SY-920 UC Starstation in Starfield

SY-920 UC Starstation is restricted UC Station orbiting Luyten's Rock in the Luyten's Star system in Starfield, Starfield Maps, Walkthrough & Guide.

SY-920 UC Starstation location description in Starfield Galaxy, Missions, Activities, NPC and Vendor, SY-920 Station is restricted UC Station orbiting Luyten's Rock in the Luyten's Star system in Starfield.

You come to SY-920 UC Starstation for "The Best There Is" Crimson Fleet Faction Mission by Delgado.

To get to SY-920 UC Starstation you have to:

  • Talk to Naeva and Jasmine on the Key
  • Meet Huan Daiyu in New Atlantis, The Well, Kay's House.
  • Board Huan's ship Jade Swan and go with her to SY-920.

SY-920 and "The Best There Is" Walkthrough

Your main task is to steal ComSpike and deliver it to Delgado in The Key.

The entire mission "The Best There Is", infiltrating the SY-920 UC Starstation and stealing the ComSpike can be completed without killing anyone. Follow the mission markers. As you delve deeper into the Station, you will encounter further obstacles in the form of Guard Posts, and in most cases you will have more than one way to proceed further, through Vents, by using a disguise, bribing guards, or using Persuade.

Use Intercoms to communicate with Huan Daiyu as you progress.

After entering the station, you will find yourself in Cargo Bay, the exit from which is blocked by the United Colonies Officer.

Find Eliah Schilling NPC and talk to him about missing key.

Move to center of Cargo Bay and talk to UC Marine Grunt NPC tell him someone is calling him in another part of the room.

Pick up SY-920 Maintenance Keycard which you will find where UC Marine Grunt stood.

Use Intercom, open Locked Doors and enter.

You have to be [Stealth] here, use Vent and move to go to the soldiers' quarters, watch out for the guard who can't see you, find the Uniform.

Ensign Akasaka's Uniform pick it up and put it on yourself.

Pass the next guard post and enter Command Bay, inside use Intercom.

In Security Room find Clerance Code Computer, you pretend to be Ensign Akasaka because you have his Uniform, so your passcode will be under A-H and Ensign.

Pass Guard Post to Operation Center using AK127C code.

Find Archives, use Data Access Computer, Upgrade Security Clerance for Engineering Bay 4.

Use Elevator to Engineering Bay 4 and use Intercom.

Dr. Gabriel Vogel NPC find him and talk to him. Tell him you are from Security Team, [Security] and [Persuade] him that you are new test pilot.

Eubanks & Woods (Evidence) for "Burden of Proof" Mission in the back of the labs, pass room with Dr. Gabriel Vogel, few more rooms.

Find a changing room for Pilots.

Uc Test Pilot NPC talk to him and [Persuade] him.

Refined SY-920 Pilot Spacesuit pick it up and put it on yourself.

Pass next Guar Post telling that Dr. Vogel gave the approval.

Go to Flight Control, use Flight Control Computer with "Select Project to Add" and "Project: UCE-86 ComSpike"

Go to Docking Bay 08 and enter Prototype Ship

Fly to The Key with Prototype Ship to finish "The Best There Is" Crimson Fleet Faction Mission.

I've managed to commandeer the prototype ship with the ComSpike module. I grav jumped back to the Key and can now talk to the parties involved about the status of the mission.

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