ESO Tamriel World Map 2022 for The Elder Scrolls Online

Tamriel Map, ESO World Map 2021, The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Maps & Walkthrough.

ESO World Map 2022

ESO World Map Elder Scrolls Online - Tamriel

ESO World Map Elder Scrolls Online - Tamriel

World Map
Language: ESO World Map ESO Weltkarte, deutsche Version. Карта мира ESO, русская версия. Carte du monde ESO, version française.

ESO Public Dungeons

For anyone at any time, harder than delves.

01Bad Man's Hallows Glenumbra

02Bonesnap Ruins Stormhaven

03Crimson Cove Malabal Tor

04Crow's Wood Stonefalls

05Forgotten Crypts Deshaan

06Forgotten Wastes Vvardenfell

07Hall of the Dead Eastmarch

08Lost City of the Na-Totambu Alik'r Desert

09Nchuleftingth Vvardenfell

10Obsidian Scar Rivenspire

11Razak's Wheel Bangkorai

12Root Sunder Ruins Grahtwood

13Rulanyil's Fall Greenshade

14Sanguine's Demesne Shadowfen

15The Lion's Den The Rift

16The Vile Manse Reaper's March

17Toothmaul Gully Auridon

18Village of the Lost Coldharbour

19Imperial Sewers Cyrodiil Imperial City

20Old Orsinium Wrothgar Orsinium

21Rkindaleft Wrothgar Orsinium

22Sunhold Summerset Summerset

23Karnwasten Summerset Summerset

24Orcrest Northern Elsweyr Elsweyr

25Rimmen Necropolis Northern Elsweyr Elsweyr

26Labyrinthian Western Skyrim Greymoor

27Nchuthnkarst Blackreach:GC Greymoor

28Zenithar's Abbey Blackwood Blackwood

29The Silent Halls Blackwood Blackwood


For raid groups of 12 players.

70Aetherian Archive Craglorn

71Halls of Fabrication Vvardenfell

72Hel Ra Citadel Craglorn

73Sanctum Ophidia Craglorn

74Asylum Sanctorium Clockwork City Clockwork City

75Cloudrest Summerset Summerset

76Maw of Lorkhaj Reaper's March Thieves Guild

77Sunspire Northern Elsweyr Elsweyr

78Kyne's Aegis Western Skyrim Greymoor

79Rockgrove Blackwood Blackwood

ESO Group Dungeons

Full group of 4 players, Undaunted.

30Arx Corinium Shadowfen

31Blackheart Haven Bangkorai

32Blessed Crucible The Rift

33City of Ash Greenshade

34Crypt of Hearts Rivenspire

35Darkshade Caverns Deshaan

36Direfrost Keep Eastmarch

37Elden Hollow Grahtwood

38Fungal Grotto Stonefalls

39Selene's Web Reaper's March

40Spindleclutch Glenumbra

41Tempest Island Malabal Tor

42The Banished Cells Auridon

43Vaults of Madness Coldharbour

44Volenfell Alik'r Desert

45Wayrest Sewers Stormhaven

46Bloodroot Forge Craglorn Horns of the Reach

47Cradle of Shadows Shadowfen Shadows of the Hist

48Depths of Malatar Gold Coast Wrathstone

49Falkreath Hold Craglorn Horns of the Reach

50Fang Lair Bangkorai Dragon Bones

51Frostvault Eastmarch Wrathstone

52Lair of Maarselok Grahtwood Scalebreaker

53March of Sacrifices Greenshade Wolfhunter

54Moon Hunter Keep Reaper's March Wolfhunter

55Moongrave Fane Northern Elsweyr Scalebreaker

56Imperial Prison Imperial City Imperial City

57Ruins of Mazzatun Shadowfen Shadows of the Hist

58Scalecaller Peak Stormhaven Dragon Bones

59White-Gold Tower Cyrodiil Imperial City

60Icereach Wrothgar Harrowstorm

61Unhallowed Grave Bangkorai Harrowstorm

62Castle Thorn Western Skyrim Stonethorn

63Stone Garden Blackreach: GC Stonethorn

64The Cauldron Dungeon Deshaan Flames of Ambition

65Black Drake Villa Gold Coast Flames of Ambition

66Red Petal Bastion Glenumbra Walking Flame

67The Dread Cellar Blackwood Walking Flame

Group-Based Arenas

90Dragonstar Arena Craglorn

91Blackrose Prison Murkmire Murkmire

Solo Arenas

92Maelstrom Arena Wrothgar Orsinium

93Vateshran Hollows The Reach Markarth