Faction Missions in Starfield

List of all Faction Missions in Starfield, four additional mission story lines for each Faction in Starfield, UC Vanguard Missions, Freestar Rangers Missions, Ryujin Industries Missions and Crimson Fleet Missions, Starfield Maps, Walkthrough & Guide.

Each of the four main factions in Starfield: UC Vanguard, Freestar Rangers, Ryujin Industries and Crimson Fleet has its own story divided into a set of faction missions. Below you will find full list of all Faction Missions in Starfield.

Faction Missions are independent from the Main Starfield Story and are interesting plots set in the Starfield world. Each story is set in the atmosphere of a given faction and adds a lot of interesting content to the game. You can complete each faction story line in one playthrough, independently of each other and the rest of the game. I strongly encourage you to complete all faction mission lines because it is a good story game.

Faction Storylines Missions in Starfield:

UC Vanguard Faction Missions in Starfield

You have to complete faction missions for UC Vanguard in the order given below; after completing one mission, you receive another one.

To start a faction mission line for UC Vanguard you have to go to MAST Building in New Atlantis and talk to Commander John Tuala and start "Supra Et Ultra" Mission, MAST Building Map.

Supra Et Ultra

Mission by Commander John Tuala in Lobby of MAST Building in New Atlantis.

"Supra et Ultra" UC Vanguard Faction is the first mission in the UC Vanguard missions story series. You must complete this mission to join the UC Vanguard Faction, MAST Building Map.

During the mission, you have to view the United Colonies Orientation displays and pass the Vanguard Piloting Exam.

Video How to pass the Vanguard Piloting Exam in Starfield by hacking Simulation Controls inside ship.

Youtube: How to pass the Vanguard Piloting Exam in Starfield by hacking Simulation Controls inside ship.

Despite hacking the terminal, I didn't manage to complete last Tier 6, but after all, I'm a scribe, not a pilot :), you will surely succeed.

YouTube: How to pass the Vanguard Piloting Exam in Starfield by hacking Simulation Controls inside ship.

Grunt Work

Mission by Commander John Tuala in Lobby of MAST Building in New Atlantis (after Supra Et Ultra).

Grunt Work Mission will direct you to Tau Ceti II where you meet Hadrian Sanon and have to kill Terrormorph.

  • Commander Tuala directed me to speak to Crew Chief Herath at the New Atlantis spaceport in order to collect the materials I'll be delivering to Tau Ceti II.
  • Someone in one of the factory buildings just contacted me on my radio. They told me to meet them in the building with the large "Tau" sign on it.
  • I met Hadrian, a former UC researcher brought here by the rumor of an anomalous Terrormorph. She asked me to head to the nearby security outpost and reset her connection to it so she can try and get the facility's defenses back online.
  • I killed the Terrormorph! I should collect that sample Hadrian was asking for.
  • I gave Hadrian the tissue sample. She's asked me to accompany her so we can start getting some answers on this thing.
  • Hadrian's finished analyzing the sample, and seems... concerned. I should find out what she uncovered.
  • Hadrian's asked that I get permission from my commander to take this tissue sample to Percival Walker on Mars. I need to return to Commander Tuala in New Atlantis and see what he says.

Delivering Devils

Mission by Commander John Tuala in Lobby of MAST Building in New Atlantis (after Grunt Work).

You have to take Terrormorph samples to Dr. Percival Walker, you will visit Trade Authority and The Sixth Circle Bar in Cydonia on Mars, then you discover Red Devils HQ.

