Lets Go Fry A Kite Mission Walkthrough Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 Walkthrough for Lets Go Fry A Kite Secondary Mission, starting in Denver Ruins, at Level 9, choices and consequences, starter location map, where to go, all steps, how to finish mission.

Lets Go Fry A Kite Mission Description

You will receive "Lets Go Fry A Kite" Mission in zone: Denver Ruins from Sister Nancy Glory.

This is Secondary Mission with recommended Level 9.

The story of this mission takes place in: Denver Ruins Map.

Mission Steps:

A horde of Godfishers are at the Gipper's gates. [Reward: Reagan Ornament, $250]

Find and destroy The Godfisher Camps in The Denver Ruins.

Camps destroyed: 0 of 3

The Godfishers have asked us to side with them instead and sabotage the Reagan statue.

The Godfishers on the western side of Denver's ruins have been dealt with.

We destroyed a Godfisher camp located in the eastern ruins of Denver.

The Gippers' oil field is clear of Godfishers.

Leave Denver and intercept The Godfisher Warband.

Seek out the Godfisher warband before they descend upon the ruins of Denver.

Help the Gippers fight The Godfishers.

The last and largest wave of Godfishers has descended upon the Gippers.

Map of starting location for Lets Go Fry A Kite

Denver Ruins Small Version

Lets Go Fry A Kite Walkthrough

  • Talk to Sister Nancy Glory near Statue of Reagan
  • To make this mission easier, you can complete the Build a Better Reagan Mission first, upgrading, not sabotaging the Reagan Statue.
  • Go to West Ruins in Denver Ruins
  • Mist-That-Burns from will talk to you via Radio, but you should refuse to cooperate against Gippers
  • Clear West Ruins Camp
  • Clear East Ruins Camp
  • Clear Oil Field Camp
  • The last step will be to defeat a large gang of Godfishers heading to Denver. You won't be able to intercept them outside the city and when you try to get into Kodiak, a dialogue option will appear to stay in Denver. Stay and fight the fourth final Godfishers gang.
  • Kill all Godfishers near Statue of Reagan
  • Talk to Sister Nancy Glory to finish mission.

Choices and Consequences

Two choices are available:

  • Take the side of the Gippers and finish off Godfishers [Recommended] if you do this, you will be able to maintain a good relationship with the Gippers, and you dont need to kill them.
  • Use Godfishers to attack Gippers, in which case you will have to kill all Gippers and it's not a good solution. But if you make such a choice, during the Build a Better Reagan mission, sabotage the Reagan Statue to help you fight the Gippers. This solution only makes sense if you decide to take side of The Machine Commune faction in Reagan Reborn Main Mission and transfer Reagan to the Machine Intelligence Tower, then Godfishers will help you fight Gippers.

Full Maps for Lets Go Fry A Kite Mission