Little Vegas Map with Walkthrough - Wasteland 3

Detailed, revealed and described Map with Walkthrough for Little Vegas Location in Wasteland 3 Video Game with Missons Starters and Quest Steps, NPCs, Skill Use, Skill Books, Cassette Tapes, Creepy Dolls, Animal Companion, Weapons, Armours, items, Secrets and Companions, Wasteland 3 Maps & Walkthrough.

Little Vegas Map Wasteland 3

Map of Little Vegas in Wasteland 3

Map of Little Vegas in Wasteland 3

Little Vegas Walkthrough Wasteland 3

Little Vegas is located in Downtown Colorado Springs. You can enter here for Mission Big trouble in Little Vegas Level 3 from Sheriff Daisy in Marshals' Station.

Big trouble in Little Vegas Big trouble in Little Vegas Mission

Faran Brygo - or someone in his organization - may have helped the Dorseys slip into Colorado Springs. Sheriff Daisy sent her best inspector to investigate, but she hasn't heard back from him. She asked us to check on her agent and take down Brygo. [Reward: Ranger HQ armory officer]

Look for Delgado at The Little Vegas Nightclub.

Sheriff Daisy sent Inspector Delgado to Brygo's nightclub, Little Vegas. We should talk to Brygo, his lieutenants, and the patrons to find leads.

While completing the Big trouble in Little Vegas mission, you need to achieve two goals:

  • Free Inspector Delgado
  • Solve the problem of Faran Brygo

There are several ways to solve this mission:

  • You can kill all inside and you don't need my guide for that.
  • Get along with Faran Brygo and go to the dark side of the force
  • Fight your way and force surrender Faran Brygo after the fight
  • Avoid the fight and arrest Faran Brygo and this is the way to complete this mission described below.

Exit to Downtown Colorado Springs


Main Hall

Before you start looking for Delgado, take advantage of being at the Casino and win some money.

There are several different games and slots where you can win money by using your Skills.

Play and keep winning until the staff tells you to stop playing.

Shakes he is near stairs. He is not for main Mission but you can offer him help. He will give you Combination to a Safe.

Now, get information on Delgado's whereabouts.

  • If you got Kiss Ass 3 or Hard Ass 4 go to [B] Private Party
  • If not go to [C] Nightclub Brothel

Private Party

Try not to fight Local 168

Talk to Boulder use 4 or 3 to avoid fight.

If you talk with him more he will tell you about Delgado.

Find a way into The Back Rooms of The Little Vegas.

Delgado was last seen getting pulled into the back rooms of the Little Vegas nightclub. We need to find a way back there.

Tell Boulder about safe.

in SW corner, open it with code from Shakes, Fuser can repair targets at a distance.

Return to Shakes and give him drugs.


Nightclub Brothel

Ken Doll find out more about Nightclub Brothel

If you didn't manage to get information about Delgado in [B] Private Party, talk to Ken Doll about it, pay for the information.


Ten of Hearts Room

Ten of Hearts

Temporary Bonus: Experience Bonus +5%


Jack Off Hearts

Jack Off Hearts

Temporary Bonus: Action Points (Max +1), Action Points +1


Ace of Hearts

Ace of Hearts

Benjie Braddock ... some chemical help, Give 1 Liquid Time or Give 1 Focus (or other) you should have them with you, ask about leverage of Faran Brygo and get Code to the Computer.

You will need this Code to the Computer later to get Faran, its important.

Temporary Bonus: Critical Chance: +25%



Jocker is inside

Temporary Bonus: Penetration +4


King of Hearts

King of Hearts

Workout Tape

Temporary Bonus: Hit Chance +25%


Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

Temporary Bonus: Evasion +15%

Now its time to talk with Charley Knowes


Main Hall

Charley Knowes talk with him about MacTavish

Confront MacTavish at the Machine Shop in Downtown.

According to Charley Knowes, the real traitor is one of Brygo's thugs, a guy named MacTavish. If we can get MacTavish to admit that he acted alone, that will clear Brygo, and we can resolve this whole thing peacefully. We'll find MacTavish at the machine shop near Pillory Square.

Now you should exit Little Vegas and go to Machine Shop in Downtown Colorado Springs

After Machine Shop Little Vegas Walkthrough Wasteland 3

After you return from Machine Shop you are ready to confront Faran Brygo.

Charley Knowes is waiting for you near doors, talk to him and say goodbye, you will meet him later in the game.

Now it's time for the endgame with Faran Brygo.

We need to gain access to the Computer [08].

The computer is being guarded by the Bodyguard. We can distract the Bodyguard from the computer by causing a fight in the Casino.

To do that, place your main character next to the Computer [08] and Marshal Kwon next to Nightclub Patrons [07].


Nightclub Patrons

Use Marshal Kwon with 3 to encourage Patrons to fight.

The security guard will walk away from the Computer


Ventilation System Computer

Use password "Kestrel" you got from Benjie Braddock (Code to the Computer) or 4 to log in to machine.

Reprogram a Climate Routine


Faran Brygo's Office

Faran Brygo do not talk with him just Arrest.

[Arrest] "We hacked your ventilation system ..."

Send him to Ranger HQ

Free Delgado from the Back Rooms of Little Vegas.

Brygo agreed to release Delgado after we took control of his ventilation system. We should now be able to access the back rooms to free Delgado.

Use Perception on picture on the wall.


Back Room

Now you are free to enter the Back Room. It is still full of unfriendly thugs. If you search the room for too long and open the containers, they will attack you.

Therefore, skip the main room and go straight to [09]


The Gangster's Guide to Diction



Tippy Toes Permanently Sneaky Shit +1 for one character

to open cell doors, it needs Nerd Stuff 4 but now you do not need it.

Inspector Delgado free him +1 Rep.

Return to Sheriff Daisy.

We should return to the Marshal station and tell Daisy what happened at the Little Vegas.

Exit Little Vegas and go to Sheriff Daisy in Marshals' Station to finish mission.