  • Hadrian has asked me to find her colleague, Percival Walker, on Mars. Percival was recently working with the Trade Authority there, so that seems like a natural place to check first.
  • Turns out Percival no longer works for the Trade Authority. In fact, he owes them money. Oktai Enbayar suggested someone in "The Sixth Circle" bar may know where he's hiding.
  • Lou will only tell me where Percival is if I clear Percival's debt first. But it also seems someone else in the bar wants my attention.
  • I've got three options to clear Percival's debt: pay it myself, break into the Trade Authority to reduce the amount, or clear out the Deep Mines and collect some research for Cambridge.
  • I need to collect a sample of Aqueous Hematite to finish the research. Cambridge said there should be some near the entrance to this shaft.
  • I've collected Percival and Cambridge's research. I should phone up to Cambridge to see what he wants me to do with it.
  • Cambridge has informed me there's a faster way out of the mines - the elevator in this room. He says there should be a key stashed away in the Thresher room.
  • It sounds like this research has some real potential. Cambridge said I should speak to Oktai Enbayar at the Trade Authority office and ask him for a trade - this formula for clearing Percival's debt.
  • I did it! I've cleared Percival's debt. Now I should be able to get his location from Lou at "The Sixth Circle."
  • Lou says I can find Percival in the old Red Devils Headquarters. He gave me a key that will allow me to get through the Deep Mines to reach it.
  • Percival analyzed the sample and confirmed Hadrian's suspicion - it's just like the one from Londinion - a city destroyed by Terrormorphs. Now we just need to make our way back to "The Sixth Circle" to speak with Hadrian.
  • Hadrian's requested my help in gaining access her team's old Terrormorph data by addressing the UC Cabinet. She'll be waiting for me outside MAST in New Atlantis.


Mission by Hadrian outside the Sixth Circle bar on Cydonia (after Delivering Devils).

In MAST Building New Atlantis you and Hadrian will meet with The Cabinet, the meeting will be interrupted by a Terrormorph attack on New Atlantis.

  • Hadrian said she'll be waiting for me outside of MAST in New Atlantis.
  • We've been summoned by the Cabinet to present our findings. Looks like we're heading to the Cabinet Chambers on the top floor of MAST.
  • The Cabinet was about to make their ruling on the Archives when there was some sort of explosion outside. I should listen in to hear what's going on.
  • The President wants Hadrian and I down at the spaceport on the double! We need to take the elevator down to the NAT station now!
  • I need to find an EM weapon so I can knock out these hostiles.
  • Those people were mind-controlled by a Terrormorph... which means we're going to need to be extra careful down at the spaceport. We need to get down there on the double.
  • One of the Terrormorphs is attacking UC Security! We need to help!
  • Another Terrormorph bites the dust! Now I just need to speak to the officer in charge at the spaceport.
  • The last Terrormorph bites the dust! Time to let the officer in charge know things are taken care of!
  • Sergeant Yumi was grateful for our help. Now, we just need to let the Cabinet know what happened here.
  • We've arrived back at in the Cabinet Chambers. Time to check in with President Abello about what happened.

Friends Like These

Mission by President Abello in MAST building(after Eyewitness).

You need to get three codes from Deputy MacIntyre, Ambassador Radcliff and Ambassador Bal'mor. Then go to the Armistice Archives in New Atlantis.

There are several ways to complete this mission, including killing both ambassadors, but everything can be resolved by talking to them peacefully.

  • President Abello has directed me to speak to Deputy MacIntyre over in Interstellar Affairs. It sounds like she's going to help me get access to the Archives.
  • I've gotten the run down from Deputy MacIntyre on both ambassadors. She's suggested I start by trying to negotiate with Ambassador Radcliff of the Freestar Collective - and dig up some dirt on her if she doesn't agree.
  • I've convinced Radcliff to hand over her Archival Code. She's directed me to follow her.
  • I found Ambassador Bal'mor, alive and kicking. He invited me to speak to him.
  • The Ambassador has agreed to help me. I should follow him.
  • Deputy MacIntyre has given me the last code and directed me to the Archives - across the plaza from MAST.
  • I need to deposit the three codes into the code receptacles to get them verified. Only then will I be allowed inside the Archives.
  • I've now got the data in hand. Time to return to Deputy MacIntyre.
  • Time to speak to Deputy MacIntyre about becoming a UC citizen! Though it sounds like there might be something else we need to discuss as well.

The Devils You Know

Mission by Deputy MacIntyre in MAST building (after Friends Like These).

Meet Vae Victis in Subsection Seven in MAST Building, locate "The Warlock" ship and collect evidence.

