Akila City Map Starfield

Starfield Map of Akila City located on Akila Planet in Cheyenne System with Missions, Activities, NPC and Vendor locations, Starfield Maps, Walkthrough & Guide.

Akila City Map Starfield

Akila City Map Starfield
Akila City Map Starfield

Map of Akila City in Starfield, Akila City is located on Akila Planet in Cheyenne System.

Akila City is the capital and oldest settlement in the Freestar Collective.

You come here for "The Empty Nest" Main Mission, but you can also explore this location without this mission.

Akila City, capital of the Freestar Collective, and symbol of hope and freedom for every soul in the Settled Systems.

In the year 2167, intrepid trailblazer Solomon Coe claimed and named the Cheyenne star system. He then set his boots down on this very planet, which he named Akila. And although he was but a single man, Solomon Coe named his new settlement Akila City - because he knew that someday his dream would come true, and his tiny outpost would one day grow into the thriving frontier town it is today.

All we ask is that you treat everyone you meet in Akila City the way you'd want to be treated yourself: with respect, kindness, good cheer. Our trained security officers are here for your protection, but it's protection you'll seldom need.

We do ask everyone in Akila City, be it visitor or resident, to stay within the settlement's walls. The Ashta roam freely on the other side, and will view any human being as prey.

Commitment to Freedom

Throughout the course of recorded history, that word has meant so many things to so many people. For Solomon Coe, true understanding of the concept came in the year 2161, when the newly-formed United Colonies issued the Centaurus Proclamation, thereby formalizing the colonization of any star system in our galaxy. That was the moment Solomon Coe knew that his destiny lay elsewhere. In order to free himself, both body and spirit, he would need to heed his wanderlust and venture alone into the stars. And so he did.

Sadly, the United Colonies commitment to the very freedom they projected was short lived. As Solomon Coe expanded upon his dream, and invited other star systems to join him in what he called the Freestar Collective, United Colonies leadership revealed their true colors. Exploration was seen as aggression. Freedom, as defiance.

What followed were two bloody conflicts - the Narion War and Colony War. In both, the United Colonies tried to erase Akila City, and indeed the entire Freestar Collective, from the face of the Settled Systems. They claimed they were defending their borders. Outer space is infinite, and yet they wanted our own. Why? Because the very thought of freedom, to those who wish only to control, is unacceptable.

And yet, here you stand. In Akila City, proud capital of the Freestar Collective. Freedom is hard earned. Freedom is hard fought. But freedom is always worth it.

Business Directory and Other Buildings

Whether you live in Akila City or are just visiting, you'll find every business imaginable, from small independent stores to the larger retailers known throughout the Settled Systems.

The following is a list of some of the businesses you'll find here in Akila City:

  • Rowland Arms (Midtown)
  • The Hitching Post (Midtown)
  • Shepherd's General Store (Midtown)
  • Midtown Minerals (Midtown)
  • Stoneroot Inn (Midtown)
  • Laredo Firearms (Midtown)
  • Chunks (Midtown)
  • Sinclair's Books (Midtown)
  • TerraBrew (Midtown)
  • Aggie's (The Stretch)

Akila City also has many other locations that may be of interest, either for their historical significance or services they may offer:

  • The Rock (The Core)
  • Coe Estate (The Core)
  • Memorial (The Core)
  • Spaceport (Midtown)
  • GalBank (Midtown)
  • Sanctum Universum (Midtown)
  • House of the Enlightened (Midtown)
  • Honest Earl's Alien Extravaganza (The Stretch)
  • Trade Authority (The Stretch)

Check Akila City Side Missions for full side mission list for Akila City location.

Check Freestar Rangers Faction Missions for full list of Freestar Rangers Faction Missions in Starfield.

Akila City Map

Starfield Map of Akila City located on Akila Planet in Cheyenne System with Missions, Activities, NPC and Vendor locations, Starfield Maps, Walkthrough & Guide..


Spaceport & Ship Services

Landing Pad

Ship Services Technician NPC

You will meet Star Parcel Freighter in space and got Activity to deliver Star Package to Ship Services in Akila City, talk to Ship Services Technician for reward.

Trade Authority KioskVendor Here you can sell surplus items.

Corporate Representative NPC

For "The Empty Nest" Main Mission Talk to Sam Coe about his past.

