead or Arapaho Caravan

The problem with Heads or Tails Mission is that it is not possible to reach both locations Hoon Homestead and Arapaho Caravan on time. It is always the case that the location you take will be saved and the location you leave will be destroyed.

There is apparently a drama going on, but this is only an apparent problem.

In fact, it doesn't really matter where you go, because nothing important happens in both locations, and in their ruins od second location you can always find unique items that remain despite the destruction of the location.

I strongly suggest you choose Hoon Homestead as the first location. If you do not go there, you will lose access to a fragment of the location, Sealed Bunker. It is not a very important place, but always a pity.

If you save Arapaho Caravan, the Power Armor in the convoy may end up in the hands of your potential opponents (because you won't get it :))

So we'll pick Hoon Homestead as the first place we're going to save.

This version of walkthrough is when you try to save Hoon Homestead and Arapaho Caravan is destroyed.


Exit to Colorado

You come to Hoon Homestead

Confront Erastus Dorsey at the Hoon Homestead.

We arrived at the Hoon Homestead. Now we need to deal with Erastus Dorsey.


Hoon Homestead

Erastus Dorsey Come closer, don't attack them, just talk.

Say "... we apologize for killing your brother" then 2 or 2, then 2 or 2 and the problem should be solved without a fight, but of course you can fight if you want, although in this case there is no need to do so.

Heads or Tails We saved the Hoon family by convincing the Dorseys to leave without a fight.

Inside House

Hoon Family they will thank you for your rescue The Infantrymen's Bible Permanently Automatic Weapons +1 for one character.

Do not touch or pick up (also during the conversation) the weapon hanging on the wall, because then the Hoon Family will become hostile to you.

Toster 5 Molded Gold Toaster Case

6 Recording from Alastair


Livia Grave

Now it's useless, you'll come back here again later in the game. It is grave of Livia - one of three Patriarch'ss wife


Billy and Jean Critical Damage: +0.1x


Sealed Bunker

use 4 to disarm it.

Repair 3 and use to open doors.

You can use Computer and or 6 to open doors to last room.

Survivalist's Diary read it for full story.

Use to open last doors.

Now go to Arapaho Caravan and see what's left of it.

After Denver and Aspen for meeting with Angela Deth

As you approach the end of the game's story, after the Denver and Aspen locations are over, Angela Deth calls you, through her agent Connie Zeng, to a meeting at Hoon Homestead.

This meeting is important and is a preparation to solve your main task in Colorado.

Meet Angela Deth at The Hoon Homestead.

Angela Deth wants to speak in person at the Hoon Homestead near Colorado Springs.

Angela Deth If you saved the Hoons earlier, Angela will praise you for it. 4

During the conversation you will be attacked, you have to defeat the attackers, but it will not be a problem because you will receive a lot of help from Angel's companions (heroes from the previous part of the game).

Scar Collectors kill them all and finish talking with Angela.

Important conversation with Angela Deth

After the fight is over, you end the conversation with Angela Deth. This is an important conversation because it will affect the further course of the Wasteland 3 story and will directly affect the possible endings.

Angela Deth will openly present to you her plan to remove the Patriarch from Colorado.

Before you decide how to answer Angela, read Possible Wasteland 3 Endings.

I chose an ending in which I support Angela Deth's Rebellion, I want to overthrow the Patriarch and I am going to take Ironclad Cordite to Yuma Country to rule over the gangs that have gathered there.

You can choose a different ending, but in my opinion the version where Cordite unites the gangs and leads them to Kansas is the most interesting to me. This decision will have a very significant impact on the course of the game in Yuma Country

Therefore, the conversation with Angela is as follows:

"We know the Patriarch's no angel ..."

"Right. We don't want Colorado to end like that."

"We're in. The Patriarch and his kids need to be stopped."

Go to Yuma County and Capture or Kill Liberty Buchanan.

Liberty is camped out with the gangs she has rallied to her cause at the Yuma County Speedway. Once we get there, we'll need to find a way to get to her and either take her into custody or take her out.

Confront Liberty and find Percival Wesson at Yuma County Speedway.

Now that we know where to find Liberty, we can deal with her and locate Lucia's father.

Yuma Country is the last major location in Colorado. Before you go there, complete all other tasks and missions you have to do.

Take the Ironclad Cordite with you and go to Yuma Country, the location of which was shown by Angela Deth on your map.