  • Someone's requested to speak with me, but Deputy MacIntyre won't tell me who. She said I can find them down in Subsection Seven.
  • I just spoke to Vae Victis, a former UC admiral and a man who's supposed to be dead. He asked me to track down - and "deal with" - a rogue weapons scientist named Reginald Orlase. He believes Orlase is hiding near the planet of Etherea in the Wolf system, and that I should speak to the local head of the Vanguard - Captain Marquez - to get specifics.
  • Captain Marquez has given me the coordinates I need to find "The Warlock", a ship that may be home to Orlase. But she warned me to be careful - a number of ships have been lost in the debris fields where the Warlock's been seen.
  • I've found the Warlock. And whoever's piloting it doesn't sound pleased I'm here. Time to either disable his engines to capture him (using an EM Weapon or the Targeting Control Systems skill)... or shoot him out of the sky.
  • Orlase killed himself rather than be captured. I guess I should check him for evidence I could show to Vae Victis.
  • Vae Victis has asked me to hand over the evidence I collected that Orlase is dead. I should approach the transfer system.
  • I've handed over the ID. Time to get the location of Hadrian and Percival's research team.

War Relics

Mission by Vae Victis in Subsection Seven in MAST Building (after The Devils You Know).

Go to 1-of-a-Kind Salvage on Niira, find and repair Kaiser, help Kaiser to finish mission, return to Red Devils HQ.

  • Vae Victis has given me the location of Kaiser, but expects I'll need some additional information to bring him home. He suggested I check in with Hadrian first.
  • I've now got Kaiser's schematic catalogue and the password for his voice controls: "Nos Belli Machinis." Next stop: 1-Of-A-Kind Salvage on Niira.
  • Gel's given me two options - wander around Niira's dangerous mech fields in the hopes I stumble upon Kaiser, or pay him for the information.
  • I know how to find Kaiser! Looks like I'm headed towards a nearby crashed spaceship - The Syracuse.
  • The Heatleeches have completely drained Kaiser's battery. He'll need a new one. He suggested I ask at the salvage yard if they have one.
  • Kaiser's back at full operational capacity! Time to get him back to Mars!
  • Kaiser won't leave the planet unless I help him finish his current mission - eliminating the planet's final Xenoweapon, Unit 99 - so that's where we're headed.
  • Kaiser and I are going to put down Unit 99! Time to head in and raise hell!
  • Kaiser's mission is now complete. I should talk to him about getting off this rock.
  • Kaiser has agreed to accompany me back to Mars. He says he'll meet me back at my ship.
  • We've touched down at the Red Devils base. Kaiser said he'll meet me inside.

Hostile Intelligence

Mission by Hadrian in Red Devils HQ (after War Relics).

You have to go to Londinion and collect samples and kill Terrormorph Anomaly.

  • Hadrian says she has a plan for dealing with the Terrormorphs. I should follow her to find out more.
  • The plan is to remove the Terrormorphs from human worlds - by either bringing back their natural predator or releasing a microbe to deal with them. But first, we'll need some raw materials. And the only place to collect those? Londinion. I'm to speak to Commander Hatoum on the only base on the planet.
  • Briefings complete. I can either head to the armory to collect my gear or speak to Hadrian about moving out.
  • Kaiser's pinpointed the location of the Aceles cells in the shipping yard. Just need to find them, collect them, and not get eaten in the process.
  • Looks like the path to our next sample leads through the Londinion steam tunnels.
  • Hadrian's spotted a Lazarus Plant in bloom - a real rarity, she says. I should go take a look.
  • We took care of the Terrormorph. I just need to collect a tissue sample.
  • The door out to the spaceport - and the final sample - has lost power. There should be a power control board in the Security Office upstairs.
  • We've taken down the Terrormorph containing our final sample. Time to collect it and get out of here.
  • I've got the recorder log documenting that Vae Victis was here and knew about the Lazarus Plant. I should discuss what I've learned with Hadrian.
  • Vae Victis knew about the Lazarus Plant and likely blew the spaceport to pieces trying to cover it up. But we've got work still to do. Time to collect that final sample and get out of here.

A Legacy Forged

Mission by Hadrian in Red Devils HQ (after A Legacy Forged).

Final mission of UC Vanguard Faction.

  • What we learned at Londinion suggests the Terrormorph attack on New Atlantis might've been intentional. Our only lead, though, is Vae Victis. I need to talk to him and find out what he might know.
  • I confronted Vae Victis and he confessed. He organized the attacks on New Atlantis and Tau Ceti as part of a plot to undo the damage done to the Sanon family name. But now, I have a choice: share the truth that Vae Victis is responsible or pin the blame on Reginald Orlase.