For "The Empty Nest" Main Mission after you meet Jacob Coe, talk Cora Coe, asking her to convince Jacob.


Main Gate to Akila

Akila City Security NPC the guard will talk to you himself, continue the conversation for mission.

Job Gone Wrong Freestar Collective by Akila City Security.

A guard in Akila City warned me about a hostage situation at GalBank. If I want to help, I need to talk to Marshal Blake, head of the Freestar Rangers.

Go to Paradiso Activity when you talk to him after the robbery is over

Go straight to GalBank Robbery (03)


GalBank Robbery

Marshal Daniel Blake NPC he is negotiating with the bandits who robbed the bank, convince him that you will be the best negotiator.

Some bank robbers are holed up in GalBank with hostages. I need to find out what the robbers want.

Go to the intercom and talk to the Bank Robber Leader.

There is certainly more than one possible solution but deal with it peacefully. You probably won't succeed with the first [Persuade], but don't be discouraged, during the conversation you will have a chance to get another [Persuade] or [Diplomacy]. Either way, you need to convince the bandits to surrender, when that happens, go back to Marshal Daniel Blake and talk to him, you will get next mission.

Deputized Freestar Collective by Marshal Daniel Blake.

Marshal Daniel Blake directed me to speak to Ranger Emma Wilcox at the Rock in Akila City if I'm interested in joining the Freestar Rangers.

For "A Light in the Darkness" Misc Mission - bank robbery is update to A Light in the Darkness, tell Nada Muffaz about it when you will be in New Atlantis (33) again.


The Hitching Post - Bar & Vendor

Jaden Ross Vendor Aid Vendor.

Rosie Tannehill Companion You can recruit him for 15000 Credits (price varies depending on discounts), Wellness (3), Medicine (1).

Omari Hassan Companion You can recruit him for 15000 Credits (price varies depending on discounts), Shield Systems (3), Starship Engineering (1).

Self Service Bounty ClearanceTerminal

Mission BoardTerminal

The Hunter NPC you will meet this mysterious character again and you can talk to him again about good and bad deeds. Still, nothing more has come of it yet.


Shepherd's General Store - Vendor

Emerson Shepard Vendor Vendor, lot of Aids and Resources.


Rowland Arms - Vendor

Belle Rowland Vendor Vendor, Weapons and Ammo.


Akila Guard Barracks

When you approach the entrance, listen to the conversation.

Defensive Measures Misc Mission by Davis Wilson.

I heard a guard named Davis Wilson arguing with a scientist about trying to develop a way to protect the city better from Ashta. I should find out what's going on.

Davis Wilson NPC talk to him about new security measures

Keoni Alpin NPC talk to her about new sensors.

Inside building:

Vending MachineTerminal

Akila City Security Database Terminal


Akila City GalBank

The bank is after the robbery you prevented in (03). Inside you will find captured members of the Shaw Gang, their leader Jed Bullock, and the Guards guarding them. There's nothing more you can do about it (unless you want to free the Shaw Gang members, which seems very unwise for the plot).

The layout of the bank, including two entrances, the GalBank Front Door Key in Jed's inventory, and the secret passage to vault through the vent suggest that there is more than one solution to the situation in the bank, but that's okay, we saved the bank from a robbery.

William Crowley NPC

In the vault in the basement, to which the door is open, you will find bank safe deposit boxes.

Secure Storage Lockers Bank Lockers there are several you can unlock [Advanced]. This is a great opportunity to practice the [Security] Skill here.

For "The Empty Nest" Main Mission.

Sam directs you to Akila City GalBank, he wants you to find there old map, which leading to the artifact. You receive Coe GalBank Keycard from Sam, allowing you to open 3 Secure Storage Lockers.

In the last Locker you will find Note for Sam. Give this note to Sam and talk to him, [Persuade] him to go to his old house and talk to his father Jacob Coe.

3 x Secure Storage Lockers Coe Lockers need Coe GalBank Keycard to unlock it.


Terrabrew Coffee - Bar & Vendor

Terrabrew Employee Vendor Aid Vendor.


Coe Plaza

Solomon Coe Memorial - Monument to the founder of Akila City

Akila City Information Terminal along Coe Plaza you will find Akila City Information where you can learn more about the city.

Go to Eleos Activity you can hear from passersby on Coe Plaza

Find the distress call in the Charybdis system Activity you can hear from passersby on Coe Plaza

Tracker Alliance Agent NPC stands against the wall next to the monument.


