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Summerset zone map for The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset. Delves, World Bosses, Quest Hubs and Skyshards in Summerset. The land called Summerset is the birthplace of civilization and magic as we know it in Tamriel. On its idyllic sea-kissed shores live the Altmer, the High Elves. Shimmerene, Alinor, Lillandril, Sunhold, Cloudrest

Summerset zone map. The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset - ESO Maps, Guides & Walkthroughs.

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Full Map for Relics of Summerset


Interesting Locations in Summerset:

  • Keep of the Elven Forces
  • Garden of the Sacred Numbers
  • Dusk Keep
  • Alaxon'ald
  • Ald Mora Ruins
  • Eldbur Ruins
  • Gryphon Aerie
  • Cathedral of Webs
  • Alinor Docks

Public Dungeons in Summerset

  • Sunhold
  • Karnwasten
  • Cloudrest

Delves in Summerset

  • Archon’s Grove
  • Tor-Hame-Khard
  • Eton Nir Grotto
  • King’s Heaven Pass
  • Wasten Coraldale

Wayshrines in Summerset

  • Shimmerene Wayshrine
  • Sil-Var-Woad Wayshrine
  • Eastern Pass Wayshrine
  • Sunhold Wayshrine
  • Russafeld Heights Wayshrine
  • Eldbur Ruins Wayshrine
  • King's Haven Pass Wayshrine
  • Veyond Wyte Wayshrine
  • The Crystal Tower Wayshrine
  • Ebon Stadmont Wayshrine
  • Lillandril Wayshrine
  • Cey-Tarn Keep Wayshrine
  • Alinor Wayshrine

Group Bosses in Summerset

  • Graveld’s Hideaway
  • Indrik Frolic
  • Gryphon Run
  • Keelsplitter's Nest
  • The Queen's Hatchery
  • Welenkin Cove

Abyssal Geysers

  • Abyssal Geysers Sil-Var-Woad
  • Abyssal Geyser Sunhold
  • Abyssal Geyser Direnni
  • Abyssal Geyser Rellenthil
  • Abyssal Geyser Corgrad
  • Abyssal Geyser Welenkin



The Queen's Decree

Queen Ayrenn ordered the once-forbidden island of Summerset to open its borders and welcome outsiders to its expansive shores. Razum-dar, an agent of the Queen, has come to the island to make sure the decree is followed to the letter.

A High Elf told me that a Khajiit named Razum-dar is up ahead and might need some help. I should find him and talk to him.

Room To Spare

I learned of a free inn room being offered to a tenant of good reputation. I should seek out the broker in order to ask for more information about this amazing deal. I should travel to Alinor in Summerset and speak to Felande about the inn room located within the Golden Gryphon.


A Tale Of Two Mothers

A distraught mother named Lanarie cannot find her son, Arathel. The youth surrendered to the authorities - saying he was part of a plot to kill a Sapiarch. But he disappeared from his cell shortly thereafter. I promised Lanarie I would find her son.

Lanarie insists that the Justiciar of Remand, Talerion, knows more about Arathel's disappearance than he's letting on. I should speak with him in the kinlady's manor.


The Runaway's Tale

While attempting to leave Summerset, Brengas and his lover Niralin were captured by werewolves. Niralin's former betrothed Esterdel is looking for them. He'll probably have more information.


Old Wounds

A prominent High Elf named Halimorion was murdered by a folkloric assassin called the Ghost of the Green. But there may be more to this case than meets the eye.

I should travel to Russafeld and speak with the Elves investigating this murder.


Pearls Before Traitors

I found a note by a dead Dominion soldier, written by Captain Telomure. It describes a betrayal by Justiciar Avanaire. She's now hiding within the ruins of Tor-Hame-Khard.

I should try to find Captain Telomure and learn what happened.

Divine Deputation

The Divine Prosecution seeks able-bodied adventurers to assist with the enforcement of laws by performing contract work throughout Summerset.

