Hew's Bane Skyshards Location Map The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)

Map of Skyshard Locations in Hew's Bane The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Maps & Walkthrough.

Hew's Bane Skyshards Location Map

Hew's Bane Skyshards Location Map

Hew's Bane Skyshards Location Map

Skyshards in The Elder Scrolls Online are scattered throughout the world and can be identified by the bright beam of white light they emanate. Discovering each three Skyshards will grant you a skill point, which can be used to unlock or morph new abilities. Skyshards are easy way to obtain experience points.

  • ESO Skyshards

    Skyshards Skyshard on the ground level or above. Every three skyshards a player collects will yield one skill point.

  • ESO Underground Skyshards

    Underground Skyshards Normal Skyshards but located inside the Delves and Public Dungeons.

Hew's Bane Skyshards

Discover all 6 Skyshards in Hew's Bane.

  • The bank's finest treasure.
  • Near what is now Lost.
  • On the shoulder of the arch.
  • Overlooking the home of the Deep.
  • Necromancer's passage to the rafters.
  • Highest point in the Grotto.

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