Midtown Minerals - Resource Vendor

Alejandra Kane Vendor Resource Vendor.

Inside Midtown Minerals you will find various Resources on the shelves, some of them you would have to steal, but some you can simply legally take with you.


Chunks - Aid Vendor

Chunks Employee Vendor Aid Vendor.

For "Special Sauce" Misc Mission from Luthor in New Homestead, talk to Chunks Employee I'm here to pickup some special sauce ...


Trade Authority - Vendor

Duncan Lynch Vendor Vendor.

Deliver Message to Marcel Duris Activity when you talk to Duncan Lynch about job. (its not Mission, just Activity).

Hand Delivered Misc Mission by Duncan Lynch.

Deliver secret package to Marcel Duris in The Den in Wolf System.

For "Charity of the Wolf" Misc Mission by Amira Wolf, talk to Duncan Lynch I'm here to ask for donation for the Low House. You won't be able to get the donation, but that doesn't stop you from completing the mission.


Laredo Firearms - Weapons Dealer and Manufacturer

Reisha Lance Vendor Weapons Vendor.

Reisha's Office Key in inventory, can be [Steal] but is no need now.

In the back you will find Novice Lock, upstairs there is an office with another door to Unlock.

Computer Terminal

There is also an exit to the roof.

For "Charity of the Wolf" Misc Mission by Amira Wolf, talk to Reisha Lance I'm here to ask for donation for the Low House. You will receive the donation without any problems.

For "A New Narrative" Ryujin Industries by Imogene Salzo, you have to go upstairs, hide, open locked door, open Chest (pointed with quest mark) and put inside Confidential Files, then return to Imogene.


Shooting Range

There are some boxes with weapons and ammunition, but it is difficult to steal them unnoticed due to the guards walking around the walls.


South Gate

One of the four gates leading out of the city, but don't leave just yet.


Annie and Emily

Go to Red Mile Activity overheard conversation near this location.

You see two girls talking, talk to them.

Annie Wilcox NPC talk to her about Laredo Arms.

Emily Cartwright NPC

The Great Laredo Caper Misc Mission by Annie Wilcox.

So Annie Wilcox thinks there is a thief stealing things from the Laredo Firearms Factory. She says the thief has regularly been stealing around midnight.

This is easy mission located in (18), do it now.


Thief Suspect

For "The Great Laredo Caper" Misc Mission, you have to come here at midnight.

Thief Suspect NPC surprise him at night, talk to him but don't attack him and wait for Security to come.

Akila City Security NPC talk with her about Thief Suspect Annie may be a kid, but she's formidable

Go find Annie Wilcox at The Rock (19), and talk to her.

The Rock - Freestar Rangers HQ


Entrance to The Rock

Enter here now and go to Freestar Rangers Bar.


Freestar Rangers Bar - Bar & Vendor

First time you come here for "The Great Laredo Caper" Misc Mission to talk to Annie Wilcox, you need to talk to her when she is standing next to her mother Emma.

Annie Wilcox NPC

For "Deputized" Freestar Collective talk to Emma Wilcox

Emma Wilcox NPC talk to her about Freestar Rangers.

I want to join Freestar Rangers.

Before Emma Wilcox wants to talk to you further, she tells you to complete one Freestar Ranger Mission with the Freestar Rangers Mission Board.

Freestar Rangers Mission Board Terminal select any mission from the terminal and complete it, then return to Emma Wilcox. Do it now.

After you finish one Freestar Ranger Mission, return to Emma Wilcox, and talk to her again, then follow her to Marshal Blake's Office (21).

After visiting Marshal Blake's Office (21)

August Bowmen Vendor Aid Vendor.

Diego Monroe NPC

Helga Dubray NPC

Alex Shadid NPC


Marshal Blake's Office

The office is located inside The Rock, at the end of the building, up the stairs to the top floor.

For "Deputized" Freestar Collective you follow Emma Wilcox here, talk to Marshal Daniel Blake

You become a full-fledged Freestar Ranger, so you get equipment:

Deadeye Pistol Deputy Hat Ranger Deputy Uniform and Ranger Deputy Badge.

I've officially joined the Freestar Rangers with the rank of Deputy, and I've been assigned to accompany Ranger Emma Wilcox as we investigate a plea for help from a farmer on Montara Luna who claims that someone is trying to steal her land.