Additional Repeatable UC Vanguard Faction Missions

After you finish UC Vanguard Faction storyline you can receive additional repeatable UC Vanguard Missions:

  • Apex Predator
  • Preventive Action
  • Vanguard: Bug Hunt
  • Vanguard: Safer Skies

Freestar Rangers Faction Missions in Starfield

You have to complete faction missions for Freestar Rangers in the order given below; after completing one mission, you receive another one.

To start a faction mission line for Freestar Rangers you have to go to Akila City and talk to Akila City Security near gate or talk to Marshal Daniel Blake near GalBank and start "Job Gone Wrong" Mission, Akila City Map.

Job Gone Wrong

Mission by Akila City Security in Akila City, Main Gate to Akila (02)

"Job Gone Wrong" is the first mission in the Freestar Rangers Faction Missions series.

You must solve the problem of the GalBank robbery in Akila City. Do this peacefully using [Persuade] or [Diplomacy] and if you succeed, go to Marshal Daniel Blake.


by Marshal Daniel Blake in Akila City, GalBank Robbery (03)

After solving the problem with GalBank Robbery Marshal Daniel Blake directs you to Emma Wilcox at The Rock in Akila City. Express your desire in joining the Freestar Rangers.

You will have to fly to Waggoner Farm located on Montara Luna Moon of Montara in Cheyenne System and eliminate the mercenaries stalking Mikaela Waggoner.

Where Hope is Built

Mission starts at Waggoner Farm after you eliminate Mercenaries.

Talk to Marshal Blake, fly to Polvo Planet in Valo System and meet Nia Kalu on orbit of Polvo, help her and land in Hopetown. Go with Nia Kalu to meet Ron Hope, talk to him in his office in Hopetech in Hopetown on Polvo.

Shadows In Neon

Nia Kalu in Hopetech in Hopetown on Polvo.

Go to Neon and meet Jaylen Pryce local Freestar Ranger. He will contact you with his informant Billy Clayton. Help Billy Clayton to solve his problem and he will direct you to Grace Early, she will give you Encrypted Slate, take it to Alex Shadid in Akila City to Alex Shadid.

Surgical Strike

Mission by Alex Shadid in The Rock in Akila City.

Go to The Clinic Medical Star Station orbiting Deepala in Narion System.

Meet with Ranger Ben Armistead, he will help you to contact Ari Miller, who will help you to locate Maya Cruz inside The Clinic in VIP Wing.

But Maya Cruz escaped to Eklund Excavation Site LC25 asteroid mine in Sakharov System, go there find Maya Cruz, take Encrypted Slate and deliver it to Alex Shadid in Akila City.

On the Run

Mission by Alex Shadid in The Rock in Akila City.

Meet Ranger Autumn MacMillan at Red Mile Cantina on Porrima III Planet in Porrima System, talk to Mei Devine, start in Red Mile Run, then find "Fortuna" Starship on Codos to meet Marco Graziani, take Encrypted Slate from him and bring it back to Alex Shadid in Akila City.

First to Fight, First to Die

Mission by Marshal Daniel Blake in The Rock in Akila City

Meet with Marshal Daniel Blake, then go to Arcturus II in Arcturus System, defeat Mercenary Patrol Ships in orbit, and land in Freestar Mech Factory.

The mission "First to Fight, First to Die" is basically all about fighting, you have to get through the First Mercenaries and reach Major Paxton Hull. Talk to Paxton, but the matter cannot be resolved peacefully and you must kill him at the end. He will give you information about Ron Hope and collect some interesting items.

The Hammer Falls

Last mission in Freestar Rangers Faction Missions, starts automatically after you finish "First to Fight, First to Die"

You have to go to Hopetown and deal with Ron Hope. You can try to come to terms with him, but if you insist that you want to bring him to justice, the conversation will end in a fight and you will have to kill Ron Hope. This is an acceptable solution. Return to Marshal Daniel Blake in Akila City.

The threat of the First is over. In a desperate bid to cut costs and save his company, HopeTech founder Ron Hope hired the First mercenaries to seize farmland so he could use an experimental fertilizer to boost the soil's mineral content. In the end, the conspiracy cost him his life.

Additional Repeatable Freestar Rangers Faction Missions

After you finish Freestar Rangers Faction storyline you can receive additional repeatable Freestar Rangers Missions from Mission Board:

  • Rescue Hostage
  • Kill Outlaw
  • One Riot, One Ranger

Ryujin Industries Faction Missions in Starfield

You have to complete faction missions for Ryujin Industries in the order given below; after completing one mission, you receive another one.