Chief Justiciar Carawen can deputize me so I can take on contract work for the Divine Prosecution. I should speak to her.



Untamed And Unleashed

I met a keeper of the Royal Menagerie in Sil-Var-Woad. He warned me that dangerous animals have escaped into the park grounds, but he is searching for a tame indrik that may have escaped during the chaos. I agreed to help Talomar search for his indrik, Lotus. We should look around the grounds for any sign of her.

Igeke Rat-Bite

Gjadil's Legacy

Three descendants of Gjadil the Keel-Hauler have traveled to Summerset to collect her buried treasure. Unable to trust each other after a death of a party member, they've requested I find the chest and bring it back to them. Igeke has offered me a map in order to locate Gjadil's treasure map. I should collect it.

Eldbur Ruins


Whispers From The Deep

A number of adventurers have fallen prey to the magic of a mind trap. A mage named Oriandra has a plan to rescue them, but she needs my help to succeed.

The first adventurer Oriandra asked me to set free is a mage called Cainar. She thinks he can help us rescue the others once he's released from his mind trap.

Eton Nir Grotto


Looting The Light

Seeks-the-Dark was hired to steal tokens from a cult within Eton Nir Grotto. Unexpectedly, the cult has been massacred by Daedra who now lurk within. I've been hired to collect the tokens and find Seek-the-Dark's assistant, Erilthel.

Seeks-the-Dark needs me to collect several tokens of Meridia from Eton Nir. I should search within the cult's camp. I should also see if I can find his assistant, Erilthel.

King's Haven Pass

Miranrel outside

Gryphon Grievance

Miranrel and her companions were attacked by gryphons after entering their nesting grounds. She's offered me a reward if I help find her lost friends.

I should look for Miranrel's companions within the gryphon nesting grounds.

Naliara inside

Savage Truths

Mehdze the Maestro is on an exploratory journey into King's Haven Pass to research his next epic. Unfortunately, things aren't going according to plan.

Naliara told me she pursued the Goblins here to recover notes stolen from Mehdze's camp. She's requested my help searching for them scattered throughout the caves of King's Haven Pass.

Veyond Wyte


An Unexpected Betrayal

Renzir, a Khajiit merchant, was betrayed by his first mate Madja. He requested that I recover his trade shipments, kill Madja, and find out what happened to his wife, Nubani.

Renzir's trade shipments are scattered in caches throughout the cave system. I should collect them. I should also kill his traitorous first mate, Madja.

Nafarion's Note

His Final Gift

I found the corpse of Nafarion, a High Elf who turned into a vampire. His dying wish was for his betrothed to know the truth about what happened to him.

I've read the note, and discovered that Nafarion wished to give Felawen a pendant to remember him by. I should retrieve the pendant.


Kinlady Helenaere inside Sunhold

Sunhold Sundered

Kinlady Helenaere of Sunhold needs my help to fight back against a Maormer raiding party and rescue her city.

I've been asked to help Sunhold in several ways. I should destroy Maormer supplies in the harbor, free chained citizens, and save the gryphon Sunnawel.

  • Destroy Maormer Supplies: 6
  • Rescue Chained Sunhold Citizens: 1
  • Free Sunnawel


The Forest Vandal

A High Elf named Vinafwe is being plagued by a vandal who is ruining her carefully arranged botanical grounds with foreign flowers and even dangerous stranglers.

Vinafwe suspects a Wood Elf named Eslion is responsible for her problems and requested that I search her defaced arrangements for evidence tying him to the crimes.

Kinlady Ilunsare near Sunhold Wayshrine, on beach.

Obedience Issues

I encountered a noblewoman along the beach who has lost her husband and her prized hound. I have agreed to help reunite them with her.

Kinlady Ilunsare told me that her husband, Durell, chased after their dog, Eustasia, who ran off into the wilderness. They were headed north the last time she saw them.