Now you should go to Waggoner Farm located on Montara Luna Moon of Montara in Cheyenne System. When you finish "Deputized" return here to Marshal Blake.

This is not a long mission, so do it now.

Waggoner Farm Map for "Deputized" Freestar Collective.

When return from Waggoner Farm tell Marshal Blake about it, and give him "Job's Done" Slate for "Where Hope is Built" Freestar Collective.

My first assignment as a Freestar Ranger is to learn why the First mercenary company is threatening farmers. To do that, I'll need to find them. My best lead is the ship the mercs on Montara Luna were using, which was stolen from the HopeTech factory on Polvo.

Recruitment and Retirement on desk.

Leave "Where Hope is Built" mission for now and go back to exploring Akila City, let's finish exploring The Rock.

Later for "Where Hope is Built" Freestar Collective: Talk to Marshal Blake, fly to Polvo Planet in Valo System and meet Nia Kalu on orbit of Polvo, help her and land in Hopetown. Go with Nia Kalu to meet Ron Hope, talk to him in his office in Hopetech in Hopetown on Polvo.


Skill Magazine

Gunslinger's Guide 01Skill Magazine near Marshal Blake's Office on small table


Mid levels in The Rock

Here you will find offices, warehouses and accommodation.

Freestar Rangers Computer Terminal

Jacob Coe: Out of Retirement on small table near exit.

To finish "Shadows in Neon" Freestar Collective give slate to Alex Shadid

My search for the First led me to Neon, where I tracked down Grace Early, the thief who stole the HopeTech starship I discovered on Montara Luna. From Grace I learned the names of two lieutenants in the First, Maya Cruz and Marco Graziani. She also gave me an encrypted slate, which I gave to Alex Shadid for analysis.

Alex Shadid NPC after finishing "Shadows in Neon" he will give you two next missions in Freestar Collective Faction Missions.

Surgical Strike Freestar Collective by Alex Shadid.

I'm tracking Maya Cruz, a technical genius and senior member of the First who recently had emergency surgery. Marshal Blake suggested I talk to Ranger Ben Armistead at the Clinic, a sophisticated medical facility in orbit of Deepala.

Go to The Clinic Medical Star Station orbiting Deepala in Narion System. Meet with Ranger Ben Armistead, he will help you to contact Ari Miller, who will help you to locate Maya Cruz inside The Clinic in VIP Wing. But Maya Cruz escaped to Eklund Excavation Site LC25 asteroid mine in Sakharov System, go there find Maya Cruz, take Encrypted Slate and deliver it to Alex Shadid in Akila City.

On the Run Freestar Collective by Alex Shadid.

I'm tracking Marco Graziani, head of a smuggling cartel and senior member of the First. Marshal Blake suggested I talk to Ranger Autumn MacMillan, who's been trying to crack Marco's smuggling operation. She's currently at the infamous Red Mile cantina on Porrima III.

Meet Ranger Autumn MacMillan at Red Mile Cantina on Porrima III Planet in Porrima System, talk to Mei Devine, start in Red Mile Run, then find "Fortuna" Starship on Codos to meet Marco Graziani, take Encrypted Slate from him and bring it back to Alex Shadid in Akila City.

Marshal Daniel Blake NPC

First to Fight, First to Die Freestar Collective by Marshal Daniel Blake.

My investigation of the First mercenaries continues. Ranger Alex Shadid decrypted the slates I brought him and learned that the First have a base called the Factory. Marshal Blake thinks it might be the abandoned mech factory on Arcturus II.

Meet with Marshal Daniel Blake, then go to Arcturus II in Arcturus System, defeat Mercenary Patrol Ships in orbit, and land in Freestar Mech Factory.

The mission "First to Fight, First to Die" is basically all about fighting, you have to get through the First Mercenaries and reach Major Paxton Hull. Talk to Paxton, but the matter cannot be resolved peacefully and you must kill him at the end. He will give you information about Ron Hope and collect some interesting items.

The Hammer Falls Freestar Collective last mission in Freestar Rangers Faction Missions, starts automatically after you finish "First to Fight, First to Die".

My investigation into the activities of the mercenary group called the First has led me to HopeTech founder Ron Hope. The First's leader, Major Paxton Hull, had evidence that Hope hired the First to seize farmland. Now it's time to learn Hope's plans and bring him to justice.

