Counterintelligence Mission Walkthrough Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 Walkthrough for Counterintelligence Secondary Mission, starting in Denver Ruins, at Level 10, choices and consequences, starter location map, where to go, all steps, how to finish mission.

Counterintelligence Mission Description

You will receive "Counterintelligence" Mission in zone: Denver Ruins from Sister Nancy Forge or The Wyman.

This is Secondary Mission with recommended Level 10.

The story of this mission takes place in: Denver Ruins Map, Machine Commune Map.

Mission Steps:

Figure out why the Commune is so good at healing humans and repairing its own, then deliver the info to the Gippers.

Find the Healer/Repairman at The Machine Commune in The Denver Airport.

The Wyman, the Gippers' resident doctor, asked us to track down data on how the robots at the Commune heal humans. In exchange, she'll give us some medical supplies and free healing. First, we'll need to figure out who does that work at the Commune. [Reward: Free healing, Combat Stim (3), Med Dart (6), Nitro Spike (2), Injury Kit (2), Boors (6)]

Sister Nancy Forge also wants data from the Commune, but only if we give it to her before the Wyman. She offered us a discount on her stock and combat supplies. [Reward: Discount on stock, Frag Grenade (3), Molotov Cocktail (3), Smoke Grenade (3), Cryo Grenade (3)]

Ask Vivisecto, RN, about its healing and repair methods at The Machine Commune.

We found the Commune's healer and repair technician, Vivisecto, RN. It can tell us what we need to know.

Track down Vivisecto's Assistant in The Ruined Hangar behind The Machine Commune.

Vivisecto is compiling the data we asked for, but won't hand it over until he finds out what happened to his assistant, V.I.C.I. Mk IX. He sent her into the ruined hangar to gather samples from some humans who camped there and froze to death years ago.

Protect V.I.C.I. Mk IX from the hostile animals threatening her In The Machine Commune.

We found Vivisecto's assistant, V.I.C.I. surrounded by some unfriendly beasts. She'll be torn apart if we don't help.

Return to Vivsecto Inside the Machine Commune.

We found a robot named V.I.C.I. collecting tissue samples. If we return the samples to Vivesecto, we can learn more how the Commune heals robots and people.

Vivisecto will want to study the samples V.I.C.I. collected.

Inside the Machine Commune, pay or convince Vivisecto to hand over The Diagnostic Report.

Vivisecto blames us for the loss of his assistant, V.I.C.I. and wants us to pay for it. We'll have to hand over the cash he wants or work on our sweet-talking.

Take the Diagnostic Data to The Wyman or Sister Nancy Forge at The Western Whitehouse in The Denver Ruins.

Both Wyman and Forge want the data. Now it's up to us to decide who deserves it more - or whose reward is better.

We gave the diagnostic data from Vivisecto to Sister Nancy Forge and recieved our reward.

Map of starting location for Counterintelligence

Denver Ruins Small Version

Counterintelligence Walkthrough

  • You can get this quest both from Sister Nancy Forge or The Wyman in Denver Ruins.
  • Go to Machine Commune
  • Find Vivisecto RN and ask him about it.
  • Before Vivisecto RN will help us we have to find V.I.C.I. his assistant.
  • V.I.C.I. is near West Catwalk [H] down, on the ground in [07]
  • We have to defend him against wild animals
  • Take samples from V.I.C.I. and send him to Ranger HQ
  • Return to Vivisecto RN with samples.
  • We have to pay him 200 Dolars for "missing" V.I.C.I.
  • Take Diagnostic Data to The Wyman or Sister Nancy Forge in Denver Ruins

Choices and Consequences

It doesn't really matter who you pass the Diagnostic Data to.

  • If you give it to Sister Nancy Forge you will get Reward: Discount on stock, Frag Grenade (3), Molotov Cocktail (3), Smoke Grenade (3), Cryo Grenade (3).
  • If you give it to The Wyman you will get Reward: Free healing, Combat Stim (3), Med Dart (6), Nitro Spike (2), Injury Kit (2), Boors (6).

Full Maps for Counterintelligence Mission