To start a faction mission line for Ryujin Industries you have to go to Ryujin Industries Kiosk (or any other Ryujin Industries Kiosk e.g. in Neon City) in New Atlantis and apply for job to start "Back to the Grind" Mission, New Atlantis Map.

Most of the events related to Ryujin Industries Faction Missions take place in Neon City located on Volii Alpha Planet in Volii System.

Back to the Grind

Mission by Ryujin Industries Kiosk (25) in New Atlantis or in Ryujin Tower in Neon City.

This is the first Ryujin Industries Faction mission, you will receive it at every Ryujin Industries Kiosk. The first one can be found in New Atlantis, and there are several in Neon City.

The mission is that you need to get a job at Ryujin Industries, for this you need to fly to Neon City and interview Imogene Salzo at Ryujin Tower, she is on Operations Floor.

One Step Ahead

Mission by Imogene Salzo at Operations in Ryujin Tower (37)

First assignment after joining Ryujin Industries. You need to get into CeltCorp at Neon's Trade Tower in Neon City and upload the program on the slate that Imogene gave me. Ideally, you need to do this without getting caught. Then return to Imogene Salzo.

A New Narrative

Mission by Imogene Salzo at Operations in Ryujin Tower (37)

You have to go to Akila City in Cheyenne System and plant confidential files in Laredo Firearms. In Laredo Firearms go there upstairs, hide, open locked door, open Chest (pointed with quest mark) and put inside Confidential Files, then return to Imogene.

Access is Key

Mission by Imogene Salzo at Operations in Ryujin Tower (37)

You need to travel to HopeTown on Polvo, in the Valo System, infiltrate HopeTech to obtain a Security Keycard.

You can get this Keycard from Hopetown Security Chief, get suit from Aito in the Ryujin Tower or just [Persuade] him for, then return to Imogene.

Sowing Discord

Mission by Imogene Salzo at Operations in Ryujin Tower (37)

"Sowing Discord" takes place in the Astral Lounge Bar in Trade Tower in Neon City.

Your task is to sabotage a deal between Quantum Synergies and Infinity LTD. To do this, you need to convince Arthur Cruz and Zola Adisa against Infinity LTD. And then replace Nina Hart's presentation. At the end you must return to Imogene Salzo.

Accidents Happen

Mission by Imogene Salzo at Operations in Ryujin Tower (37)

You have to travel to HopeTech in HopeTown located on Polvo Planet in Valo System.

Enter HopeTech Workshop, find the spaceship under construction marked with the mission marker, go inside the hull, hide and plant an ARC device. Watch out for the workers working inside the hull. Return to Imogene.

Maintaining the Edge

Mission by Imogene Salzo at Operations in Ryujin Tower (37)

Go to Trident Luxury Liners Staryard orbiting Akila in the Cheyenne System.

The Prototype Schematic you need to obtain is located on the lower level of the shipyard. You can get to it through the ventilation shaft from the main level, or simply approach the room, get inside, close the door, close the window blinds and take the Prototype Schematic. At the end, return to Imogene.

Top Secrets

Mission by Imogene Salzo at Operations in Ryujin Tower (37)

You gain access to the Executive Floor in Ryujin Tower, go there and talk to Ularu Chen.

  • Go to Cydonia on Mars in the Sol system and talk to Simon Ryczek he will offer you a side job in exchange for the information.
  • Go to Saturn in Sol System, find The Datura Ship, board it and talk to Malai Liskova. You do not need to kill her, you just need her gun so [Persuade] her, she will give you Ember, return it to Simon Ryczek in exchange for information.
  • Go to Deimos Staryards Corporate office at Cydonia hack Stanley's Computer and download files about Project Dominion and return to Ularu Chen in Ryujin Tower in Neon City.

Background Checks

Mission by Masako Imada in Executive Office in Ryujin Tower (38)

Background Checks is a relatively difficult mission in which you must infiltrate your own company, Ryujin Industries, undercover.