You have to go to Hopetown and deal with Ron Hope. You can try to come to terms with him, but if you insist that you want to bring him to justice, the conversation will end in a fight and you will have to kill Ron Hope. This is an acceptable solution. Return to Marshal Daniel Blake in Akila City.

The confrontation with Ron Hope is over. He agreed to end his scheme and find another way to save his company that won't endanger the citizens of the Freestar Collective. Now it's time to report back to Marshal Blake.

The threat of the First is over. In a desperate bid to cut costs and save his company, HopeTech founder Ron Hope hired the First mercenaries to seize farmland so he could use an experimental fertilizer to boost the soil's mineral content. In the end, the conspiracy cost him his life.


Infirmary - Medic & Vendor

Mary CartwrightMedic & Vendor Aid Vendor


Exit from The Rock

On the platform in front of the entrance you will find the archaeological excavation of the old The Rock.

Don't go there now, exit The Rock through (19)

Back to Akila City


Akila Prison

You will go to prison if you are caught breaking the law in Akila City.

UC Captain's Log: Balewa is on the desk.

On the first floor there is a prison cell locked with [Advance], inside, hidden behind an overturned bed, there is Va'Ruun Heretic Writing. To get to the cell with Va'Ruun Heretic Writing you must be [Stealth] because the guards below are watching you.

Va'Ruun Heretic Writing

  • This item is not a unique item as you will find further copies of Va'Ruun Heretic Writing later in the story, but it is a rare item.
  • It is a contraband item so you will not be able to pass customs control at the border with it. You will only be able to take it to ports that have no control.
  • It has a high selling price, so it's worth taking a look at it.
  • It can be used on The Key, Suvorov Planet, Kryx System further in the story to complete the mission.

To summarize, since contraband items are difficult to transport, leave Va'Ruun Heretic Writing in the cell and remember this location if you ever need them.


Enhance! - Genetic Salon

Here you can change your appearance for 500 Credits, you can change Body, Face and Name.

Rose NPC


Coe Heritage Museum

Leah Casler NPC

You can talk to her about the history of Akila City.

For "Late Bloomer" Misc Mission by Kelton Frush from New Atlantis - talk to Leah I'd like to talk to you about a tree branch, use [Botany]. But Leah Casler can't be convinced to give you a tree branch. You now have the option of [Steal] or [Persuade]. Start talking to her again and use [Persuade] and this time you will succeed.

Solomon Coe Books for Coe Heritage Museum

Finding the Solomon Coe Books for Coe Heritage Museum is not a real mission, it consists of individual Activities that you encounter during the game. You start this by talking to Leah Casler I have found something for your museum.

You get a reward for finding each book and returning it to Leah Casler. After finding all 6 books, you get an additional reward at the end.

Return Governor's First Meeting Agenda to Leah CaslerActivity

Return Solomon's Calculations to Leah CaslerActivity

Return Solomon Coe's Cheyenne Trip Inventory to Leah CaslerActivity

Return Original Charter of Akila City to Leah CaslerActivity

Return List of Early Cheyenne Settlers to Leah CaslerActivity

Return Solomon Coe Copy of Don Quixote to Leah CaslerActivity

Solomon's Trove Misc Mission by Leah Casler.

Finding the Solomon Coe Books for Coe Heritage Museum

Solomon Coe Books location:

  • Governor's First Meeting Agenda - you should already have this with you, you can find it in The Lodge (14) in New Atlantis at the beginning of the game;
  • Solomon's Calculations in Neon on Volii Alpha Planet in Volii System, you can but it in The Emporium Vendor;
  • Solomon Coe's Cheyenne Trip Inventory in Hopetown on Polvo Planet in Valo System, on Ron Hope desk;
  • Original Charter of Akila City during mission "Lair of the Mantis" in hexagonal Science Chest;
  • List of Early Cheyenne Settlers in The Red Mile bar on the table, on Porrima III Planet in Porrima System;
  • Solomon Coe Copy of Don Quixote during mission "On The Run", in the office on the bookshelf.

The Solomon Coe Books that you will bring to Leah Casler will then be found in the museum exhibition, on empty racks.

Safe Terminal [Expert]

There is an [Inaccessible] trapdoor in the roof of the Coe Heritage Museum.


