Red Devils HQ in Starfield

Red Devils HQ is located on Mars in Sol System in Starfield Galaxy, west of Cydonia in old Abandoned Mine, Starfield Maps, Walkthrough & Guide.

Red Devils HQ location description in Starfield Galaxy, Missions, Activities, NPC and Vendor, Red Devils HQ is located on Mars in Sol System in Starfield Galaxy, west of Cydonia in old Abandoned Mine,

Red Devils HQ

Red Devils HQ is the headquarters of The Red Devils brotherhood, remnants of the special forces unit of the United Colonies military from the times of the Colony War.

The Red Devils HQ location is part of the UC Vanguard Faction Storyline and you gain access to it when completing the "Delivering Devils" UC Vanguard Faction mission.

First Visit

You come here for the first time for "Delivering Devils" UC Vanguard Faction mission.

Lou Saavedra in Sixth Circle Club in Cydonia says I can find Percival in the old Red Devils Headquarters. He gave me a Drill Waste Room Access that will allow me to get through the Deep Mines to reach it.

Pass Abandoned Mines enter the complex at the very bottom.

Dr. Percival Walker NPC talk to him: Dr. Walker? I've got a tissue sample I need analyzed ...

I gave Percival the Terrormorph sample. He asked me to follow him inside so he can take a look at it.

Follow Percival to Red Devils HQ, then talk to him about analysis.

You receive Red Devils HQ Key

Percival analyzed the sample and confirmed Hadrian's suspicion - it's just like the one from Londinion - a city destroyed by Terrormorphs. Now we just need to make our way back to "The Sixth Circle" to speak with Hadrian.

Vanguard Space Tactics 02Skill Magazine lower floor of lab in Red Devils HQ, during "Delivering Devils".

Return to Sixth Circle in Cydonia to meet Hadrian.

Next Visit

After you finish "The Devils You Know" UC Vanguard Faction Mission.

Major Hadrian Sanon NPC talk to her about Kaiser

War Relics UC Vanguard Faction by Vae Victis.

Vae Victis has given me the location of Kaiser, but expects I'll need some additional information to bring him home. He suggested I check in with Hadrian first.

I've now got Kaiser's schematic catalogue and the password for his voice controls: "Nos Belli Machinis." Next stop: 1-Of-A-Kind Salvage on Niira.

1-Of-A-Kind Salvage

For "War Relics" UC Vanguard Faction Mission go to Nirra Planet in Narion System and land near 1-Of-A-Kind Salvage.

Gel NPC talk to him about Kaiser.

Go to UC Syracuse its near 1-Of-A-Kind Salvage.

UC Syracuse

Kaiser NPC

Find Kaiser, free him from Heatleech, build or buy a Microcell to repair him.

Angel Redoubt

Next location for "War Relics" UC Vanguard Faction Mission

Kaiser won't leave the planet unless I help him finish his current mission - eliminating the planet's final Xenoweapon, Unit 99 - so that's where we're headed.

It seems Unit 99 has been captured by Ecliptic mercenaries. I'm going to head down to the outpost alone and see what's going on.

Kaiser's mission is now complete. I should talk to him about getting off this rock.

Kaiser has agreed to accompany me back to Mars. He says he'll meet me back at my ship.

Return to Red Devils HQ

After "War Relics"

Talk to Hadrian.

Hostile Intelligence UC Vanguard Faction by Major Hadrian Sanon.

The plan is to remove the Terrormorphs from human worlds - by either bringing back their natural predator or releasing a microbe to deal with them. But first, we'll need some raw materials. And the only place to collect those? Londinion. I'm to speak to Commander Hatoum on the only base on the planet.

Lt. Gualter Azevedo Vendor

Go to Londinion.


For "Hostile Intelligence" UC Vanguard Faction Mission.

Londinion is located on Toliman II Planet in Toliman System.

Commander Hatoum NPC

Briefings complete. I can either head to the armory to collect my gear or speak to Hadrian about moving out.

Collect gear from Armory, you will find there some nice stuff.

Enter City of Londinion.

  • Percival's found us our first materials in a nearby shipping yard. We're heading there now.
  • The processing plant's been cleared and it appears there's a field cache in here. We should check it out to recharge.
  • Hadrian's spotted a Lazarus Plant in bloom - a real rarity, she says. I should go take a look.
  • We need to track and kill the Terrormorph... or Heatleech... and kill it and figure out if this might have something to do with the attacks!
  • The door out to the spaceport - and the final sample - has lost power. There should be a power control board in the Security Office upstairs.

The recording we just heard... it sounded a lot like Vae Victis knew about the Lazarus Plant. I should grab the transcription and speak to Hadrian about what we learned.

I've got the recorder log documenting that Vae Victis was here and knew about the Lazarus Plant. I should discuss what I've learned with Hadrian.

Vae Victis knew about the Lazarus Plant and likely blew the spaceport to pieces trying to cover it up. But we've got work still to do. Time to collect that final sample and get out of here.

Kill Terrormorph Anomaly and secure final sample.

Sample secure. Time to blow this icicle stand and debrief with Percival back at the base.

A Legacy Forged UC Vanguard Faction by Percival.

What we learned at Londinion suggests the Terrormorph attack on New Atlantis might've been intentional. Our only lead, though, is Vae Victis. I need to talk to him and find out what he might know.

Return to Vae Victis in Subsection Seven in New Atlantis.

Joining Major Hadrian Sanon

After you finish "A Legacy Forged" UC Vanguard Faction Mission you can return to Red Devils HQ and join Major Hadrian Sanon as your Companion.

Major Hadrian Sanon Companion You can recruit her for free after finishing "A Legacy Forged", Pain Tolerance (2), Energy Weapon Dissipation (1), Xenosociology (1).

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