Hopetown Map Starfield

Starfield Map of Hopetown located on Polvo Planet in Valo System with Missions, Activities, NPC and Vendor locations, Starfield Maps, Walkthrough & Guide.

Hopetown Map Starfield

Hopetown Map Starfield
Hopetown Map Starfield

Map of Hopetown in Starfield. Hopetown is located on Polvo Planet in Valo System.

Hopetown is a small settlement and spaceport around the HopeTech factories.

For "Access is Key" Ryujin Industries by Imogene Salzo in Neon City, go to Hopetech.

I need to travel to HopeTech on Polvo in the Valo System to obtain a Security Keycard. If I want the Security Chief to speak to me, I should wear a suit or security uniform. I can buy a suit from Aito in the Ryujin Tower lobby.

For "Where Hope is Build" Freestar Collective, you meet Nia Kalu's Ship on orbit, help her and land in Hopetown.

My first assignment as a Freestar Ranger is to learn why the First mercenary company is threatening farmers. To do that, I'll need to find them. My best lead is the ship the mercs on Montara Luna were using, which was stolen from the HopeTech factory on Polvo.

Before you land on Polvo and go to Hopetown, you will encounter Nia Kalu's Ship in orbit, dock with it and talk to Nia Kalu about the mission "Where Hope is Build". Repair Nia Kalu's Ship. Nia will land in Hopetown, you according to the mission, go to Miatha first, defeat the enemies and return to Polvo and then land in Hopetown.

Hopetown Map

Starfield Map of Hopetown located on Polvo Planet in Valo System with Missions, Activities, NPC and Vendor locations, Starfield Maps, Walkthrough & Guide..


Landing Pad

There are lot of Warehouses around landing pad, with lot of stuff.

Control Console Terminal

Ship Service Technician NPC

Trade Authority Kiosk Vendor


Freestar Rangers

Nia Kalu NPC she is the representative of the Freestar Rangers in Hopetown. She's the one you met in orbit of Polvo. She normally works in this building, but now she's waiting for you at HopeTech.

Gunslinger's Guide 03Skill Magazine inside on small table.


Adella Faheem

Adella Faheem NPC she is standing outside, talk to her for mission.

Captain's Bounty Misc Mission by Adella Faheem.

Adella Faheem has a Tracker that's been sent after her in the Pit Stop. I've volunteered to pose as her and deal with him. He's wearing a cowboy hat.


Best Defense - Vendor

Carlos Shenton Vendor sells weapons

Combatech Catalog 03Skill Magazine inside shop.


Mr. Sood

Mr. Sood NPC outside Best Defense Shop

The Akila Run Misc Mission by Mr. Sood, this is contraband mission.

I have been asked by a mysterious Mr. Sood to smuggle a package into Akila City and deliver it to Tom Starrett.


Guard ships will frequently scan you for contraband. If you fail a scan and guard ships detect contraband on your ship, they may attempt to arrest or attack you.

If you are carrying contraband in your personal inventory, guards will always catch you. To have a chance at smuggling, you need to place your contraband in a cargo hold with Shielded Cargo capacity. You can view your ship's Shielded Cargo capacity by viewing your Ship Overview in the Ship menu.

There are various ways to further increase the chance of successfully smuggling contraband past guard ship scans:

  • Carrying fewer pieces of contraband.
  • Installing a Scan Jammer.
  • Having a large amount of Shielded Cargo space compared to the total weight of contraband. The closer your contraband weight is to your ship's Shielded Cargo capacity, the more likely it is to be detected by a scan.

While Shielded Cargo and Scan Jammers are randomly for sale, you can find (and even commandeer) ships that already have one or both installed.


The Pit Stop - Bar

Mission Board Terminal

Self-Service Bounty Clearance Terminal

Sal Rickman Vendor Aids Seller, can rent you a room.

Fast Hoang Vendor representative of Trade Authority, for "Media Sponge" Misc Mission by Mitch Benjamin, buy from him Dragonstar Force VOL 1.

Ernrsto NPC for "Captain's Bounty" Misc Mission by Adella Faheem, talk to him, you can [Persuade] him Adella doesn't deserve a bounty ....

Phil Hill NPC he is in several locations, you meet him in many bars for "Top of the L.I.S.T." Misc Mission by Phil Hill.


HopeTech Lobby & Sales

Nia Kalu NPC for "Where Hope is Build" Freestar Collective, talk to her and follow her to Ron Hope Office (08).

Maxwell Evans NPC

Inaya Rehman Vendor selling and modify ships, also got delivery jobs.

Drydock Blues: HopeTech Misc Mission by Inaya Rehman.

You have an invoice to deliver some Iron to HopeTech. The Iron needs to be in my ship's cargo hold.


Ron Hope Office

Ron Hope Office is on top floor of HopeTech Office building, come here with Nia Kalu doing "Where Hope is Build" Freestar Collective Mission.

Ron Hope NPC talk to him about "Where Hope is Build" Freestar Collective Mission, then talk to Nia Kalu

Nia Kalu NPC after you talk to Ron Hope.

My investigation of the mercenary company called the First continues. After meeting with HopeTech's founder and CEO Ron Hope, I learned that the stolen HopeTech ship I found on Montara Luna was also spotted on Neon. Finding the starship thief is my best hope for tracking down the First and finding out why they're trying to seize farmland.

Shadows in Neon Freestar Collective by Nia Kalu.

The stolen HopeTech ship that was being used by the First mercenaries on Montara Luna was spotted at the pleasure city of Neon. The thief remains my best lead for finding out what the First is up to, and I'll need to talk to Ranger Jaylen Pryce to begin the search.

Cosette NPC

On Ron Hope's desk you will find two books, you can try to steal them unnoticed, or steal them and get caught, and then lock them up in the Freestar Rangers' custody, then they will stay in your inventory.

Hope Family TreeSNOW GLOBE LOCATION book on Ron Hope desk. Provides the location of Los Angeles on Earth.

Visit the Los Angeles Landmark on Earth Activity

Solomon Coe's Cheyenne Trip Inventory for Coe Heritage Museum in Akila City.

Return Solomon Coe's Cheyenne Trip Inventory to Leah Casler Activity


HopeTech Offices

Elana Nwankwo NPC

Bennu St. James NPC


HopeTech Workshop

Brigit McDougall NPC

For "Accidents Happen" Ryujin Industries find the spaceship under construction marked with the mission marker, go inside the hull, hide and plant an ARC device. Watch out for the workers working inside the hull. Return to Imogene.


Hopetown Security

Hopetown Security Chief NPC for "Access is Key" Ryujin Industries by Imogene Salzo, you can get suit from Aito in the Ryujin Tower or just [Persuade] him for Hopetown Security Keycard .

There is a Safe in the room.

"The Hammer Falls" Freestar Collective Mission

Last mission in Freestar Rangers Faction Missions, starts automatically after you finish "First to Fight, First to Die"

Find Ron Hope in HopeTech Factory in Hopetown and try to talk to him.

You can try to come to terms with him, but if you insist that you want to bring him to justice, the conversation will end in a fight and you will have to kill Ron Hope. This is an acceptable solution.

Talk to Brigit McDougall.

Return to Marshal Daniel Blake in Akila City.

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