Sanctum Universum

Si-Woo GwanNPC

Si-Woo Gwan: Investiture and Jake and The Enu: Part 2


The Stretch Apartment - House for Sale

Apartment is [Locked] - Requires Akila Midtown House Key.

You can buy this house form Ngodup Tate in (45).


Sinclair's Books - Book Vendor

Ahnjong Sinclair Vendor Notes Vendor

First Edition Misc Mission by Ahnjong Sinclair.

Ahnjong Sinclair BUY'S OLD BOOKS WRITTEN ON EARTH and pays well for them.

If I have any books for your Old Earth collection, I'll sell them to you.

Most of the classic Earth books you will find in the Starfield world are sold here, so collect them patiently and bring them to Sinclair's Books.

You can sell the following Old Earth books to Ahnjong Sinclair for a special price:

  • Count of Monte Cristo
  • Dracula
  • History of Pyrates
  • Last Days
  • Moby Dick
  • Space and Time
  • The Comet
  • War of the Worlds

The Ancient Civilization of EgyptSNOW GLOBE LOCATION book will activate Activity, location of The Cairo Landmark on Earth, you have to buy it from Ahnjong Sinclair.

Visit The Cairo Landmark on Earth Activity

Ahjong Sinclair: Book Idea

Gunslinger's Guide 02Skill Magazine on the table.


Aldwin Wright's Workshop

Aldwin Wright NPC he doesn't want to talk to us right now


Stoneroot Inn - Bar & Vendor

Eloise Reed Vendor Aid Vendor

You can rent room here.

Kate Foley NPC

Phil Hill NPC you can meet him also in Cydonia in The Broken Spear, he got "Top of the L.I.S.T." Misc Mission (Check Cydonia Map)

Missile Weapons Specialist Crew Member may or may not appear here for recruitment.

Outpost Management Specialist Crew Member may or may not appear here for recruitment.

Jacob Coe: Out of Retirement on small table.

Locked Door [Novice] nothing interesting inside.

Locked Door [Requires Key] to a room for rent.

For "Beer Run" Misc Mission by Sarah Filburn:

Listen to Eloise Reed and Kate Fole talking about the bad beer and go back to Sarah Filburn (52).


Hope Tech

Nothing interesting at the moment.

Frank Langstron NPC

Elizabeth Cardwell NPC

You can come here for "Last Will and Testament" Misc Mission, Frank Langstron will try to bribe you, but don't do business with him and take Sahar Hasanov's Will to Elias Cartwright.


Guard Tower

For "Defensive Measures" Misc Mission by Davis Wilson.

After you place Keoni's Sensor, 4 of them, meet Keoni Alpin at the foot of the Guard Tower.

She will ask you to get the guard to leave the Guard Tower

Akila City Security NPC on the Guard Tower, it will be easy for you to [Persuade] him to leave Guard Tower for a moment for Keoni.

Return to Keoni.

Keoni Alpin NPC she is near Guard Tower, talk to her.

False Positives Misc Mission by Keoni Alpin.

Keoni Alpin now has her seismic sensors set up and has the processing power to analyze the data. She said she might have some findings tomorrow.

You have to wait 24H for Keoni to collect data.


Aggie's - Bar & Vendor

Aggie Vendor Aid Vendor

Ethan Nash Vendor Aid Vendor

Ezekiel Companion You can recruit him for Free, Energy Weapon Dissipation (2), Scavenging (1), Shield Systems (1).

Lyle Brewer Companion You can recruit him for 15000 Credits (price varies depending on discounts), Shotgun Certification (2), Xenosociology (1), Particle Beams (1).

Payloads Specialist Crew Member may or may not appear here for recruitment.

Energy Weapons Specialist Crew Member may or may not appear here for recruitment.


Deimos Court

Sammie NPC

Coma NPC

Mooch NPC


Jansen Family

Liv Jansen NPC sits next to the house

Marko Jansen NPC inside house, talk to him.

Rough Landings Misc Mission by Marko Jansen.

Marko Jansen moved to Akila City and has been just stuck. He's desperate and is hoping I can contact his wife's cousin, Milena Axelrod, to see if she can throw some work their way. Milena is a merchant and her ship is in the Akila System.

You can find Dalliance Milena Axerod ship over Navaha Planet in Cheyenne System, dock to ship and talk to Milena.

I met and saved Milena Axelrod - and she's happy to help the Jansens out. The only problem is she ran afoul of the law in Akila City. She asked me to clear her name either with Mayor Elias Cartwright or a Trade Authority fixer named Tom Starrett.

