Machine Shop Map with Walkthrough - Wasteland 3

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Machine Shop Map Wasteland 3

Map of Machine Shop in Wasteland 3

Map of Machine Shop in Wasteland 3

Machine Shop Walkthrough Wasteland 3

Machine Shop is small location in Downtown Colorado Springs. You can enter here during Mission Big trouble in Little Vegas - Level 3 from Sheriff Daisy in Marshals' Station.

Confront MacTavish at the Machine Shop in Downtown.

According to Charley Knowes, the real traitor is one of Brygo's thugs, a guy named MacTavish. If we can get MacTavish to admit that he acted alone, that will clear Brygo, and we can resolve this whole thing peacefully. We'll find MacTavish at the machine shop near Pillory Square.


MacTavish’s Machine Shop

Machine Shop Thugs

It will be hard for you to avoid a fight. When you start searching the room and opening containers, you will be attacked.

To make the fight easier, you can turn off Heavy Machine Turret disable with 1.

After fight check some nice armors.



Use the intercom and convince MacTavish to let you in.


MacTavish's Room


Tell him you have information about his cooperation with Dorseys.

Tell him that Faran Brygo doesn't care what happens to him.

Then do not cooperate with him, just scare him.

Negotiate with Faran Brygo.

MacTavish admitted to helping the Dorseys. We can use this information to convince Faran Brygo to release Delgado.

4 and talk about Dorsey attack.

[Arrest] MacTavish and send him to Ranger HQ.


Note to MacTavish item for Big trouble in Little Vegas Mission

The Shade Tree Mechanics Permanently Mechanics +1 for one character

Private do not play

Now return to Little Vegas in Downtown Colorado Springs to continue Mission Big trouble in Little Vegas