UC Vigilance in Starfield

UC Vigilance is United Colonies Capital Ship located in orbit of Phobos in the Sol System in Starfield, Starfield Maps, Walkthrough & Guide.

UC Vigilance location description in Starfield Galaxy, Missions, Activities, NPC and Vendor.

UC Vigilance is United Colonies Capital Ship located in orbit of Phobos in the Sol System in Starfield.

UC Vigilance is associated with Crimson Fleet Faction Missions.

You come to UC Vigilance for "Deep Cover" Crimson Fleet Faction. To start a faction mission line for Crimson Fleet you have to go to Get arrested in New Atlantis in United Colonies or Complete "Grunt Work" UC Vanguard Mission to start "Deep Cover" Mission.

Check Crimson Fleet Faction Missions for full list of Crimson Fleet Faction Missions in Starfield.

UC Vigilance Walkthrough

SysDef Guard NPC for "Deep Cover" Crimson Fleet Faction

You arrived aboard the UC Vigilance, You should speak to and then follow the SysDef Guard at the docking port so they can presumably lead me to Commander Ikande.

UC SysDef or Crimson Fleet?

You'll probably find it strange that a Crimson Fleet Faction story takes you to the UC SysDef, headquarters of their greatest enemies. Where to get hired as a SysDef member. But that's how it's told. Both SysDef and Crimson Fleet will place demands on you that will often contradict each other.

At any time you can choose one of the sides, e.g. actively start fighting SysDef by attacking them.

But the smartest thing to do, if you accept all orders from SySDef and stick to their moral approach, is to go as an undercover agent to the Crimson Fleet and pretend to be "evil" there. And at the end of the Crimson Fleet Faction Missions line, you will still be able to choose one of the sides.

So even if you want to be a "cruel star pirate", it's worth pretending to the end that you're on the SysDef side, so that you can choose a side at the end.

Commander Kibwe Ikande NPC talk to him for "Deep Cover" Crimson Fleet Faction.

Commander Ikande has outlined the parameters of my mission and has asked you to speak to his second-in-command, Lieutenant Jillian Toft.

Lieutenant Jillian Toft NPC

Jillian Toft will detail your tasks in the "Deep Cover" mission

My first mission is to proceed to Cydonia and make contact with Saoirse Bowden at the Trade Authority. UC SysDef has provided me with a crate of Aurora to sell as a "buy in" to the Crimson Fleet.

And next Jillian Toft will give you a another (not story) Crimson Fleet mission:

Burden of Proof Crimson Fleet by Lieutenant Jillian Toft.

I've been tasked by Lt. Jillian Toft on the UC Vigilance to find and bring back any evidence pertaining to Crimson Fleet related illegal activities. Audio logs and text logs would be especially helpful in bringing them to justice.

Burden of Proof Evidence locations:

  • Naeva Meetup (Evidence) on the table near Adler Kemp in Cydonia ("Deep Cover")
  • Mira's Demise (Evidence) in The Bunks in The Key
  • Request A17 (Evidence) in The Key in Kryx System, in Jasmine Durand's Office
  • Voss's Parts (Evidence) in The Key in Kryx System, in Delgado's Office
  • Kreet Offer (Evidence) in The Den in Wolf System, table over bar.
  • Hopetown Raid (Evidence) in Hopetown in Valo System, in Pit Stop Bar on the table
  • Chunks Heist (Evidence) in Red Mile in Porrima System, on the bar in gambling area
  • Chiroptera (Evidence) in Gagarin's Landing in Alpha Centauri, in bar on the counter
  • Gennady Ayton (Evidence) in The Clinic in Narion System, in Ayton's Office ("Doctors Orders")
  • Carter's Gig (Evidence) in The Lock on Suvorov Planet, showers in Prison's Wing ("Echoes of the Past")
  • Warden's Log (Evidence) in The Lock on Suvorov Planet, in Warden’s Office ("Echoes of the Past")
  • Request Denied (Evidence) on Siren of The Stars in Aranae System, in Captain Rokov Room ("Breaking the Bank")
  • Galbank Plan (Evidence) on Siren of The Stars in Aranae System, from Gabriel Vera when you talk to him and give him money ("Breaking the Bank")
  • Huan's Talk (Evidence) in Kay’s House, The Well in New Atlantis ("The Best There Is")
  • Eubanks & Woods (Evidence) on SY-920 in Luyten Star, in side room ("The Best There Is")
  • The Big Score (Evidence) in Madame Sauvage’s Place in Ebbside on Neon ("Absolute Power")
  • Meeting With Bayu (Evidence) in Generdyne Industries in Neon ("Absolute Power")
  • Ayumi's Offer (Evidence) Euphorika's Private Lounge on Neon ("Absolute Power")
  • Message For Bog (Evidence) Abandoned Ecliptic Garrison in Groombridge System, the same location as Maddie's Ring ("Reclaiming the Past")
  • GBLR013: Mortem Orbire (Evidence) on The Legacy Ship over Bannoc IV, next to Jasper Kryx Body ("Eye of the Storm")

