Tellurium Mine Map with Walkthrough - Wasteland 3

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Tellurium Mine Map Wasteland 3

Map of Tellurium Mine in Wasteland 3

Map of Tellurium Mine in Wasteland 3

Tellurium Mine Walkthrough Wasteland 3

Tellurium Mine is located to the northwest of Denver.

You come here to complete mission War of the Worlds?, which you received as a radio broadcast passing nearby Tellurium Mine and Wolfe's Hunt Mission from Ranger HQ

War of the Worlds? War of the Worlds Mission

We received a radio call from a tellurium miner that needs help. It was hard to understand his exact problem. Something about Martians?

Locate the Tellurium Mine and the Distressed Miner.

We need to head to the mine where the distress call originated and locate Bulb. And then figure out what the hell he means by "Martians!"

In this location, you need to help Bulb clear the mine of fighting robots and find the missing Bulb's dog named Trudy.

There are two factions of robots fighting in the mine, one of them is not hostile towards humans and will offer you an alliance, but for the task to be completed according to Bulb's plan, you must destroy all the robots in the mine.

The mission is simple and has no consequences for the main plot of the game. The alliance with one of the robots factions is only to facilitate the fight and has no consequences in the future, except that Bulb is not happy about it.


Exit to Colorado


Bulb's Shack

Bulbtalk to him.

Locate the Tellurium Mine and the Distressed Miner.

Turns out: not Martians. Robots. Still dangerous, but less out of this world.

Investigate the Tellurium Mine.

Bulb's mine is infested with robots. He has asked us to get rid of them so he can access his mine again. He's also worried about someone named Trudy and wants her necklace returned in case she's dead.

Go to the mine entrance


Broken Servitor Bot

Servitor Bot repair it with 6, "Repair the robot's voice box"

He will tell you to talk to Null Stack

Investigate the Tellurium Mine.

We talked to a damaged robot who said we should talk to another bot named Null Stack.

At first stay at southern part of mine, dont go close to fighting robots.


Null Stack

Null Stack talk to him.

Null Stack will offer you an alliance against Synths, but don't agree to it because then Bulb won't be happy. "Don't thing so."



Using this computer you can open small gate below, but you do not need it.



Computer you can use it to activate Plasma Minig Laser to destroy one robot.

On the ground The Brooklyn Bridge: Sold Permanently Barter +1 for one character


Tellurium Mine

Place your party members and attack the robots, kill them all.

Scorpitron Earl

After fight

Search for Trudy inside the Tellurium Mine.

With all of the robots vanquished, we need to look for signs of Trudy or her necklace.

Earl's Head take it to Gary "Nacl" Wolfe in Ranger HQ for reward.

Vehicle Upgrade: Scorpitron Ornament


Dead Dog

It is Trudy search it for Dog Collar

Report back to Bulb at the entrance to The Tellurium Mine.

Poor old Trudy, a dog, didn't make it. We should tell Bulb the good news about the robots and the bad news about Trudy. At least we can give him her "necklace."

Return to Bulb


Bulb's Shack

Bulb show him Dog Collar

War of the Worlds?

Bulb thanked us for our hard work. He's got a lot of work to do, but things are getting back to normal at his mine.