  • Find Dalton Fiennes in his office on the Executive Floor and talk to him.
  • Get Electromagnetix Rifle from Dalton, you will need it not to kill the guards but to stun them.
  • Meet Nyx at Madame Sauvage's Place in Ebbside in Neon.
  • Go to Neon Rooftops, follow missions marker and find Button to move container on a crane, then go to Ryujin Industries Roof Entrance and enter there.
  • Equip the Arboron Novablast Disrupter, not to kill the guards, but to stun them.
  • Run Nyx's program on Ularu's Computer
  • Run Nyx's program on Camden Cho's Computer
  • Visit Nyx's Apartment in Ebbside Right and talk to Nyx.
  • Return to Ryujin Tower and talk to Dalton.

Guilty Parties

Mission by Dalton Fiennes in Executive Office in Ryujin Tower (38)

Try to find Imogene and take her to the Executive Floor in Ryujin Tower in Neon City for questioning.

The "Guilty Parties" mission is one of the most interesting missions in Starfield. It has several possible plots.

First of all, you have nothing to fear, because whatever decisions you do not make, the history of Ryujin Industries Faction Missions will move forward and you will not suffer any serious consequences. If it will make you feel better, save your game before performing this mission.

  • You can side with Ularu, Ularu wins, Imogene is lost, Masako Imada stops being CEO of Ryujin and Ularu becomes CEO.
  • You can side with Imogene, skip Ularu, go to Dalton asap with evidences, then Ularu will be thrown out of Ryujin.
  • You can side with Imogene, confront Ularu, get her confession but pretend to cover Ularu. Then at the end of the Ryujin Industries storyline you will be able to get rid of Ularu, Imogene is saved, Masako remains CEO (this is the best solution in my opinion)
  • There are also a few intermediate solutions, including killing Ular or killing Imogene, but in my opinion they are less interesting.

Either way, you can enjoy different gameplay solutions during this mission, or just play through it any way you want if you're not into it.

  • Look for Imogene in her office but she's not there.
  • Talk to Yuko Serrano, who will tell you that Imogene was last seen in Frankie's Grab + Go
  • Talk to Dalton Fiennes about Syndicate, he will direct you to Benjamin Bayu.
  • Talk to Benjamin Bayu in Astral Lounge for permission to enter Syndicate's territory [Persuade] him.
  • Talk to Franchesca Moore in Frankie's Grab + Go for access to Seokguch Syndicate Hideout (06)
  • Enter Seokguch Syndicate Hideout, if you talk to Benjamin Bayu and Franchesca Moore you don't have to fight the Syndicate members, then enter Syndicate Backroom.
  • Talk to Imogene
  • Confront Ularu (or not)
  • Talk to Yuko
  • Return to Dalton

The Key Ingredient

Mission by Dalton Fiennes in Executive Office in Ryujin Tower (38)

You have to recover Rothicite Shipment. Travel to CM Station RC-1 on Carinae III-a Moon in the Carinae System. Kill all Ecliptic and recover Contract Orders.

Fly to The Clinic Medical Star Station orbiting Deepala in Narion System, pass Freestar Guard [Persuade] and enter Secured Wing to talk to personnel and get Refined Rothicite Shipment. Then return to Veena Kalra in Research and Development in Ryujin Tower.

You was able to recover a lost rothicite shipment so Veena can complete the Internal Neuroamp and its shielding mod. While on assignment, you also discovered Infinity LTD hired Ecliptic to kill innocent people at CM Station RC-1 and was also conducting illegal human trials at the Clinic, resulting in multiple deaths.


Mission by Veena Kalra in Research and Development in Ryujin Tower

"Sabotage" Ryujin Industries Faction Missions is one of the most extensive and perhaps one of the most difficult missions in Starfield. Don't be discouraged, you should complete it without killing enemies and in stealth, but if you fail, the mission will also be completed.

You can enter through the main entrance and rely on your persuasion or enter through Roof Access and sneak (which is probably easier).

  • Attend the meeting
  • Go to Research and Development, meet Veena, implant Internal Neuroamp.
  • Go to Observation Deck, test and learn how to use Internal Neuroamp.
  • Talk to Masako about Infinity LTD assignment, you will receive an outfit that will make sneaking easier and needed access keys.
  • Talk to Dalton
  • Go to New Atlantis, and use Roof Access to Infinity LTD (36)
  • Use Stealth, Vents, footbridges under the ceiling and Internal Neuroamp
  • Sabotage the Heating System it will make Stealth much easier.
  • Run program on Lucas' Computer
  • Run program on Faye's Computer
  • Take Neuroamp Prototype
  • Deliver slate to David Baron at SSNN in New Atlantis
  • Return to Masako at Ryujin Tower
Infinity LTD Map For 'Sabotage' Ryujin Industries Mission - Starfield

Infinity LTD Map

For 'Sabotage' Ryujin Industries Mission

Executive Level

Mission by Masako Imada in Executive Office

"Executive Level" is the last mission in the Ryujin Industries Faction Missions series. It is a pleasant and easy mission in which by convincing the Board Members you can decide about the future of the takeover of Infinity LTD and the production of Internal Neuroamp.

