Denver Ruins Map with Walkthrough - Wasteland 3

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Denver Ruins Map Wasteland 3

Map of Denver Ruins in Wasteland 3

Map of Denver Ruins in Wasteland 3

Denver Ruins Walkthrough Wasteland 3

Denver Ruins is located to the in eastern Colorado, is an important zone related to the main storyline of Wasteland 3.

When you first approach Denver from west, you will meet, on the road, Liberty Buchanan, one of the main characters in Colorado.

Liberty Buchanan talk to her. There are no alternatives during the conversation, you have to be nice and make her let you pass. It is important that you do not allow the fight her.

If you fight Liberty Buchanan, it is highly likely that you will die. However you can try, there is always a minimal chance that you will win, which will lead you to one of the Wasteland 3 Secret Endings. If you really care about this ending, you can drive to Denver from the east side and stay away from the west driveway until you are ready for a really serious fight.

The Denver location consists of two areas, Denver Ruins and Machine Commune, both connected with each other by a storyline.

The storyline in Denver is pretty twisted and has many paths. I will try to outline what's going on beforehand, so that the game will be nice and enjoyable.

There are three basic forces within the Denver Ruins and Machine Commune locations.

The Gippers

They are crazy cult of worshipers of God-President Ronald Reagan. Generally they are friendly, although you have to take seriously what they say when talking to them. The Gippers are a faction with its own reputation. They are important because they are the only ones to supply oil.

And keeping oil supplies is one of the overarching goals in the game. Therefore, you should reject all solutions that will make it necessary to fight The Gippers.

The Machine Commune

A friendly community of robots and machines. They are so civilized and enlightened that they are begging to be on their side. But the open support of Machine Commune will cause open conflict with The Gippers, which, assuming we don't want to kill The Gippers, prevents us from fully supporting Machine Commune.

However, we do not have to openly conflict with them and we will try to maintain at least correct relations.

The Godfishers

Quite a hostile gang living in the southern areas of the Denver Ruins. You could ally with them against The Gippers, then they will help you in the fight against The Gippers. But just like before, we don't want conflict with Gippers, so all you have to do is exterminate The Godfishers at The Gippers' request.

Critical point

Your main task in Denver is to take over Valor Buchanan to make it possible and what will happen to him will be decided at the very end of the location's plot during the finale of the Reagan Reborn Main Mission.

You will then have three possible options:.

  • [1] Select The Gippers side and submit Reagan to Valor Buchanan's body.

    The perverse and not obvious in the game is the fact that the solution [1] in which we are in favor of The Gippers, will ultimately lead to an open conflict with them. Our task is to physically take over Valor Buchanan, and with this solution in Valor's body there is Reagan who does not want to leave Denver.

  • [2] Select the side of The Machine Commune faction and transfer Reagan to the Machine Intelligence Tower

    Solution [2] is interesting, Machine Commune will be happy, but we will have a fight and we will have to take out The Gippers, which we obviously don't want.

  • [3] Cheat both sides and transfer Reagan to the Ranger HQ

    The funny thing is that the only way to maintain balance is to trick both sides [3]. It is true that both of them will be dissatisfied, but afterwards you will be able to effectively blackmail The Gippers so that they keep sending oil and stabilize the situation with them at a satisfactory level. Most importantly, you won't have to kill them all. When it comes to Machine Commune, they will not be happy at first, but after talking to them you will manage to stabilize the situation with them, also without violence.

(The full description of the consequences can be found in the further parts of the description, for now it is enough.)

Well then, here's what we're going to do in Denver:

  • Before we go to the end of the main missions, we will try to do the side missions.
  • We will be nice to The Gippers and pretend to the end that we are implementing their plan.
  • We won't ally with The Godfishers, we'll kill them all.
  • We'll be nice to the robots in Machine Commune, but lie to them that we're following their plan.
  • We will keep the oil supplies to Colorado
  • We are not killing anybody from the Gippers or Machine Commune
  • We will keep the reputation with The Gippers on a satisfactory level.
  • We'll capture Valor Buchanan for the main mission.
  • The Patriarch will be pleased.

So here we go ...

The Zealot The Zealot Mission

Valor Buchanan, the Patriarch's younger son, has allied himself with the Gippers in Denver. The Reagan fanatics have cut off the oil supply for Colorado Springs, and the Patriarch wants both his son and the oil back.


Exit to Colorado


Central Square

After you enter the Denver Ruins, you will get a main mission upgrade, a new main mission and a new side mission.

Extract Valor Buchanan from The Western Whitehouse in The Denver Ruins.

We need to find a way to get Valor away from the Gippers.

Mother Nancy Reliance 4 +1 Rep. , (if you got Morningstar with you) "... Car! Shut Up!", "Your god is awersome" +1 Rep., "Nice work blowing up thet robot ..." +1 Rep.

Extract Valor Buchanan from The Western Whitehouse in The Denver Ruins.

