Character Backgrounds in Wasteland 3

Character Background boosts your stats one time during character creation, there are 16 different mods to your character's stats. Wasteland 3 Maps & Walkthrough

Character Background (character backstory) is not very important, but the first thing you set when creating a new character in Wasteland 3.

You can only have one Character Background, it can only be set once and cannot be changed later.

The bonuses that each Backgrounds provide are not significant, but they are always some kind of additional boost.

My suggestions (but of course choose what you want) for Character Background are:

  • Bookworm - Experience Bonus + 5% - it's always nice to get more experience points.
  • Mannerite - Kiss Ass +1 - if this character is to be the voice of your team.
  • The Boss - Hard Ass +1 - like Mannerite only by force.

Character Background Bonuses

You can assign the Character Background bonus to your character once during its creation.


Experience Bonus +5%

You grew up in the Ag Center in Arizona, raised among scientists, which means you know how to do research. It's not hard. People just aren't in the habit of picking up books anymore. Which is good, because no one knows all your clever jokes and pick-up lines are completely stolen from dead twentieth century authors.

Desert Cat

Perception +1

You know how to track in the desert. You spent years learning to read the line of sign. You adapted to the heat. The desert is your home. Of course the squad would relocate to the coldest place they could find. You've started acclimating, learning to read stride and transfer in snow, but still... fucking snow!?

Disciple Of The Metal

Fire Damage Bonus +15%

The world burned in fire, and what was left was the Metal. Across the wasteland, Disciples like yourself were born to carry the song of Metal into battle. As the song falls upon them, the Metal transforms the wretched and powerful alike into howling furies, be they RAIDER! RANGER! MASTER! SLAAAAAVE!


Explosive Damage Bonus +15%

Let's be honest. You're in the Rangers because you love bombs. If you could join an outfit with access to bigger ordnance, you'd be there. But the Rangers supply you with explosives and targets to blow up, so you can't complain. They also tend to yell a lot, which is good, because you don't hear so well anymore.

Goat Killer

Critical Chance +5%

Nobody believes you, but you know what you saw. A giant red goat, standing over your mother's body, freaky golden eyes glittering in the night. Goats aren't normal, just listen to 'em! You're going to kill every goat you can, draw out that Monster Goat, and this time, you'll be ready. Bleat, bleat, motherfucker.

Grease Monkey

Bonus Damage To Robots +10%

Bonus Damage To Vehicles +10%

There aren't many folks these days who can rebuild a transmission or put a refrigerator back together. Fortunately, you grew up in a machine shop.The Desert Rangers appreciate your skill and have taken good care of you. Maybe one day you can retire and build that '86 Fiera you've always dreamed of. For now, you're okay with "disassembling" other punks' rides.

Lethal Weapon

Melee Damage Bonus +10%

Old posters make it clear- the 1980s were a good time to be an out-of-control cop. They were taking out bad guys and they didn't care if they did it by the book. You don't either. You've been taking the fight to slavers and crime bosses without back-up since you joined the Desert Rangers. The only thing that would make it perfect is if someone called you a loose cannon.


Kiss Ass +1

You grew up in Los Angeles, in the right part of town. You parents taught you culture, etiquette, and "refined taste", as they liked to say. You've since adapted to life among the ruffians, curtailing almost all your sophisticated habits. But one habit you simply cannot break: wherever you go, you always make time to sample the local culture.


Barter +1

Your family had money and a comfortable home. But comfort attracts attention, and some folks decided it was time for a redistribution. Your family was wiped out, but you escaped and found safety in the Rangers. Who knows? With a little luck, you may still end up comfortable after all.

Mopey Poet

Evasion +5%

Everyone looks back at their adolescence with embarrassment. Some wore ridiculous clothes; others were awful to their parents. Some believed that their personal sadness was unique and important enough to vomit into the pages of tiny leather journals that never did anything to anybody. Congratulations, you were all these things.


Crit Resistance +10%

People talk about shades of gray, but the brave see only black and white. You know right from wrong and you've got the conviction to do something about it. You're going to bring some good back into this world if it kills you. At least you'll know you filled a lot of graves with scumbags first.

Raider Hater

Bonus Damage To Humans +10%

You tried to like raiding. Everyone else loved slitting throats and tormenting captives, but it just didn't work for you. When you left to join the Rangers, somehow the story got twisted, and now everyone thinks you used to be some kind of psycho marauder. You could set 'em straight... or you could just kill anybody who might remember otherwise.

Sex Machine

Combat Speed +0.2

People hoard money, power. They kill each other, steal, all for one thing: getting laid. It's biology. It's the reason we do everything. You know it, you don't hide it, and you do it better than anyone. We're animals, and if we're being honest, it feels good to be an animal.


Status Effect Resistance +10%

The world is, like, super messed up, and people are hurting. So, the Rangers, are like, a really, really good thing for everyone. They just want to help people, you know? If everything is hellacious, just be chill, inside you, and then breathe it back out. For everyone. Cool.

The Boss

Hard Ass +1

You've been told that you don't consider people's feelings. Unfortunately, THAT CRAP DIED A HUNDRED YEARS AGO IN A GODDAMN NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST. We're not going to make it holdin' hands and singing Kumbaya. If people want to survive, they've got to SHUT UP AND FOLLOW ORDERS.

Vicious Avenger

Penetration +2

You didn't survive the slave pen because you were most clever. You didn't endure the lashes and heat because you were the strongest. You survived that hellhole because of your hate. Hate choked your captors to death and hate set you free. And thanks to the Desert Rangers and their mission, you're putting that hate to good use.

Companion Background Bonuses

NPC Companions that you meet during the game may have Background Bonuses other than Created Characters. You cannot influence them and you cannot change them, but you can always add a companion with the abilities you want.