This is also the moment when you finally choose the future of Ularu Chen and Imogene Salzo. You can also choose your favorite endings.

Additional Repeatable Ryujin Industries Faction Missions

After you finish Ryujin Industries Faction storyline you can receive additional repeatable Ryujin Industries Missions from Masako and Mission Board:

  • Access is Key
  • Managing Assets
  • The Power of Persuasion
  • Board Missions

Crimson Fleet Faction Missions in Starfield

You have to complete faction missions for Crimson Fleet in the order given below; after completing one mission, you receive another one.

To start a faction mission line for Crimson Fleet you have to go to Get arrested in New Atlantis in United Colonies or Complete "Grunt Work" UC Vanguard Mission to start "Deep Cover" Mission.

Deep Cover

Mission by Commander John Tuala in Lobby of MAST Building in New Atlantis, after you finish "Grunt Work" UC Vanguard Faction or if you got arrested.

Travel to the Capital Ship UC Vigilance, located in orbit of Phobos in the Sol System. Talk to Commander Kibwe Ikande and Lieutenant Jillian Toft. They will give you a mission to infiltrate the Crimson Fleet, which will take you to Cydonia.

Rook Meets King

Mission by Adler Kemp on Cydonia (after "Deep Cover")

On Cydonia, after completing "Deep Cover", you will receive another mission that will take you to Astraea Ship over Europa Moon in Sol System and then to The Key Crimson Fleet HQ, where you will meet Delgado.

Echoes of the Past

Mission by Delgado in The Key

To complete"Echoes of the Past" Crimson Fleet Faction you must land on Suvorov Planet, located below The Key, and visit The Lock Prison.

  • Find Jasper Kryx cell in D-Block
  • Find the secret container in the lamp in Jasper Kryx's cell to obtain "Best Laid Plans"
  • Convince Mathis Castillo that betraying Delgado makes no sense.
  • Get Carter's Gig (Evidence) from showers in Prison's Wing.
  • Get Warden's Log (Evidence) from Warden’s Office.
  • Kill Mature Grylloba Queen in shuttle bay.
  • Enter UC Prison Shuttle
  • Pass information from The Lock to Delgado.
  • Pass information from The Lock to Commander Ikande.

Breaking the Bank

Mission by Commander Kibwe Ikande on UC Vigilance.

Visit Siren of the Stars Starliner and meet Captain Rokov. On Siren of the Stars you have to:

  • No one can die on Siren of the Stars.
  • Get Galbank Credentials from Larry Dumbrosky for "Breaking the Bank".
  • Get Earth Savior Award from Safe Room Safe for Naeva Mora.
  • Get Request Denied (Evidence) from Captain Rokov Room for "Burden of Proof".
  • Get Galbank Plan (Evidence) from Gabriel Vera for "Burden of Proof".

Then visit GalBank Archives in New Atlantis, return to Delgado and visit Commander Kibwe Ikande.

The Best There Is

Mission by Delgado in The Key (after "Breaking the Bank").

Your main task in "The Best There Is" to steal ComSpike from SY-920 UC Starstation and deliver it to Delgado in The Key. Infiltrating the SY-920 UC Starstation and stealing the ComSpike can be completed without killing anyone, check SY-920 Walkthrough for more info.

Absolute Power

Mission by Commander Kibwe Ikande on UC Vigilance.

For "Absolute Power" you have to infiltrate Generdyne Industries in Ebbside in Neon City.

