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Relics of Summerset Map - ESO The Elder Scrolls Online

Location Relics of Summerset for The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset. Lantern of Lies, Heart of the Indrik, Silver-Tongued Quill, Unraveling Wand, Skull of Minor Cursing, Shadowcutter Blade, Soulkeeper's Urn, Chest of Condemnation, Never-Ending Scroll, Inescapable Helm, Sticky-Fingered Lute, Fan of False-Face, Pillow of Sweet Dreams, Mirror of Fatal Premonition, Monochrome Paintbrush, Hourglass of Perceived Time, Jaunt of the Jilted, Ever-Filling Chalice, Chestplate of Dessication, Shattering Sword.

Relics of Summerset Location - ESO The Elder Scrolls Online
Relics of Summerset Location - ESO The Elder Scrolls Online

Go to Artaeum and enter College od Psilics Ruins (01)

Artaeum Map

Enter Vault of Moawita and talk to Relicmaster Glenadir

Relicmaster Glenadir

You see, this happens to be the Vault of Moawita, where the Psijic Order keeps its most cursed relics. It's a tad bit emptier than usual though. It seems we've had a break in. You'll find the Psijic Codex on that table over there, whenever you're ready.

The codex will help your search immensely. It's bound to every item in our collection, so it should be able to tell you each relic's location.

The Vault Of Moawita

Relicmaster Glenadir of the Psijic Order has tasked me with recovering stolen relics, taken from the Vault of Moawita.

I'm unable to take the Psijic Codex with me. I should copy down the locations described in the book.

Psijic Codex read it, and copy it.

Paper and Quill use it

Talk to Relicmaster Glenadir

Psijic Codex Transcription use it.

Now return to Summerset and find Thieves Guild Dead Drop Chests to collect Relics.

01 Lantern of Lies

Relics of Summerset: Lantern of Lies

02 Heart of the Indrik

Relics of Summerset: Heart of the Indrik

03 Silver-Tongued Quill

Relics of Summerset: Silver-Tongued Quill

04 Unraveling Wand

Relics of Summerset: Unraveling Wand

05 Skull of Minor Cursing

Relics of Summerset: Skull of Minor Cursing

06 Shadowcutter Blade

Relics of Summerset: Shadowcutter Blade

07 Soulkeeper's Urn

Relics of Summerset: Soulkeeper's Urn

08 Chest of Condemnation

Relics of Summerset: Chest of Condemnation

09 Never-Ending Scroll

Relics of Summerset: Never-Ending Scroll

10 Inescapable Helm

Relics of Summerset: Inescapable Helm

11 Sticky-Fingered Lute

Relics of Summerset: Sticky-Fingered Lute

12 Fan of False-Face

Relics of Summerset: Fan of False-Face

13 Pillow of Sweet Dreams

Relics of Summerset: Pillow of Sweet Dreams

14 Mirror of Fatal Premonition

Relics of Summerset: Mirror of Fatal Premonition

15 Monochrome Paintbrush

Relics of Summerset: Monochrome Paintbrush

16 Hourglass of Perceived Time

Relics of Summerset: Hourglass of Perceived Time

17 Jaunt of the Jilted

Relics of Summerset: Jaunt of the Jilted

18 Ever-Filling Chalice

Relics of Summerset: Ever-Filling Chalice

19 Chestplate of Dessication

Relics of Summerset: Chestplate of Dessication

20 Shattering Sword

Relics of Summerset: Shattering Sword

Return to The Vault Of Moawita in Artaeum and return all relics to get Achievement.

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