New Homestead Map Starfield

Starfield Map of New Homestead located on Titan Moon of Saturn in Sol System with Missions, Activities, NPC and Vendor locations, Starfield Maps, Walkthrough & Guide.

New Homestead Map Starfield

New Homestead Map Starfield
New Homestead Map Starfield

Map of New Homestead in Starfield. New Homestead settlement is located on Titan Moon of Saturn in Sol System.

New Homestead, formerly a scientific research base, is now an early colonization "Living History" tourist village.

New Homestead Map

Starfield Map of New Homestead located on Titan Moon of Saturn in Sol System with Missions, Activities, NPC and Vendor locations, Starfield Maps, Walkthrough & Guide..


Landing Pad

UC Security NPC

Enter New Homestead Activity

Ship Services Technician NPC

Speak with Luthor Activity

Trade Authority KioskVendor Here you can sell surplus items.


Entrance to New Homestead interiors.


Ground Floor

When you enter you are on Ground Floor of New Homestead Building.

UC Security NPC

Speak with Joyce Activity

Tourist NPC

  • On the right you will find the elevator (up) to the Energy System Office, go there (03)
  • Go to the end of the corridor in the Ground Floor and turn right to reach the Hydroponic Farm (06)
  • Go to the end of the corridor and take stairs to in the Main Level (08).

Energy System Office

The room is located above the Ground Floor, use the elevator in the Ground Floor to get here.

Joice Osaka NPC talk to her about Brownouts, you can use [Outpost Engineering] and mention your experience in mining, to get job.

Brownout Misc Mission by Joice Osaka. It looks like this mission can be repeated. When I came back to her after a long time, she ordered me Brownout again.

Joyce Osaka, New Homestead's energy technician, asked me to help clear ice away from some of the power equipment out in the field and stop the brownouts. I should use a cutter to clear away the ice.

In this room you can also find Cutter Heavy if you don't get one, you will need it for mission, Personal Log: Joyce Osaka and Equipment Review.

Now go out of building to finish "Brownout" Misc Mission.


Wind turbines

For "Brownout" Misc Mission, clear Ice Deposits with Cutter.


Hydroponic Farm

Maura Munich NPC a wife who dreams of exploring the galaxy

Nathaniel Manila NPC a husband who stubbornly sticks to tradition and his small home

Sylvie Munich NPC a daughter torn between father and mother.

You meet a family of farmers and you can talk to each of them. This does not lead to any plot consequences or a new mission, it is an element of lore.

Maura Munich, who is curious about the world, is particularly talkative and will ask you a lot of questions that you can answer. The answers you give won't affect the story in Starfield, but you can put Maura in a better or worse mood.

It is worth mentioning that the long dialogue with Maura is voice acted by actress Moira Quirk, known from many games, including Skyrim (Karliah) and Hogwarts Legacy (Professor Garlick).


Elevator to Residential Wing (22)

At the end of the farm, don't go there this time.


Stairs to New Homestead Main Level.

At the end of Ground Floor. Go there now.


Stairs from Ground Level.

Mission BoardTerminal

Self Service Bounty ClearanceTerminal


Chunks! - Bar & Vendor

Luthor Atlanta Vendor Aid Vendor, talk to him about Chunks special sauce.

Special Sauce Misc Mission by Luthor Atlanta.

I agreed to help pick up a case of Chunks special sauce for Luthor, the manager of the New Homestead Chunks. I'll need to speak with someone at the other Chunks restaurant he's sending me to.


Museum Exhibition

Speak with Giuliana Activity

You can walk around all the showcases and use the Museum Displays to read about history.

Maurice Lyon NPC community Elder, talk to him, will tell you stories about old Earth.


Starsap Tours

Speak with Bill Starsap Activity

There is a bug with Bill Starsap and "Starsap Tours" Misc Mission so save your game before you talk to him.

Bill Starsap wants 100 credits for Tour, but you can use Speech Challenge [Persuasion] to lower his price to 0 Credits. Do not do this, just pay him.

The bug is that Bill Starsap stops during his Tour and there is no way for him to continue, reload the game in such a situation.

Bill Starsap NPC talk to him, and pay him 100 Credits.

Starsap Tours Misc Mission by Bill Starsap.

I decided to take a tour of New Homestead with Bill Starsap, so I can learn more about its history.


Store - Vendor

Jae Montreal Vendor Vendor, has various goods, including a large assortment of Resources.

If you talk enough with Jae Montreal you will get New Hampstead: Live History.

Adrian Brasilia NPC you can talk to her about poverty and her future, you can help her.

Adrian Brasilia is a strange, sad woman. Talk to her more than once if necessary. Try to convince her that she is noticeable, important and that you enjoy talking to her.

You will be able to offer to fund her education [Pay 20,000 Credits], for this amount you will receive gratitude and only gratitude. I don't know anything about it having any impact on the story.

Female Companions, if one of them is with you, will be delighted and your status in their eyes will increase.

If you have a Background Professor, you will be able to advise her and invite Adrian Brasilia to become a part-time student.


Brown Horse Tavern - Bar & Vendor

Anja Seattle Vendor Aid Vendor, talk to her.

Love You, Anja! on the counter.

Brown Horse Tavern Computer Terminal

In the back room you will find Heatleech, it is harmless, you can use it to practice the Xenosociology Skill, use Pacify on it (Hand Scanner).



Claudio Amsterdam NPC you can talk with him about mining.

Mining Monthly Issue 09Skill Magazine in the main mining room of the mine, through the wall to the right of the entrance, on reels of cables.


Additional exit to the surface

Don't go there this time.


Entrance to Mine

Don't go there this time.


Clinic - Doctor

Dr. Lacota's Computer Terminal you can hack it for training (Advanced)

Dr. Giuliana Lakota Vendor Aid Vendor & Doctor, talk to her, she do not like tourists.

Tourists Go Home Misc Mission by Dr. Giuliana Lakota.

Dr. Lakota wants me to put on this monster costume she gave me and try to scare off a group of tourists in hopes word will spread and tourism will take a dive. She really dislikes tourists.

Dr. Giuliana Lakota will give you a "monster" costume, you have to put it on and go to (19) to scare the tourists there.


Scaring tourists

For "Tourists Go Home" Misc Mission



In the rest of the Facilities there is nothing interesting, you will find Cages, a Bathroom and two Apartments.


Maurice Lyon's Journal

Maurice Lyon's JournalSNOW GLOBE LOCATION book is on a shelf in the corner of the Museum. Provides the location of Hong Kong Landmark on Earth.

Visit the Hong Kong Landmark on Earth Activity


Elevator to Hydroponic Farm (06)

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