Knock Knock Mission Walkthrough Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 Walkthrough for Knock Knock Secondary Mission, starting in Bizarre Exterior, at Level 6, choices and consequences, starter location map, where to go, all steps, how to finish mission.

Knock Knock Mission Description

You will receive "Knock Knock" Mission in zone: Bizarre Exterior from Ananda Rabindranath.

This is Secondary Mission with recommended Level 6.

The story of this mission takes place in: Bizarre Exterior Map.

Mission Steps:

Gain access to the Bizarre.

Find a way to enter The Bizarre.

We made it to the Bizarre, an exclusive trade emporium inside a snow-covered shopping mall. We'll need to find a way to gain access.

Map of starting location for Knock Knock

Bizarre Exterior Small Version

Knock Knock Walkthrough

There are three ways to gain access to the Bizarre:

  • The door guard at Bizarre Entrance [B] says we can buy a Bizarre Entrance Pass for 500 dollars - don't do it because it's unnecessary
  • To get someone to vouch for us - Paris Handler at Hopefuls Camp [A] will help us get into the Bizarre if we can help her craft a blood red dye.
  • You can also find the Bizarre Entrance Pass in the Bizarre Exterior, Dentist Office [E], after fight on Patient's Corpse - area and this is your best option.

How to make Blood Red Dye for Paris Handler:

1. Weird Science

If you got 6 just use Chemicals on table next to Paris and craft it.

2. Find Recipe

If you don't have Weird Science high enough, you need to find a recipe.

The recipe is in the book "The Clown's Guide to Paints, Makeup and Acid" which can be found in random chests or corpses in Bizarre Exterior.

Using the recipe you can make Red Dye at the Chemicals table.

3. Knowing the ingredients

Here are the ingredients needed to create Blood Red Dye:

  • Carbon 18
  • Hydrogen 14
  • Nitrogen 2
  • Sodium 2
  • Oxygen 8
  • Sulfide 2

Go to the table with chemicals and use them to make Dye.

Chemicals for making Blood Red Dye

Choices and Consequences

This mission has basically only one solution. The way it is done may differ, but you don't have to make any irreversible decisions or deal with their consequences later.

Full Maps for Knock Knock Mission