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Betnikh Map - The Elder Scrolls Online

Betnikh zone map. Island off the south coast of Glenumbra in Daggerfall Covenant Alliance. Held Orcs for centuries its isle of high cliffs and rich farmlands. Nine generations ago, the island of Betony was conquered by the Stonetooth Orcs, who renamed it Betnikh. A proud, self-reliant people, the Orcs fiercely protect their new home from incursion by outsiders. Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. Locales, Wayshrines, Skyshards, Solo, Public and Group Dungeons, Cities, World Bosses, Taverns, Dark Anchors, Quest Hubs, Lore Books, Merchants, Crafters. The Elder Scrolls Online - ESO Maps, Guides & Walkthroughs. Betnikh is 5-7 level zone.

Betnikh zone map. The Elder Scrolls Online - ESO Maps, Guides & Walkthroughs.
Betnikh zone map. The Elder Scrolls Online - ESO Maps, Guides & Walkthroughs.

The Elder Scrolls Online Map Legend

ESO WayshrinesWayshrines - if visited allow you to teleport to this location. Fast Travel between wayshrines is free, although fast traveling to a wayshrine from anywhere will cost gold.

ESO LocalesLocales - Area of Interest, visit every locale on map for achievement.

ESO Group LocalesGroup Locales - Group Area of Interest, areas designed to explore in a group with other players.

ESO SkyshardsSkyshards (ground level) - Skyshard on the ground level or above. Every three skyshards a player collects will yield one skill point.

ESO SkyshardsSkyshards (inside dungeon) - Skyshard in dungeon. Every three skyshards a player collects will yield one skill point.

ESO World BossesWorld Bosses - powerful elite encounter(s), to defeat him you will need the help of other players.

ESO DelveDelve - caves, delves, dungeons, instance or dungeon intended for solo or cooperative play.

ESO Group DungeonGroup Dungeon - group dungeons, raid dungeons, group instances intended for groups of players.

ESO Dark AnchorsDark Anchors - spawn points of Molag Bal forces, every few minutes you will find a group activity here.

ESO Mundus StonesMundus Stones - visiting will grant you a permanent blessing, but only one blessing at a time.

ESO Guild TraderGuild Trader - Shops contain Guild Traders offering wares from various players guilds.

ESO Crafting SiteCrafting Site - Special crafting stations where you can create specific item sets.

ESO Lore BooksLore Books - collect Lore for skills upgrade and for Mage Guild experience.

ESO Ancestral TombAncestral Tomb - for The Ancestral Tombs Quest visit them all to reveal location of lost Library of Andule (Morrowind).

ESO Strider Caravaner TowerStrider Caravaner Tower - Use them for quick travel for free in Vvardenfell (Morrowind).

ESO InnInn - Player Housing

ESO ApartmentApartment - Player Housing

ESO Small HouseSmall House - Player Housing

ESO Medium HouseMedium House - Player Housing

ESO Large HouseLarge House - Player Housing

ESO ManorManor - Player Housing, biggest

ESO Quest HubsQuest Hubs

Betnikh Locales

Betnikh Locales Achievement

5 Points - Discover all of the striking locales on Betnikh

  • Gilbard's Nook
  • Eyearata
Betnikh Quests

Betnikh Quests

Known Quests for Betnikh

  • Carzog's Demise (3 lvl)
  • Into the Hills (3 lvl)
  • Unearthing the Past (3 lvl)
  • Daughter of Seamount (4 lvl)
  • Farsight (4 lvl)
  • Prove Your Worth (4 lvl)
  • The Bloodthorn Plot (4 lvl)
  • Tormented Souls (4 lvl)
  • On to Glenumbra (5 lvl)
Betnikh Skyshards

Betnikh Skyshards Achievement

5 Points - Find all 3 Skyshards in Betnikh. Each skyshard can be obtained single time for each player. Every three skyshards collected will give you 1 skill point.

  • In the dig site.
  • Where wolves prowl eastern ruins.
  • Outside a house for the dead.
Betnikh Angler

Betnikh Angler Fishing Achievement

No Angler Achievement in Betnikh. To fish first find a fishing hole in the world and target it. You must have bait before you can fish.

Betnikh Treasure Maps

Betnikh Treasure Maps

There are 2 normal Betnikh Treasure Maps, and 1 Imperial Edition Betnikh Treasure Map. You have to read map before you will be able to dig treasure. Maps are blur drop from mobs.

Betnikh Quest Hubs

Betnikh Quest Hubs

Carved Hills, Carzog's Demise, Grimfield, Moriseli. Each Quest Hub has its own line of quests related to a common story.

Betnikh Wayshrines

Betnikh Wayshrines

Carved Hills, Grimfield, Stonetooth. If you die, you will be revived at the nearest Wayshrine.You can quickly travel from one Wayshrine to another by interacting with one.

Betnikh World Bosses

Betnikh World Bosses

There are no world bosses in Betnikh. World Bosses powerful elite encounters ranges from solo bosses to multiple enemies.

Betnikh Dungeons

Betnikh Public Dungeons

There are no Public Dungeons in Betnikh. Dungeons that are open to the public, you may encounter other players and groups of players while adventuring there.

Betnikh Group Dungeons

Betnikh Group Dungeons

There are no Group Dungeons in Betnikh. Group Dungeons will give you a private version of dungeon, just for you and your group.

Betnikh Dark Anchors

Betnikh Dark Anchors

There are no Dark Anchors in Betnikh. Dark Anchors are rifts that Molag Bal has created to join Tamriel with his Daedric Plane, spawn points of his forces.

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