Now go to Cydonia and talk to Saoirse Bowden.

Saoirse Bowden has indicated that Adler Kemp is the local Crimson Fleet contact and would possibly accept the crate of Aurora as a "buy in" to join their ranks. I can find him at the Broken Spear Bar.

After we meet the requirements set by Adler Kemp, we will receive next mission Crimson Fleet "Rook Meets King".

Go and find Astraea Ship over Europa Moon in Sol System and talk to Naeva Mora.

Naeva Mora wants me to destroy the Ragana in order to kill a Crimson Fleet traitor on board. I can follow her order or try to find another way to resolve the situation.

Do not attack "Ragana" Ship speak to them calmly on behalf of UC SysDef, dock and board.

Talk to Dimitri [UC SysDef] The Fleet want Rake ..., Deliver him to SysDef.

Return to Naeva Mora over Europe and lie to her about [Lie] Austin Rake is dead.

Return to Commander Kibwe Ikande on UC Vigilance, talk to him. he will give you additional information about Crimson Fleet members:


Age: 44, Personality: Clever, Shrewd, Careful, Calculating

Profile: Originally hailing from Akila City, Delgado fell into crime at a young age, despite being born into wealth. His parents exiled him in hopes of correcting the behavior, yet this only served to increase his criminal behavior, culminating in the theft of a cargo ship which he used to initiate himself into the Crimson Fleet. Delgado is a shrewd, clever leader who isn't prone to rash judgment. He keeps a tight rein on the Crimson Fleet, but he's given his pirates enough latitude to do what they do best.

Naeva Mora

Age: 32, Personality: Short-Fused, Temperamental, Intense, Incendiary

Profile: Naeva Mora was born and raised in Neon and orphaned at a young age. She spent most of her youth getting arrested for crimes ranging from simple assault to grand larceny, and was a frequent visitor at the SysDef prison. At 22, she stowed away on a transport to Akila City. Was eventually recruited to the Crimson Fleet.

Adler Kemp

Age: 45, Personality: Hot-headed, Competent, Seasoned

Profile: Adler is a Crimson Fleet ship captain operating out of Cydonia. His hot-headed nature means Adler is easily provoked, which has gotten him into numerous scrapes. Despite this flaw, Adler is a seasoned ship captain and in most cases he can use his battle prowess to escape sticky situations.

Fly to The Key Space Station in Kryx System

After "Echoes of the Past"

The hunt for Kryx's Legacy is on! The information from the Lock seems concrete enough that Delgado wants me to infiltrate GalBank to find out more about their long-lost transport. I'm to head to the Siren of the Stars, a Trident Starliner with a GalBank VIP aboard.

Commander Kibwe Ikande NPC

Breaking the Bank Crimson Fleet Faction by Commander Kibwe Ikande.

To discover more about the Legacy, the GalBank transport with a fortune in credits, I need to proceed to the Siren of the Stars. This starliner is captained by Rokov, a former member of the Crimson Fleet.