  • Meet Estelle Vincent in Madame Sauvage's Place in Neon City
  • Talk to Myka in Euphorika Bar and ask about Ayumi Komiko
  • Meet Ayumi Komiko in "Members' Lounge" in Euphorika Bar, pay her for Generdyne Storage Room Pass
  • Use Generdyne Industries Delivery Entrance to enter Generdyne Industries in Ebbside in Neon City.
  • You can complete the entire "Absolute Power" mission inside Generdyne Industries without killing anyone. Leave your companion outside.
  • Equip the Novablast Disruptor to stun enemies and sneak in the direction the mission marker is pointing to.
  • Download Conduction Grid's Tech from Power Core Computer and go find Breyson Bayu.
  • Get Encryption Cipher from Breyson Bayu.
  • Upload Estelle's Virus to Chief Technician's Computer
  • Take Neon Nights 04 from Breyson Bayu room.
  • Speak to Benjamin Bayu in Astral Lounge.
  • Return to Estelle
  • Take The Big Score (Evidence) from room you talk to Estelle.

Return to The Key and talk to Naeva.

Eye of the Storm

Mission from Naeva Mora in The Key (after "Absolute Power")

The "Eye of the Storm" Crimson Fleet Faction Mission is dedicated to recovering Kryx's Legacy hidden on the GalBank Transport "Legacy" Ship trapped in the EM Field above the Bannoc IV Planet in the Bannoc System.

Eye of the Storm Crimson Fleet Faction is an important Mission in which, apart from recovering Kryx's Legacy, you will have to decide which side you will choose, UC SysDef or Crimson Fleet. Depending on your choice, the plot of Crimson Fleet Storyline will unfold differently.

The description of the "Eye of the Storm" Mission can be found on page Kryx's Legacy

Legacy's End

Last Crimson Fleet Mission, after "Eye of the Storm".

The course of the "Legacy's End" mission depends on which side you choose: UC SysDef or Crimson Fleet.

More details you will find on The Key Map and UC Vigilance.

Additional Crimson Fleet Faction Missions

After you finish Crimson Fleet Faction storyline you can receive additional repeatable Crimson Fleet Missions:

  • Reclaiming the Past
  • Doctor's Orders

Burden of Proof

Mission by by Lieutenant Jillian Toft on UC Vigilance.

An additional mission to collect evidence against the Crimson Fleet. You will collect evidence during subsequent missions related to the Crimson Fleet and in other locations.

  • Naeva Meetup (Evidence) on the table near Adler Kemp in Cydonia ("Deep Cover")
  • Mira's Demise (Evidence) in The Bunks in The Key
  • Request A17 (Evidence) in The Key in Kryx System, in Jasmine Durand's Office
  • Voss's Parts (Evidence) in The Key in Kryx System, in Delgado's Office
  • Kreet Offer (Evidence) in The Den in Wolf System, table over bar.
  • Hopetown Raid (Evidence) in Hopetown in Valo System, in Pit Stop Bar on the table
  • Chunks Heist (Evidence) in Red Mile in Porrima System, on the bar in gambling area
  • Chiroptera (Evidence) in Gagarin's Landing in Alpha Centauri, in bar on the counter
  • Gennady Ayton (Evidence) in The Clinic in Narion System, in Ayton's Office ("Doctors Orders")
  • Carter's Gig (Evidence) in The Lock on Suvorov Planet, showers in Prison's Wing ("Echoes of the Past")
  • Warden's Log (Evidence) in The Lock on Suvorov Planet, in Warden’s Office ("Echoes of the Past")
  • Request Denied (Evidence) on Siren of The Stars in Aranae System, in Captain Rokov Room ("Breaking the Bank")
  • Galbank Plan (Evidence) on Siren of The Stars in Aranae System, from Gabriel Vera when you talk to him and give him money ("Breaking the Bank")
  • Huan's Talk (Evidence) in Kay’s House, The Well in New Atlantis ("The Best There Is")
  • Eubanks & Woods (Evidence) on SY-920 in Luyten Star, in side room ("The Best There Is")
  • The Big Score (Evidence) in Madame Sauvage’s Place in Ebbside on Neon ("Absolute Power")
  • Meeting With Bayu (Evidence) in Generdyne Industries in Neon ("Absolute Power")
  • Ayumi's Offer (Evidence) Euphorika's Private Lounge on Neon ("Absolute Power")
  • Message For Bog (Evidence) Abandoned Ecliptic Garrison in Groombridge System, the same location as Maddie's Ring ("Reclaiming the Past")
  • GBLR013: Mortem Orbire (Evidence) on The Legacy Ship over Bannoc IV, next to Jasper Kryx Body ("Eye of the Storm")

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