Reagan Reborn Mission Walkthrough Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 Walkthrough for Reagan Reborn Primary Mission, starting in Denver Ruins, at Level 9, choices and consequences, starter location map, where to go, all steps, how to finish mission.

Reagan Reborn Mission Description

You will receive "Reagan Reborn" Mission in zone: Denver Ruins from Mother Nancy Reliance.

This is Primary Mission with recommended Level 9.

The story of this mission takes place in: Denver Ruins Map, Machine Commune Map.

Mission Steps:

The God-President could use our help.

Attend an audience with The God-President inside The Western Whitehouse in The Denver Ruins.

Meet Mother Nancy Reliance and "Reagan" inside the Western Whitehouse at the northwest corner of the Denver Ruins.

Retrieve the Cybernetic Transfer Module from The Machine Commune at The Denver Airport.

The Gippers want to transfer the Al mind of "Reagan" into a human body. They need an ancient piece of technology to do it and the robots at the Machine Commune have it. [Reward: Reagan's Gaze, Rocket (6), $250]

We can get the Cybernetic Transfer Module from something called the "Machine Intelligence Tower." It will radio when it's ready to talk. Until then we've been encouraged to "hang out" and talk to members of the Commune.

The Machine Intelligence Tower has asked for a meeting with us. It is located in the north-east corner of the Denver Airport.

The Machine Intelligence Tower warned us that using the device to "transfer" Reagan into a human host will erase the original human's brain, effectively killing them.

The Machine Intelligence Tower claims the Reagan Al is being held captive by the Gippers and wants us to free it. It warned us that the Gippers won't let us take Reagan without a fight.

Return to Reagan, Valor and Mother Nancy Reliance at The Western Whitehouse in The Denver Ruins.

The M.I. Tower gave us the Cybernetic Transfer Module, which can be used to download Reagan into a loyal Gipper. Alternately, we can use it to steal the Reagan intelligence and transmit it to another mainframe. [Reward: Reagan's Gaze, Rocket (6), $250 or Party Pal robot]

We stole Reagan from the Gippers. He's stashed in the mainframe at Peterson Airforce base.

Map of starting location for Reagan Reborn

Denver Ruins Small Version

Reagan Reborn Walkthrough

  • Talk to Mother Nancy Reliance in the Sacred Server Room
  • Agree to her plan - lie
  • Go to Machine Commune
  • Convince Machine Intelligence Tower to give you the Cybernetic Transfer Module by lying to it that you agree to its plan.
  • Return to Mother Nancy Reliance in the Sacred Server Room
  • Cheat her that you are following her plan
  • Transfer Reagan to the Ranger HQ
  • Blackmail Mother Nancy Reliance
    • "Mr. Reagan is in the RHQ mainframe and can remain there unharmed if you hand over Valor"
  • Return to Machine Intelligence Tower and make it smooth:
    • 7 "[Lie] The Gippers knew about your plan ..."
    • 1 "Appologies ..."
    • 4 "You consider ..."

Choices and Consequences

Your main task in Denver is to take over Valor Buchanan to make it possible and what will happen to him will be decided at the very end of the location's plot during the finale of the Reagan Reborn Main Mission.

You will then have three possible options:.

  • [1] Select The Gippers side and submit Reagan to Valor Buchanan's body.

    The perverse and not obvious in the game is the fact that the solution [1] in which we are in favor of The Gippers, will ultimately lead to an open conflict with them. Our task is to physically take over Valor Buchanan, and with this solution in Valor's body there is Reagan who does not want to leave Denver.

    In this path you will have to kill Gippers and Valor Buchanan, but you will get Reagan's Gaze Vehicle Weapon.

  • [2] Select the side of The Machine Commune faction and transfer Reagan to the Machine Intelligence Tower

    Solution [2] is interesting, Machine Commune will be happy, but we will have a fight and we will have to take out The Gippers, which we obviously don't want.

    In this path you will get Party Pal Companion, but you have to kill Gippers

  • [Recomended][3] Cheat both sides and transfer Reagan to the Ranger HQ

    The funny thing is that the only way to maintain balance is to trick both sides [3]. It is true that both of them will be dissatisfied, but afterwards you will be able to effectively blackmail The Gippers so that they keep sending oil and stabilize the situation with them at a satisfactory level. Most importantly, you won't have to kill them all. When it comes to Machine Commune, they will not be happy at first, but after talking to them you will manage to stabilize the situation with them, also without violence.

Full Maps for Reagan Reborn Mission