After a show trial involving a Godfisher and a robot, the Gippers invited us into their stronghold for an audience with "Reagan."

Reagan Reborn Reagan Reborn Mission

The God-President could use our help.

Attend an audience with The God-President inside The Western Whitehouse in The Denver Ruins.

Meet Mother Nancy Reliance and "Reagan" inside the Western Whitehouse at the northwest corner of the Denver Ruins.

Be nice to the gippers, no "funny" remarks or disrespect.

Sister Nancy Glory talk to her, be nice to her. ... Need some help ... +1 Rep.

Let's Go Fry A Kite Lets Go Fry A Kite Mission

A horde of Godfishers are at the Gipper's gates. [Reward: Reagan Ornament, $250]

Find and destroy The Godfisher Camps in The Denver Ruins.

Camps destroyed: 0 of 3


Western White House

Go inside, do not open the containers that are in view in this building, because you will lose reputation and there is nothing interesting in them. I have described what can be opened below.



Sister Nancy Forge (shop) 4 +5 Rep., "How did you build ..." +1 Rep., "... impressive ..." +1 Rep.. 5 or 5 Neutron Projector.

She got some nice armors and weapons in her shop.

She can give you the Counterintelligence Mission, if she doesn't, The Wyman will give you the mission. Then go back to Sister Nancy Forge and talk about it. You will then have a choice from whom to get the reward.

Toster 5 Toast.



The Wyman (medic), talk to him.

Counterintelligence Counterintelligence Mission

Figure out why the Commune is so good at healing humans and repairing its own, then deliver the info to the Gippers.

Find the Healer/Repairman at The Machine Commune in The Denver Airport.

The Wyman, the Gippers' resident doctor, asked us to track down data on how the robots at the Commune heal humans. In exchange, she'll give us some medical supplies and free healing. First, we'll need to figure out who does that work at the Commune. [Reward: Free healing, Combat Stim (3), Med Dart (6), Nitro Spike (2), Injury Kit (2), Boors (6)]

Sister Nancy Forge also wants data from the Commune, but only if we give it to her before the Wyman. She offered us a discount on her stock and combat supplies. [Reward: Discount on stock, Frag Grenade (3), Molotov Cocktail (3), Smoke Grenade (3), Cryo Grenade (3)]


Book of Bonzo


use 4 to unlock.

Sysadmin Logs

Cruel Corey Damage vs. Animals +5% for all party members.


when you talk earlier with Mother Nancy Reliance and you are invited to an audience with "Regan", you'll be allowed inside. "Enter"


Sacred Server Room

Mother Nancy Reliance "What do you need us to do?"

Retrieve the Cybernetic Transfer Module from The Machine Commune at The Denver Airport.

The Gippers want to transfer the Al mind of "Reagan" into a human body. They need an ancient piece of technology to do it and the robots at the Machine Commune have it. [Reward: Reagan's Gaze, Rocket (6), $250]

Extract Valor Buchanan from The Western Whitehouse in The Denver Ruins.

Mother Nancy Reliance says she will release her claim on Valor if we can locate a Cybernetic Transfer Module from the Machine Commune at the Denver Airport and turn it over to the Gippers.

Reliance's Manifesto

Valor Buchanan don't try to arrest him or force him to do anything yet, talk to him.

"... dad didn't appreciate your talents" +1 Rep.

"We decode some data from your room in the Patriarch's palace" +1 Rep.

"... a grudge against Colorado Springs" you will get some items

"Sure. What do you need us to do?" +1 Rep.

Build a Better Reagan Build a Better Reagan Mission

Upgrade key Gipper computer systems to super-charge the Reagan statue. [Reward: Laser Turret (3), $200]

Upgrade the Key Sub-Systems running the Gippers' Defenses in The Denver Ruins.

Valor asked us to upgrade some of the critical systems that run the Reagan statue while he continues to work on the mind transfer tech.

Upgrade or Sabotage Regan Statue?

  • If you want the Gippers to survive, oil continues to flow to Colorado, and you don't want to kill them, you can upgrade the Regan Statue. (suggested)
  • If you want to stand in the final conflict in Denver on the side of Machine Commune and use Godfishers to attack Gippers, instead of repairing you can sabotage the Regan Statue, which will weaken her during the fight. (Not recommended)

Subsystem I

Terminal Guard 4-6

Upgrade the Key Sub-Systems running the Gippers' Defenses in The Denver Ruins.

Terminal "[Upgrade ...]"


Subsystem II

Upgrade the Key Sub-Systems running the Gippers' Defenses in The Denver Ruins.

Terminal "... upgrade this system" 6 or 5


Subsystem III

use 5 to unlock.

5 to fix it.

Terminal "[Upgrade] ..."

Upgrade the Key Sub-Systems running the Gippers' Defenses in The Denver Ruins.

We optimized a system regulating the internal temperatures of Reagan's statue and other important Gipper electronics.

