Old Survivalist Bunker Map with Walkthrough - Wasteland 3

Detailed, revealed and described Map with Walkthrough for Old Survivalist Bunker Location in Wasteland 3 Video Game with Missons Starters and Quest Steps, NPCs, Skill Use, Skill Books, Cassette Tapes, Creepy Dolls, Animal Companion, Weapons, Armours, items, Secrets and Companions, Wasteland 3 Maps & Walkthrough.

Old Survivalist Bunker Map Wasteland 3

Map of Old Survivalist Bunker in Wasteland 3

Map of Old Survivalist Bunker in Wasteland 3

Old Survivalist Bunker Walkthrough Wasteland 3

Old Survivalist Bunker is located in Broadmoor Heights. You can enter here for Mission Lords Of War Level 11.

The entrance to the Old Survivalist Bunker is at the Broadmoor Heights on the Buchanan Monument. When you have a Lords Of War Mission click on the Monument and "Stick something in the pin hole" and the entrance will open and it won't open early in game.

Lords Of War Lords of War Mission

Angela Deth claims The Patriarch isn't the benevolent leader he pretends to be. If we want to see how he really operates, we should find a secret bunker in Broadmoor Heights and speak to Ironclad Cordite.

The main task in Old Survivalist Bunker is to free Ironclad Cordite from prison.


Exit to Broadmoor Heights

Free Ironclad Cordite from his Cell in the Survivalist Bunker.

We need to find Ironclad Cordite and learn the truth about what is going on in Colorado Springs.

Beneath a sealed hatch, we discovered an ancient survivalist bunker, but it looks like it's still in use.

Cordite won't talk until we let him out of his cell.



Mercenaries you do not need to fight them, talk to them and if you got ennough [Fame] 7 or 6 or just pay them 400$.

If you want to fight them use and .


Water Recyclers



Doors got 6 to disarm.

There are Mercenaries in the Lounge, listen to their conversation from hiding

At this point we want to avoid the fight (which will be inevitable later anyway), so sneak to the door leading to the Electrical Room [D].

Repair 4 to unlock doors to [D].

As a team, go stealthily to Electrical Room [D].


Electrical Room


Flooded Storage

There are Hoppers in here. You don't have to fight them, you can sneak to the next rooms on the left, but if you want, kill them.

8 some nice weapon inside.

Grey's Anatomy Permanently First Aid +1 for one character.

Repair 6 to unlock doors to [F].


Ventilation Ducts

5 to disarm.

Ironclad Cordite This is the person you are to release. Talk to him through the ventilation grille.

Give him some Shotgun Shells when you do that he will help you in his release.

Now return to Lounge [C]



Mercenaries attack them first, because now we can't avoid the fight. Position your people so that they do not stand in the group because the opponents will use grenades.

After fight

Cyborg Chicken you will need 5 to tame it and take her to Ranger HQ [02] - Cyborg Chicken Farm.

Toster 6 Tarjan Token



Gas Hopper kill him from distance.

1-8 to disarm.

4-6 to disarm.


Makeshift Jail

Mercenaries attack them first, because now we can't avoid the fight here, but Ironclad Cordite will hepl you if you give him Shotgun Shell ealier.

Ironclad Cordite breaks the door to his cell.

After Fight

Talk with Ironclad Cordite, "... Angela Deth send us", "... dirt about Buchanan", "... want vengeance", ... welcome on board.

Ironclad Cordite will become your companion.

Exit the Bunker.

We found Cordite and opened his cell. Now to get back to the surface.

Search the Makeshift Jail, in one of the chests you will find equipment for Ironclad Cordite.

On dead corpse Cordite Cell Key for another solution to the mission when cell Ironclad Cordite is still closed after the fight.


Makeshift Hospital

Mercenaries try not to fight with 5 or just kill them all.

On corpse Official-Looking Letter read it to find out more about the prisoners of this prison.

Clouds-Drifting-West he is dying and there is no way to help him. Talk to him carefully and you will learn more facts about the Patriarch.

Then use the next to the bed and cut its torment.

8 inside with Fuckin' Fred Damage vs. Humans +5% for all team members.

Now exit Bunker - while you leave the bunker, mercenaries will attack, but if your [Fame] is high enough, they will run away.

The rest of Lords Of War will take place after leaving the bunker in Broadmoor Heights.