Go to Siren of the Stars Starliner for "Breaking the Bank" Crimson Fleet Faction Mission. On Siren of the Stars you have to:

  • No one can die on Siren of the Stars.
  • Get Galbank Credentials from Larry Dumbrosky for "Breaking the Bank".
  • Get Earth Savior Award from Safe Room Safe for Naeva Mora.
  • Get Request Denied (Evidence) from Captain Rokov Room for "Burden of Proof".
  • Get Galbank Plan (Evidence) from Gabriel Vera for "Burden of Proof".

Then visit GalBank Archives in New Atlantis, go to Delgado in The Key and Return to Commander Kibwe Ikande.

After "Breaking the Bank"

Talk to Commander Kibwe Ikande and return to The Key and talk to Naeva and Jasmine for "The Best There Is" Mission.

After you return from SY-920 UC Starstation

Talk to Commander Kibwe Ikande to finish "The Best There Is" Crimson Fleet Faction and take next mission "Absolute Power"

Absolute Power Crimson Fleet Faction by Commander Kibwe Ikande.

In order to retrieve the Conduction Grid technology, I need to travel to Neon and meet up with Estelle Vincent, the Crimson Fleet's Captain based out of the hedonistic city.

Go to Neon City.

For "Absolute Power" you have to infiltrate Generdyne Industries in Ebbside in Neon City.

  • Meet Estelle Vincent in Madame Sauvage's Place in Neon City
  • Talk to Myka in Euphorika Bar and ask about Ayumi Komiko
  • Meet Ayumi Komiko in "Members' Lounge" in Euphorika Bar, pay her for Generdyne Storage Room Pass
  • Use Generdyne Industries Delivery Entrance to enter Generdyne Industries in Ebbside in Neon City.
  • You can complete the entire "Absolute Power" mission inside Generdyne Industries without killing anyone. Leave your companion outside.
  • Equip the Novablast Disruptor to stun enemies and sneak in the direction the mission marker is pointing to.
  • Download Conduction Grid's Tech from Power Core Computer and go find Breyson Bayu.
  • Get Encryption Cipher from Breyson Bayu.
  • Upload Estelle's Virus to Chief Technician's Computer
  • Take Neon Nights 04 from Breyson Bayu room.
  • Speak to Benjamin Bayu in Astral Lounge.
  • Return to Estelle
  • Take The Big Score (Evidence) from room you talk to Estelle.

Return to The Key and talk to Naeva.

Next mission after "Absolute Power" is "Eye of the Storm" Crimson Fleet Faction by Delgado in The Key.

Eye of the Storm Crimson Fleet Faction is an important Mission in which, apart from recovering Kryx's Legacy, you will have to decide which side you will choose, UC SysDef or Crimson Fleet. Depending on your choice, the plot of Crimson Fleet Storyline will unfold differently.

After "Eye of the Storm" when sided with UC SysDef

I sided with UC SysDef, so when I returned from the GalBank Transport "Legacy" Ship, I was already an enemy of the Crimson Fleet. The next mission "Legacy's End" was for me in the variant of allying with UC SysDef.

Legacy's End Crimson Fleet Faction UC SysDef Side.

After I decided to bring Kryx's Legacy to UC SysDef, the Crimson Fleet has launched an attack on the Vigilance. I've been ordered to secure the area by destroying the pirates' ships.

You must destroy the Crimson Fleet ships attacking UC Vigilance, then dock and talk to Commander Kibwe Ikande, give him Kryx's Legacy.

Commander Ikande has informed you that the Vigilance is preparing to attack the Key with an all-out assault. In order to keep the flagship safe, you should jump ahead to The Key and disable the Key's Defensive Batteries.

Go to The Key.

After capture The Key for "Legacy's End"

Talk to Commander Kibwe Ikande to finish "Legacy's End".

Kryx's Legacy and the Key are in the hands of UC SysDef, and the Crimson Fleet have been all but eliminated, which should render the Settled Systems safer for years to come.

This is where the Crimson Fleet storyline ends.

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