The eastern terminal is fully defragmented, freeing up millions of bytes for the Reagan statue's storage needs.

We thawed out an off-site terminal and restored it to full power.

Terminal 8

Deal with the power Overload.

We've upgraded all the systems in the Western Whitehouse, but now the power grid is overloaded. We'll have to find a way to balance it out.

Collect your reward in The Sacred Server Room.

The upgrades are complete. Time for the Gippers to pay up.

A New Well

later in gameReturn to The Sacred Server Room for reward

Build a Better Reagan



You can convince Bill that he should go to save his mother, unfortunately it won't end well for him, you will find his hat in Union Station. If he stays in Denver, nothing will change. +1 Rep.


Entrance to Godfishers Ruins

You enter the ruined part of Denver to complete mission Let's Go Fry A Kite - Find and destroy The Godfisher Camps in The Denver Ruins.

If you want to ally with Godfishers against Gippers (not suggested) this is your last chance.

Mist-That-Burns will talk to you via Radio, but you should refuse to cooperate "... Not a chance.".

Find and destroy The Godfisher Camps in The Denver Ruins.

The Godfishers have asked us to side with them instead and sabotage the Reagan statue.

Do not ally Godfishers

You need to destroy The Godfisher Camps, located in:

  • West Ruins
  • East Ruins
  • Oil Field
  • The last step will be to defeat a large gang of Godfishers heading to Denver. You won't be able to intercept them outside the city and when you try to get into Kodiak, a dialogue option will appear to stay in Denver. Stay and fight the fourth final Godfishers gang.

First of all, clear three camps of Godfishers, kill them all.


West Ruins

First Godfishers Camp to destroy.

Goldfishers kill them

Mountain Goat


Ice Block

Mourning The Music


Container behind the wall

Shoot the wall with the Rocket Launcher to destroy it.

Break the ice block.

Optical Spectrometer Perception +4


What Comes After?


Denver Blast Crater

There is nothing here.


East Ruins

Second Godfishers Camp to destroy.

Goldfishers kill them

What Came Before?


You can enter the Oil Field through the Gate 5 or you can repair the 4 and use Switch to turn off flames to enter through the cave.


Broken Pipe

Use 5 to fix Pipe and spray your opponents with ice water. This is how you can start the fight against Godfishers in Oil Field.


Oil Field

Third Godfishers Camp to destroy.

Goldfishers kill them

After fight

Find and destroy The Godfisher Camps in The Denver Ruins.

The Godfishers on the western side of Denver's ruins have been dealt with.

We destroyed a Godfisher camp located in the eastern ruins of Denver.

The Gippers' oil field is clear of Godfishers.

Leave Denver and intercept The Godfisher Warband.

Seek out the Godfisher warband before they descend upon the ruins of Denver.

Now go to [16] Kodiak to finish Let's Go Fry A Kite Mission



For Let's Go Fry A Kite Mission ehen you try to enter Kodiak, you get information from Sister Nancy Glory answer the call "We read you. We're on our way."

Help the Gippers fight The Godfishers.

The last and largest wave of Godfishers has descended upon the Gippers.

Go back to the [A] Statue of Regan and fight Godfisher.


Statue of Reagan

Defeat all Godfisher.

Let's Go Fry A Kite

Sister Nancy Glory talk to her, +10 Rep.

Now you should go to Machine Commune


Exit to Machine Commune

After you return from Machine Commune

If he previously killed Godfisher in the places where they were before, you will find monsters and animals that you can kill.


Kill Waste Wolfes and resque Razorback


Human Outreach Gift Shop

If you've got everything right with Machine Commune, you'll find a shop here. Vehicle Part: Impact Vehicle Plating.



Sister Nancy Forge

Return to finish Counterintelligence Mission +5 Rep.


We gave the diagnostic data from Vivisecto to Sister Nancy Forge and recieved our reward.


Sacred Server Room

Return to finish Reagan Reborn Mission

Mother Nancy Reliance

5 "[Lie] Sounds great ..."

"Plug in the Cybernetic Transfer Module"

The choice described at the top of the page is now taking place.

Select [Transfer Regan to Ranger HQ]

Reagan Reborn

We stole Reagan from the Gippers. He's stashed in the mainframe at Peterson Airforce base.

Cybernetic Transfer Module (Reagan)

Mother Nancy Reliance

"Mr. Reagan is in the RHQ mainframe and can remain there unharmed if you hand over Valor" -15 Rep. .

"[Arrest]" Bedtime for Valor Buchanan. You're going home to daddy. -15 Rep. (they still should be Neutral)

Return to The Patriarch at his Palace in Colorado Springs

Valor is in our custody. We need to head to the Patriarch's palace and let him know.

Stolen Valor Achievemen You arrested Valor Buchanan.

Now return to Machine Commune to explain your choice to Machine Intelligence Tower

On the way to Patriarch's Palace after visiting Denver Ruins

Angela Deth will report to you on the radio and tell you more facts about the Patriarch.