Character Attributes in Wasteland 3

NPC Characters in Wasteland 3 got 7 character attributes: Coordination, Luck, Awareness, Strength, Speed, Intelligence and Charisma. Wasteland 3 Maps & Walkthrough

Character Attributes are basically the most important parameters to describe your heroes, there are 7 of them.

Each character receives 1 Attribute Point for each new level he gains, starting with level 3. Picking up Attributes always costs 1 Attribute Point.

Each of the Attributes has 10 levels and when you raise it, it increases the specific abilities and skills of the character.

It is not possible to respec attributes in Wasteland 3

There are items in the game that temporarily raise Attributes when you use them.

My suggestions for the importance of the Character Attributes distribution:

  • Coordination - all characters, especially those that are important in combat.
  • Strength - Due to the effect on the amount of HP, all characters. Especially important with Melee Combat.
  • Charisma - for your "Team Leader"
  • Awareness - high for at least one character due to Perception.

Distribute the rest of the Attributes as evenly as you like.

Coordination - Wasteland 3


Coordination is your physical condition, self-control, and health. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

Up to:

  • Action Points (Max) +5
  • Action Points+5
  • Status Effect Resistance +35%

Coordination is a very important Attribute when it comes to combat because it affects the number of Action Points of a character.

All fights in Wasteland 3 are based on the amount of Action Points your character has.

Coordination is an attribute that is important for characters whose main task is combat.

Luck - Wasteland 3


Luck is your guardian angel. Whether you're lining up that decisive attack, dodging incoming fire, or down to your bottom dollar, sometimes the winds of fortune blow your way.

Up to:

  • Penetration +6
  • Lucky Action Chance +10%
  • Lucky Crit Chance +10%
  • Lucky Mega Crit Chance +10%
  • Lucky Evade Chance +20%
  • Lucky Crit Resist Chance +20%
  • Lucky Double Healing Chance +20%
  • Lucky Double Money Chance +5%
  • Lucky Double Scrap Chance +5%

If there is a less important attribute, it is Luck. Overall, it increases your character's chance of success in a given activity in a not very significant way.

In my opinion, the only important function of Luck is to raise the Penetration Stat which allows your character to bypass the enemy's Armor during an attack. However, I am not sure if this justifies assigning more Attribute Point to Luck.

Awareness - Wasteland 3


Awareness is your sense of your surroundings. A good Ranger knows that often it's your eyes and ears that keep you alive.

Up to:

  • Hit Chance +12%
  • Perception +6
  • Ranged Damage Bonus +35%

Awareness Attribute is important mainly for ranged characters as it affects the Ranged Damage Bonus.

At least one of your characters should have high Awareness, as it increases Perception, i.e. the ability to detect traps and alarms.

Awareness is Attribute of medium importance.

Strength - Wasteland 3


Strength is your raw physical power and ability to shrug off harm. It lets you hit harder, throw farther, and also serves as a requirement for the biggest, baddest heavy weapons and armor.

Up to:

  • Con +75
  • Con Per Level +15
  • Melee Damage Bonus +35%
  • Throwing Range +1,1M
  • Equip items requiring 10 Strength without penalties

The Strength Attribute affects the amount of HP (hit points) of your characters, so you shouldn't skip it completely from anyone.

The Strength Attribute is an important attribute, especially important for characters who use Melee Combat.

Some parts of the equipment have Strength requirements, you should remember about this for characters that you want to equip, e.g. with advanced armor.

Speed - Wasteland 3


Speed is your physical quickness and reaction time. Strike first, strike true, then get out of there.

Up to:

  • Combat Speed +1,4
  • Evasion +33%
  • Initiative +45%

Speed Attribute is a less important attribute. The only important use is to use it with characters focused on Melee Combat.

The importance of the Speed Attribute has decreased in relation to the previous parts of the Wasteland series.

Intelligence - Wasteland 3


Intelligence is your ability to make mental connections and do tactical thinking.

Up to:

  • Critical Chance +25%
  • Critical Damage +1,1X
  • Critical Heal Chance +25%
  • Critical Heal Bonus +1.1
  • Gain +1 Skill Points every 2 Intelligence (one time bonus at character creation)

Intelligence Attribute is medium importance.

It gives additional Skill Points during character creation, and affects Critical Chance and Critical Damage, which is important for ranged characters.

Charisma - Wasteland 3


Charisma is your force of will and personality. A charismatic Ranger can unleash Strike abilities more often, learn and adapt more quickly, and can be a more effective leader.

Up to:

  • Strike Rate +22%
  • Leadership Range +22m
  • Experience Bonus +30%
  • Mission Reward Bonus +10%

The Charisma Attribute is moderately important as you don’t need this attribute to recruit people.

The most important advantage of high Charisma is increasing Experience Bonus and Mission Reward Bonus.

Your Team Leader should have a high Charisma due to the Leadership Range.