Simone Jansen NPC he's fixing something across the street.

For "Charity of the Wolf" Misc Mission by Amira Wolf, give some wheat to Simone Jansen


The Rock Employee Residence (CLOSED)

Va'Ruun Scripture 03Skill Magazine on ground level in The Stretch, near closed The Rock Employee Residence, in a plastic shed, near yellow barrel.


King Family

Isabel King NPC

Axel King NPC


Akila Community Center (CLOSED)


Amira Wolf

Amira Wolf NPC She takes care of the poorest people.

[Pay 100 Credits] ..., Let me know if there's a way I can help out.

Charity of the Wolf Misc Mission by Amira Wolf.

The Low House feeds and provides for the basic needs of the unfortunates in the Stretch. But the latest IntelliWheat shipment is late. Amira Wolf has asked me to ask Sarah Filburn what's the status, and help if I need to.


Honest Earl's Alien Extravaganza

Earl Fulton NPC

Some trapped animals, but overall nothing interesting.


Akila City East Gate

Don't leave town now.


The Core Residence - House for Sale

Ngodup Tate House Vendor he is walking around this place, Ngodup Tate can sell you a home in Akila City.

Houses for Sale in Akila

  • The Core Residence Refurbished Colonial Manor in the Core (45) [Pay 78000 Credits]
  • The Stretch Apartment Modest One Bedroom near Coe Plaza (30) [Pay 45000 Credits]

Visit your new home in midtown Akila City Activity

Visit your new manor in the Akila City CoreActivity

Talk to Ngodup Tate about The Low House, Amira Wolf and helping poorest people

Blast Zone Misc Mission by Ngodup Tate.

Ngodup Tate wants me to break up some hard rock on a prospective build site for low income housing. It's a good cause, and it's a chance to use a mining laser again.

It is easy mission, do it now in (46).


Tate's Land

For "Blast Zone" Misc Mission by Ngodup Tate, Clear out the 6 hard Rock on Tate's Land and return to Ngodup Tate.


Lance Estate

Locked Door [Master].

Don't use the main entrance, go inside through the open entrance on the roof. There is nothing interesting inside, only some books.


Freestar Collective Consulate

Aaron Scott NPC

Freestar Captain's Log 03Skill Magazine inside on glass table.


Coe Estate

Its locked, we will return here later.

For "The Empty Nest" Main Mission.

Solomon's Adventures 01Skill Magazine on nightstand on first floor, in Jacob Coe's bedroom.

Jacob Coe NPC talk to him.

You witness a conversation and conflict between Jacob and Sam, but either way we need to get the map leading to the Artifact from Jacob.

There are several ways to convince Jacob Coe to return the map, but the easiest is to return to Akila City Spaceport and talk to Cora Coe, asking her to convince Jacob.

If you return from Cora to Coe Estate the map is yours.

Talk to Sam and go to The Empty Nest location near Akila City.


Cartwright Manor

Emily Cartwright NPC siting outside house.

Elias Cartwright NPC talk to him about Frank Langston.

Last Will and Testament Misc Mission by Elias Cartwright.

Elias Cartwright is really upset that Frank Langston is living in the historic Core district. He's offered me a job.

For "Charity of the Wolf" Misc Mission by Amira Wolf, I'm here to ask for donation for the Low House. You will receive the donation without any problems.

For "Last Will and Testament" Misc Mission give him Sahar Hasanov's Will.

For "Rough Landings" Misc Mission by Marko Jansen, I want to get Milena Axelrod permission to do business in Akila City

I cleared up Milena's problems with Mayor Elias. She's free and clear to return to Akila City. I should let Marko Jansen know the good news.


House of the Enlightened

Anton Goraya NPC


Weston Filburn's House

Sarah Filburn NPC

For "Charity of the Wolf" Misc Mission talk to Sarah Filburn Amira Wolf at the Low House send me ...

You have to Reboot The Farming Equipment, this is an easy mission, just outside the South Akila Gate, go there now and do this task, then go to Amira Wolf and return to Sarah Filburn and talk to her again.

Beer Run Misc Mission by Sarah Filburn.

A guard said that Sarah Filburn was arguing with her brother Henry about something. Might be worth investigating.

