Head Hunter Mission Walkthrough Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 Walkthrough for Head Hunter Secondary Mission, starting in Cannibal Jamboree, at Level 16, choices and consequences, starter location map, where to go, all steps, how to finish mission.

Head Hunter Mission Description

You will receive "Head Hunter" Mission in zone: Cannibal Jamboree from Rollan Giff.

This is Secondary Mission with recommended Level 16.

The story of this mission takes place in: Knox Bison Ranch Map, Bizarre Interior Map, Downtown Colorado Springs Map.

Mission Steps:

Rollan Giff has asked us to track down five deserters and bring them back to his compound. [Reward: Purifier, Power Armor, Power Armor Helmet, Power Armor Legs]

Track down the Five Deserters.

We need to look for Rollan's people. Last he heard, Larry, Darryl, and the other Darryl are bison ranchers, Alfredo is working inside the Bizarre, and Earline is somewhere in Downtown Colorado Springs. Dead or alive, he wants them all accounted for.

Report to Rollan Giff at the Cannibal Jamboree.

Now that all of the cannibal deserters have been found, we should go see Rollan back at the jamboree.

We brought back Rollan's people. Not sure if he's happy about how things turned out, but he was looking pretty hungry when we finished talking.

Map of starting location for Head Hunter

Cannibal Jamboree Small Version

Head Hunter Walkthrough

Cannibal Jamboree and Head Hunter

  • If you attack the cannibals or try to break into the workshop, you won't get Power Armor.
  • The only way to get Power Armor is to complete the Head Hunter mission commissioned by Rollan Giff.

by Michaƫl Lessard

Power Armor is accessible in your armory near the end of the game and there are 3 other full sets elsewhere (see Fandom wiki). The pieces are also a rare drop in some loot, but very rare and might not appear as random loot at all in a given playthrough.

Where are five deserters for Head Hunter?

  • Larry, Darryl, Darryl are in Knox Bison Ranch Knox Bison Ranch but this location can be found as you move on with main storyline of the game The Psychopath Mission (Aspen). Check the Wasteland 3 World Map for location.
  • Alfredo Garcia is at Bizarre Interior in Food Court, as long as you dont side with The Cartel in A Very Hostile Takeover Mission. If you side with The Cartel he will be dead and you cant finish this mission.
  • Earline is at Market Square[D] in Downtown Colorado Springs.

Choices and Consequences

If you agree to help Rollan Giff you will get:

Purifier Power Armor Power Armor Helmet Power Armor Legs

Vehicel Upgrade (Mortar): Goat Cannon

In Container outside Workshop: Vehicle Upgrade (Utility): Turbocharger

After allyou can kill them all (quite possibly they deserve it) and free the prisoners you brought in, or leave everything as is.

Full Maps for Head Hunter Mission