The Key Space Station Map Starfield

Starfield Map of The Key Space Station orbiting Suvorov Planet in Kryx System with Missions, Activities, NPC and Vendor locations, Starfield Maps, Walkthrough & Guide.

The Key Map Starfield

The Key Map Starfield
The Key Map Starfield

Map of The Key Space Station in Starfield. The Key Space Station City is orbiting over Suvorov Planet in Kryx System.

The Key Space Station is an old United Colonies military base currently controlled by the Crimson Fleet. It is now known as the headquarters of the Crimson Fleet Faction. The Key location is associated with Crimson Fleet Faction Story Missions.

You first come to The Key in connection with "Rook Meets King" Crimson Fleet Faction Mission.

Check Crimson Fleet Faction Missions for full list of Crimson Fleet Faction Missions in Starfield.

The Key Space Station Map

Starfield Map of The Key Space Station orbiting Suvorov Planet in Kryx System with Missions, Activities, NPC and Vendor locations, Starfield Maps, Walkthrough & Guide..


Docking Bay / Entrance

During your first visit to The Key in connection with the "Rook Meets King" Crimson Fleet Faction Mission, in Docking Bay you meet Naeva Mora who will show you around The Key base. Follow her, listen to her comments until you reach Reckoner's Core (04).




Ship Services & Repairs

Jasmine Durant NPC ship parts, repairs and ships sale.

Jasmine's Computer Terminal


Reckoner's Core

Shinaya Voss NPC talk to her and then go to Operations Center (14). You can talk to him about the mission

Crimson Fleet Mission Board Terminal

Self-Service Bounty Clearance Terminal


Shooting Range and Gym

Peak Performance 05Skill Magazine on the table in Gym.

SSNN Kryx Interview Part 02


The Clinic

Samina MizrahAid Vendor and Medic

Doctor's Orders Crimson Fleet by Samina Mizrah.

I need to find and speak with Gennady Ayton at the Clinic to retrieve the medical supplies that Samina asked for.

Go to The Clini, talk to Gennady Ayton, [Persuade] him get supplies and return to Samina.


Zuris Essentials - Vendor

Zuri Abara Vendor


Trade Authority - Vendor

Radley JasoVendor


General Goods

Isra Liskova Vendor Resources and Aids


TK's Tactical Gear

Taryn Kallis Vendor Tactical Gear

Lot of Digipocks to sell.

Public Access Computer Terminal outside on the back, lot of lore info.


Weapon Shop

Aludra Tahan Vendor Weapons


The Last Nova - Bar

Jessamine Griffin Companion You can recruit him for 16500 Credits (price varies depending on discounts), Ballistic Weapon Systems (2), Thieft (1), Concealment (1).

Grunt Issue 04Skill Magazine On the table

Bog Vendor Aid Vendor

Reclaiming the Past Crimson Fleet by Bog after "Breaking the Bank".

Bog asked me to recover a ring that belonged to a woman he loved from a man named Clay Deitrich. I need to travel to the Deserted Ecliptic Garrison on Kang II in the Kang System and retrieve it.

"Reclaiming the Past" is an easy mission to complete, except you have to fly to the distant planet Kang II in the Kang System. Infiltrate the Deserted Ecliptic Garrnison and recover Maddie's Ring, you will find it in the chest in the main room after defeating the enemies. In the same chest you will find Message for Bog (Evidence) for "Burden of Proof".


The Bunks

Mira's Demise (Evidence) for "Burden of Proof" Crimson Fleet.

SSNN Kryx Interview Part 07


Elevator - Upper / Lower Floor


Captains Quarters

On Upper Floor


Operations Center

On Upper Floor

Delgado NPC talk to him about "Rook Meets King" Crimson Fleet Faction Mission

Echoes of the Past Crimson Fleet Faction by Delgado.

Delgado has asked me to meet him on a planet called Suvorov - the supposed origin of Kryx's Legacy. Together we'll be exploring an supermax prison called "the Lock" in an effort to uncover information about the elusive treasure.

To complete"Echoes of the Past" Crimson Fleet Faction you must land on Suvorov Planet, located below The Key, and visit The Lock Prison (you will find the description below).

Mathis Castillo NPC

Naeva Mora NPC

After "Echoes of the Past"

The hunt for Kryx's Legacy is on! The information from the Lock seems concrete enough that Delgado wants me to infiltrate GalBank to find out more about their long-lost transport. I'm to head to the Siren of the Stars, a Trident Starliner with a GalBank VIP aboard.

Go to Siren of the Stars Starliner for "Breaking the Bank" Crimson Fleet Faction Mission.

Finishing "Breaking the Bank" after you visit GalBank Archives in New Atlantis.

Return to Delgado and report information regarding GalBank Transport "Legacy".

Talk to Naeva Mora about Earth Savior Award and give it to her.

Go to UC Vigilance and report to Commander Ikande for next Crimson Fleet Mission "The Best There Is".

After "Breaking the Bank"

Talk to Commander Kibwe Ikande and return to The Key and talk to Naeva and Jasmine for "The Best There Is" Mission.

The Best There Is Crimson Fleet Faction by Delgado.

Delgado has asked that I talk to Naeva and Jasmine and work out a plan to get the ComSpike.

In The Best There Is Crimson Fleet Faction you have to steal ComSpike from SY-920 Station and deliver it to Delgado at The Key.

After you return to The Key from SY-920 UC Starstation meet Jasmine Durand in Docking Bay, then talk to Huan Daiyu in The Last Nova Bar and go to speak to Delgado.

Return to UC Vigilance and talk to Commander Kibwe Ikande.

To finish "Absolute Power"

Return from Neon City and talk to Naeva.

Eye of the Storm Crimson Fleet Faction by Naeva Mora.

After bringing the Conduction Grid data back to the Key, Naeva Mora has informed me that the Crimson Fleet is on high alert and Delgado wants to see me right away.

The description of the "Eye of the Storm" Mission can be found on page Kryx's Legacy

Eye of the Storm Crimson Fleet Faction is an important Mission in which, apart from recovering Kryx's Legacy, you will have to decide which side you will choose, UC SysDef or Crimson Fleet. Depending on your choice, the plot of Crimson Fleet Storyline will unfold differently.

"Legacy's End" Mission

During the "Eye of the Storm" Mission I chose the UC SysDef side, so when I returned to The Key I was already an enemy of the Crimson Fleet.

When you arrive to The Key, you have to disable the Key's Defensive Batteries and destroy Crimson Fleet Ships.

Enter The Key.

You are Crimson Fleet Enemy now but you do not need to kill them all, use Novablast Disruptor to stun enemies.

To finish "Legacy's End" on The Key you have to:

  • Head to Operation Center
  • In Ship Services & Repairs (03) use Jasmine's Computer to Open Doors and Deactivate Robots.
  • Enter The Last Nova Bar (12), use Last Nova Bar Computer to Open Door
  • Meet Shinya Voss in Reckoner's Core (04), talk to him and promise to deactivate bomb.
  • Talk to Delgado, do not kill him, [Persuade] him
  • Open big chest in Operation Center
  • Use Delgado's Computer to disarm bomb.

Return to Commander Kibwe Ikande on UC Vigilance

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