Sarah Filburn wants me to sabotage her brother-in-law's latest batch of beer so that he's forced to work on IntelliWheat, instead. I have to go to Henry Filburn's brewing operation and figure out how to do that.


Filburn Agricultural Distillery

For "Beer Run" Misc Mission by Sarah Filburn

Filburn Agricultural Terminal sabotage beer, raise the temperature and wait 24 hours, then go to Stoneroot Inn (33).


Henry Filburn's House

Henry Filburn NPC

Focus on Intelliwheat on small table.


Recreation Field

Krisha Langhari NPC

Adnaan Langhari NPC

Brinda Langhari NPC


Starrett House

Tom Starrett NPC he is outside house.

Maria Starrett NPC

There is a safe inside the house [Expert], I was lucky because I found a Legendary Rifle in it.



Gardener NPC


Filburn Agricultural Systems

Weston Filburn NPC

At this point in the story, we're basically done exploring Akila City, we'll come back here in the future, but for now, let's wrap up some loose ends.

For "Charity of the Wolf" Misc Mission by Amira Wolf.

Amira Wolf and the Low House needs more donations. She's asked me to talk to two reliable benefactors: Elias Cartwright and Reisha Lance. She also wants me to try and get the Trade Authority to start donating. So I should talk with Duncan Lynch.

Do it now, and return to Amira Wolf.

Amira Wolf has given me one last task, more of a thank you. I'm to deliver some wheat to Simone Jansen and her family.

Do it now, do it now and we'll move on to more serious things.

Davis, Keoni and Alpha Ashta - Main Akila City Story.

The story begins with "False Positives" Misc Mission by Keoni Alpin you got near Guard Tower (35)

The last stage you completed was [Wait 24 Hours...], that time has already passed. Go talk to Keoni and then go talk to Davis Wilson.

Davis Wilson is concerned about the Ashta behaving strangely and he wants me to help him find answers by tracking them. I need to meet him at the East Gate (44).

Talk to Davis Wilson and follow him outside Akila City, kill Ashtas and talk to Davis again.

Davis Wilson said that there is a terminal that would've had to be used to control the security robot that was agitating the Ashta. Hopefully I can find some clue who is responsible there.

Go to Akila Guard Barracks (07) and check Akila City Security Database.

The security terminal shows that Bailey Kirklin is behind the robot that riled up the Ashta. I should confront her about why she did it.

Bailey Kirklin confessed to commandeering the robot in order to discredit Keoni Alpin. She did it to protect her boss, but I'm not sure he's going to appreciate it. I should talk with Davis Wilson.

Tell Davis: Kirklin said she did it to make your life easier ...

Leader of the Pack Misc Mission by Davis Wilson.

Davis Wilson said that now the seismic sensors can start recording good data. I should come back tomorrow and talk with Keoni Alpin.

Wait 24 hours and talk to Keoni.

I talked with Keoni Alpin, and she's worried that Davis Wilson has been on patrol a great deal recently. She wants me to check up on him.

Talk to Davis Wilson, and follow him outside Akila City.

Kill Alpha Ashta, talk to Davis

Davis Wilson was grateful for my help in taking down the Alpha Ashta. I should report back to Keoni Alpin and let her know we're safe.

Get reward from Keoni: Despondent Assassin Legendary Rifle

Despondent Assassin - Legendary Rifle Reward for Leader of the Pack Mission in Akila City - Starfield

Despondent Assassin - Legendary Rifle

Reward for Leader of the Pack Mission in Akila City

The Empty Nest - Shaw Gang Camp

For "The Empty Nest" Main Mission.

The Empty Nest is a location near Akila City and it is for The Empty Nest Main Mission, is a Shaw Gang rebel camp. Kill all Shaw Gang enemies on the surface and enter the Hideout - Shaw Gang Cave where you will find Artifact Chi, take it with you.

Before you leave the cave, extract all [Ct] Caelumite that you can find around the Artifact, this resource is rare and will be useful in the future. In the cave you will also find a Shaw Gang Cave Key which is not needed to complete this mission.

Get out of the cave. After leaving the cave, you encounter the Shaw Gang led by Shaw.

Don't attack Shaw, try to communicate with her peacefully using [Persuade]. If you succeed, the conversation will be interrupted by Ashtas's attack.

Kill Ashtas and talk to Shaw again, collect Smuggler's Razorback Pistol reward.

Return to The Lodge.

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