Ebon Stadmont


The Ebon Sanctum

I agreed to escort the scholar Andewen as she investigates an ancient temple, hidden within the mysterious forest of Ebon Stadmont.

I've been hired as Andewen's escort through Ebon Stadmont. I should be on a lookout for anything that can lead us to the temple, as well as protect her from any danger we come across.

Direnni Acropolis

Bailiff Erator

Lauriel's Lament

I met a High Elf bailiff outside the ruins of the Direnni Acropolis. He told me that an ancient curse lingers within its walls. I must find the source of this corruption and cleanse it.

Bailiff Erator gave me his blessing to search the acropolis grounds. Perhaps I can find some clues as to what happened here.



Jurisreeve Lorne

Trouble At The Rain Catchers

The Rain Catcher Fields, a sandy expanse of johads gathering water in large pools, has recently been overrun by beetles from the desert.

Whoever took Almur's father must be responsible for the johad's contamination. I can use the lizard I bought previously to follow the culprit's trail and stop them for good.

Cey-Tarn Keep


Lost At Sea

An Altmer woman approached me with questions about her father, Curtaros. His angler fleet is long overdue from their voyage to Wasten Coraldale and she's concerned for his safety. I have agreed to locate her father for her.

I have arrived at Wasten Coraldale without incident to begin my search for Curtaros.

Sea Keep

Pandermalion camp outside Sea Keep

Storming The Walls

A massive storm is brewing over the fortress of Sea Keep that is the work of a Maormer Sea Mage. It will devastate the entire coast unless the Sea Mage's spell is stopped.

I have volunteered to help Pandermalion, Sea Keep's displaced commander, stop the Sea Mage conjuring the storm. He asked me to join him at the ruins beneath the keep when I'm ready to begin.

Illumination Academy


The Elder Scrolls Online Map Legend

ESO WayshrinesWayshrines - if visited allow you to teleport to this location. Fast Travel between wayshrines is free, although fast traveling to a wayshrine from anywhere will cost gold.

ESO LocalesLocales - Area of Interest, visit every locale on map for achievement.

ESO Group LocalesGroup Locales - Group Area of Interest, areas designed to explore in a group with other players.

ESO SkyshardsSkyshards (ground level) - Skyshard on the ground level or above. Every three skyshards a player collects will yield one skill point.

ESO SkyshardsSkyshards (inside dungeon) - Skyshard in dungeon. Every three skyshards a player collects will yield one skill point.

ESO World BossesWorld Bosses - powerful elite encounter(s), to defeat him you will need the help of other players.

ESO DelveDelve - caves, delves, dungeons, instance or dungeon intended for solo or cooperative play.

ESO Group DungeonGroup Dungeon - group dungeons, raid dungeons, group instances intended for groups of players.

ESO Dark AnchorsDark Anchors - spawn points of Molag Bal forces, every few minutes you will find a group activity here.

ESO Mundus StonesMundus Stones - visiting will grant you a permanent blessing, but only one blessing at a time.

ESO Guild TraderGuild Trader - Shops contain Guild Traders offering wares from various players guilds.

ESO Crafting SiteCrafting Site - Special crafting stations where you can create specific item sets.

ESO Lore BooksLore Books - collect Lore for skills upgrade and for Mage Guild experience.

ESO Ancestral TombAncestral Tomb - for The Ancestral Tombs Quest visit them all to reveal location of lost Library of Andule (Morrowind).

ESO Strider Caravaner TowerStrider Caravaner Tower - Use them for quick travel for free in Vvardenfell (Morrowind).

ESO InnInn - Player Housing

ESO ApartmentApartment - Player Housing

ESO Small HouseSmall House - Player Housing

ESO Medium HouseMedium House - Player Housing

ESO Large HouseLarge House - Player Housing

ESO ManorManor - Player Housing, biggest

ESO Quest HubsQuest Hubs

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