The Lodge in New Atlantis Map Starfield

Starfield Map of The Lodge in New Atlantis City located on Jemison Planet in Alpha Centauri System with Missions, Activities, NPC and Vendor locations, Starfield Maps, Walkthrough & Guide.

The Lodge Map in Starfield

The Lodge Map in Starfield
The Lodge Map in Starfield

Map of The Lodge in New Atlantis City in Starfield. The Lodge in New Atlantis City is located on Jemison Planet in Alpha Centauri System and it is capital of the United Colonies faction.

The Lodge in MAST District of New Atlantis is home to the Constellation exploration Starfield faction.

The Lodge Map is part of New Atlantis Map.

The Lodge in New Atlantis Map

Starfield Map of The Lodge in New Atlantis City located on Jemison Planet in Alpha Centauri System with Missions, Activities, NPC and Vendor locations, Starfield Maps, Walkthrough & Guide.

You first come to The Lodge in New Atlantis to finish "One Small Step" Main Mission.


The Lodge Entrance

To enter The Lodge you will need Chronomark Watch, watch Barrett gave you on Vectera during "One Small Step" Main Mission.

Once you get inside, head straight to The Lodge Library (02), where your first encounter with Constellation will take place.

First visit to The Lodge


The Lodge Library

After entering the room, you have a chance to listen to the conversation and then talk to Sarah Morgan.

Sarah Morgan NPC Head of the Constellation faction, talk to her.

Complete "One Small Step" Main Mission.

I brought the Artifact to Constellation, and now they want me to join. Sarah Morgan, the Chair of Constellation, is asking me to come with her on a mission.

Rewards: Lodge Key a key that allows you to move around The Lodge, Constellation Pack, 8000 Credits.

The Old NeighborhoodMain Mission by Sarah Morgan.

Sarah wanted to talk to me about my new first mission.

Talk to Noel about quarters Activity

Walter Stroud NPC financially maintains Constellation, talk to him.

For "Liquid Assets" Misc Mission by Nyssa Marcano, I have an investment opportunity for you.

Overdesigned Misc Mission by Walter Stroud, later in story after you finish "All That Money Can Buy".

Walter Stroud wants me to help his R&D team with their next shipbuilding project. Development has stalled, and he believes I can get it back on track.

Overdesigned is important mission because you will get nice spaceship as reward, check Stroud-Eklund Staryard.

Complete a Research Project Activity

Craft or modify an item Activity

Matteo Khatri NPC talk to him.

Noel NPC scientist, talk to her.

Noel Merchant - Noel is also Vendor.

Follow to Noel Activity

Noel will show you around The Lodge, follow her.

Constellation Guide 01Skill Magazine in the center, near the artifact.

Finishing "The Old Neighborhood" Main Mission:

Add another Artifact to your collection and talk to Sarah and finish "The Old Neighborhood" Main Mission.

Take reward: 400 XP, 8000 Credits, Constellation Space Suit and Space Helmet, Sarah Morgan will become your selectable Companion.

And you will receive three more missions:

The Empty Nest Main Mission by Sarah Morgan, talk to Sam Coe to start mission..

Sarah Morgan wants me to join an expedition headed up by Sam Coe, another Constellation member. We'll be going to Freestar Collective space.

Back to Vectera Main Mission by Sarah Morgan.

Argos Extractors is packing up operations on Vectera, but there's no word about Barrett. I need to go there and find out what happened.

Into the Unknown Main Mission by Sarah Morgan.

Sarah has asked me to go to the Eye, a star station that Constellation owns in orbit of Jemison. I need to meet with Vladimir Sall about finding more Artifacts in the fringes of space.

Finishing "The Empty Nest" Main Mission.

Add next Artifact and finish The Empty Nest Main Mission.

Take reward: 350 XP, Scout's Refined Rattle Pistol, 7200 Credits and Sam Coe available as Companion

Talk to Sam Coe and join him as a Companion.

Finishing "Back to Vectera" Main Mission.

Let Barrett talk, then talk to him to finish "Back to Vectera" Main Mission, get reward: 350 XP, 7200 Credits and Barrett now available as a Companion. Join Barret.

Finishing "Into the Unknown" Main Mission.

Talk to Vladimir and show him new Power to finish "Into the Unknown" Main Mission, as a reward except Andreja is you new companion, you will get 4000 XP and 9500 Credits and of course the ability to use Powers and visit more Temples for next Powers.

Two more Main Missions will open up to you.

Power from Beyond Main Mission by Vladimir.

There's a large anomaly on a distant planet that matches the signature of one of the Artifacts. I need to find it.

All That Money Can BuyMain Mission by Walter Stroud.

Walter has asked me to come with him to Neon, where he intends to purchase an Artifact. He’ll be riding as a passenger in my ship until we get there.




Your Room

This is your room, this is where Noel will finish showing you around and you can continue exploring The Lodge on your own.

Check out The Constellation Mission Board Activity

There is Storage in you room.


Matteo Khatri Room

Sir Livingstone's Second JournalSNOW GLOBE LOCATION will activate nice Activity, location of Apollo Landmark.

Visit the Apollo Landmark on Luna Activity


Noel Room

Pharmaceutical LabWorkbench


Andreja Room

There are 2 locked Weapon Cases here.



Place to rest.


Exit to the roof.

Nothing interesting on the roof.


Entrance to basement.

Enter the basement.



Constellation Mission BoardTerminal

Industrial WorkbenchWorkbench

The Industrial Workbench allows you to create basic manufactured components, which can be used for building structures for your outposts and crafting mods for your weapons and equipment.

The raw resources used for manufactured components can be acquired from planets and moons by starting an outpost and setting up Resource Extractors.

More advanced manufactured components can be created from Fabricators at an outpost.

Spacesuit WorkbenchWorkbench

Weapon WorkbenchWorkbench

Pharmaceutical LabWorkbench

Cooking StationWorkbench

Research LabWorkbench

The Research Lab lets you discover new crafting recipes by completing research projects. Each research project requires materials in order to make progress.

The materials needed can range from raw minerals extracted from planets, to organic substances extracted from alien creatures and plantlife, to manufactured components that can be made at an Industrial Workbench.

On the walls hang two weapons and ammo, including Coachman Shotgun.



There is locked glass case with astronaut suit inside. To unlock this lock you have to learn 3 Tier of the Security skill.

Mark I Spacesuit

Mark I Spacesuit in The Lodge Starfield - Starfield

Mark I Spacesuit in The Lodge



Exit to The Well

But don't go out with this exit now.

Door on this side is open, but the door from The Well side is locked and will only open later in the game's storyline.


Cora Coe Room

Governor's First Meeting Agenda book, take it with you, it's on the shelf, you'll need it at the Coe Heritage Museum in Akila City in Cheyenne System later in story.


Walter Stroud Room


Sarah Morgan Room


Sam Coe Room

Before leaving, talk to Sarah Morgan about "The Old Neighborhood" Main Mission and start it.

From now Sarah Morgan is your Companion. Sarah Morgan Companion Skills: Astrodynamics (4), Lasers (3), Leadership (2), Botany (1).

Exit through The Lodge Entrance and return to MAST District to continue exploring New Atlantis.

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